Friday, February 24, 2012


Saturday, February 25th will be a busy day with a lot of events.

* OKC AREA - The Oklahoma Republican party is helping to facilitate
an appearance by Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. The location is on
the North Steps of the State Capitol, scheduled to start around 12
noon. Congressman Paul is scheduled to appear sometime between noon
and 1:00 p.m. for a campaign stop before he is off to Michigan. I know
his Dr. Son who lives in Texas was here 4 years ago on behalf of his
father, but I believe this will be Congressman Paul’s first visit to
Oklahoma as a Presidential candidate. Expect the energy level to be
high. There is no cost to attend and I am sure there will be plenty of
campaign materials available for those attending.

* ADA AREA - There will be a special “UNDERSTANDING ISRAEL”
conference held from 8:45 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. in the Dorothy Summers
Auditorium on the campus of East Central University (1100 East 14th
St.) in Ada. The cost at the door is $15 per person. The first speaker
will be Daryl Hedding, ICEJ Strategic Development Director. Raised in
South Africa, he spent 3 years in Israel as a teenager while his
father served as chaplain for ICEJ. He returned in 1998 to serve as
the accountant at the Jerusalem headquarters. The next speaker will be
Michael Hines, the ICEJ0-USA Media Director. Michael was raised in
England, worked 5 years for ICEJ’s media team in Israel and analyzes
Middle East events from a Biblical perspective. He explains the
spiritual nature of the conflict raging in the Middle East. The final
speaker will be Chuck King, the worship arts minister at Heritage
United Methodist Church in Van Buren Arkansas. He is a worship leader,
song writer in both English and Hebrew and is a recording artist. He
has led concert tours in South America, Australia, New Zealand, the
Philippines and America.

* GUTHRIE AREA - There will be a special meeting Saturday evening
with a power point presentation about the United Nations, Agenda 21
Program. The location will be in the “Gallery Graziozo” on the SW
corner of Oklahoma and Second streets in downtown Guthrie. The meeting
begins at 6:30 p.m. Your don’t have to look too deeply into Agenda 21
before you realize it is a global plan which will put at risk our food
supply, private property rights and especially our liberties. I highly
recommend attending, even if you need to travel some distance for this
meeting. If you might desire to eat before the meeting, I might
recommend The Boneyard (really good food at moderate prices, about 3
blks South of downtown on Division street.) or, Gages Steak House
(really good food, nice atmosphere and a little more expensive), in
the basement of the Victor Mall, across the street West of the Pollard
Theater. Arriving at 5:30 for the Boneyard would be plenty of time to
make the 6:30 meeting, allow a little more time for Gages. My wife and
I are usually at the Boneyard at least once a week, it is that good
and at reasonable prices.


A huge amount of praise to Congressmen James Lankford and John
Sullivan for voting AGAINST the extension of the “so called” payroll
tax cut. Sullivan has the most conservative voting record of anyone in
the Oklahoma delegation, including our 2 U.S. Senators, according to
The New American Magazine’s Freedom Index. It was particularly
important to see Lankford part ways with Oklahoma’s 2 “go along to get
along” Republican Congressman Tom Cole and Frank Lucas, both of whom
need to be replaced, but it probably won‘t be this coming election

The last time Congressman Lankford was at OCPAC, I on more than one
occasion, suggested that Speaker Boehner was a softball player (even a
little league T-ball player), in over his head against the hard ball
players in the Obama administration.

Two reasons this should have been opposed. First, it is not a payroll
tax cut, but rather a reduction in the revenues going into the Social
Security Trust Fund. By reducing the revenues going into that fund, it
will require one of two things from the federal government. One would
be for the Trust Fund to call more of the IOU’s due immediately to
make their monthly outlays, thus hastening the day when all the monies
borrowed from the Trust Fund are repaid in full. Of course this can
only be done by borrowing more money from China, or cranking up the
printing presses as there are no more Social Security excess revenues
to borrow from. Once all the monies have been repaid, either rates and
or ages will have to go up, or SS checks will need to be reduced by
about 30%. While the older folks should care about this, young workers
should care even more.

The other option would have been for the Republican controlled House
to demand spending cuts equaling the monies paid into the fund to keep
those monthly checks coming to the elderly and disabled without
increasing the deficit and of course the national debt. That was the
plan when the 2 month extension was passed late last year. However,
they rolled over like fat pigs and caved again, dropping the demands
for spending cuts. That is because House leadership is made up of a
bunch of sniveling cowards who have been so out maneuvered by Obama
that they have lost all moral authority to lead in the difficult times

What is their legacy? Two years in control of the body, that according
to the U.S. Constitution has the responsibility for the origination of
all spending (budget) and taxation bills. In 2 years they have cut
virtually nothing and watched the national debt rise dramatically.
They should have gone to the wall, demanding the $100 billion dollar
real cut for the finish of the 2009-2010 budget year or shut down the
non-essential parts of the federal government. When they settled for
the phony $30 billion dollar cut, they signaled they lacked to
intestinal fortitude to stand up to Obama on future confrontations.

If the Republicans lose seats in the House or fail to get control of
the Senate, and I hope they don’t, it will be because they have
betrayed the conservative base of the party and the gift of a majority
handed to them in 2010 by the Tea Party efforts. This was an important
vote for Sullivan and Lankford to separate themselves for House
leadership and the rest of the go along to get along Republicans.

The Republicans failure to show leadership and demand reasonable cuts
in government spending over the past 2 years may end up costing
themselves the White House. After all, why would thinking
conservatives get all fired up about electing more Republicans when
the party has been driving toward the edge of the Grand Canyon at 50
miles per hour rather than the Democrats that have been driving toward
the edge at 75 miles per hour? What we must have are leaders who are
willing and capable of turning our nation away from the edge of the
cliff and restoring our prosperity and moral compass.

I will try to have next week’s e-mail out by Sunday evening as there
will be some important action items at the state legislature in which
our readers will need to respond.

Charlie Meadows

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