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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, December 28th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our primary speaker
for this Wednesday’s meeting is to be Steve Anderson, Budget director
for Governor Brownback in the state of Kansas. I wanted him to speak
about the budget accomplishments in Kansas and the fact that they have
their 10 year plan in process to eliminate their state income tax.
However, he sent me an e-mail indicating they have new numbers
available requiring an adjustment to the modeling and he therefore may
have to be in Kansas this Wednesday. He actually lives in Logan county
and commutes each week to Kansas. As of this writing, I haven’t been
able to verify if he will be with us.

Our other speaker will be Dr. Scott Lively, attorney, pastor and
international human rights consultant whose ministry for more than
twenty years has been opposing the homosexual political agenda around
the world Dr. Lively’s specialty is training
pro-family advocates how to articulate the pro-family perspective in
both religious and non-religious terms. He has developed a textbook
that was the basis of a 50-city lecture tour of churches and
universities in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union in
2007, and a national pro-family campaign in Uganda in 2009. Following
the text book’s model, he stopped the government of Moldova from
adopting an anti-discrimination policy based upon “sexual orientation”
in March of this year. When he is not on the road, he and his wife run
an inner-city mission in Springfield Massachusetts with the goal of re-
Christianizing the downtrodden city and to restore it’s family-
centeredness through good works and evangelism,
Scott has indicated that Springfield is the most broken-down city in
the most morally corrupt state in the union. If both of our speakers
make the meeting, we will keep Scott to about 10 minutes and give
Steve the rest of the meeting time.


* WEDNESDAY EVENING - EDMOND AREA - Mr. Scott Lively, of whom I
just wrote about above, will be the guest speaker this Wednesday
evening, December 28th at Fairview Baptist church in Edmond. The
church is located on the corner of Sooner road and Danforth. Sooner is
one block West of I-35 and Danforth is one mile North of 2nd street in
Edmond. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. If we can only give Scott 10
minutes at OCPAC, this will be an opportunity to hear him out more

* NEW DOCUMENTARY - A NOBLE LIE is a newly produced full length
documentary about the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal
Building in Oklahoma City. The 2 hour documentary produced by FREE
MIND FILMS and directed by James Lane takes a fresh and in-depth look
at the circumstances surrounding the 1995 bombing. For more
information log on to:


It looks like the state government will have several hundred million
more in tax revenues to appropriate this coming year than they had
last year. However, since the Governor and lawmakers failed to make
the necessary cuts in the budget earlier this year and chose to fund
the 500 million shortfall with mostly revenues that would be available
only one time, it will take nearly 500 million additional revenues to
fund government at the same level as last year.

However, the education industry, state employees as well as state
agencies are all turning in their wish lists for budget increases
which are “pie in the sky high”. In addition, the state has valid
capital improvement needs. The Capitol does need work, the state has
office buildings which have leaky roofs, a commitment has been made by
some to move the state medical examiner into new facilities in Edmond
and of course there is that pesky native American heritage center
along the Oklahoma river which just needs about 80 million dollars to
go along with the 80 million plus that has already been spent on the
project over the past years.

So what are the solutions some have suggested for these “pressing”
capital needs? Float new bonds, borrow that money, don’t wait until we
can pay for the improvements with new growth funds. Borrow it and pay
it out over many years in the future. Pay that interest, double the
costs of some of those projects, after all, the tax payers simply
aren’t smart enough to realize just how much more a projects costs
once they pay those bonds off with interest. Who knows, maybe our
buddies, the bond underwriters, will help us with contributions for
our next election cycle? Those thoughts represent the attitudes of
some in the legislature.

But wait folks, it doesn’t have to be this way. Even though the
lawmakers and Governor violate the intention of Oklahoma’s founding
fathers and go along with flawed State Supreme Court decisions which
have allowed for hundreds of millions in bonded indebtedness, this
wasteful foolishness doesn’t have to continue in this manner.

State Representative, and the next designated Speaker of the House,
T.W. Shannon (R-Lawton) had a bill passed this year to determine the
number of properties owned by the state. Expecting it to be around
4,500, everyone was surprised to learn the state owns about 9,000
properties. The continuation of that legislation is to categorize the
properties to determine which ones have little value or excessive
costs to maintain and then sell many of them to investors in the
private sector. Some of the proceeds could be used to fund these
capital needs or I believe Representative Shannon has proposed
creating an endowment out of the proceeds and then using the earnings
of the endowment to fund the maintenance of state properties. That
way, taxpayers will not always be harassed for evermore money in the

Also, lawmakers could declare an emergency for the most critical needs
and use some of the 200 million that has been put back into the
state’s rainy day fund. Here is another novel idea. Why not make some
of the cuts in spending this year, especially those wasteful and
immoral tax credits, and use those savings for capital needs? If we
really wanted to be smart, we could eliminate all funding for so
called “pre-K education”, especially since there is no long term
benefit for those expenditures according to the vast body of

To stop this push for increased borrowing, citizens will have to make
it crystal clear to there state representative and state senator that
we don’t want to continue to deficit finance state government. Spend
what we have and no more!

Now, please pay close attention. Due to re-districting, many people in
the state of Oklahoma are going to have a different state senator and/
or a different state representative as your elected officials. Many
will also have different polling places, I believe 11,000 voters in
Logan county will vote at a different location. So please call your
COUNTY election board, give them your name and address and they can
tell you who your senator and representative happens to be as well as
where to vote. Once you have that information, write it down, put it
on your refrigerator, in your wallet, purse, or tattoo it on your
ankle. I don’t care how you save it, just save it, as you will need to
contact your elected officials at the Capitol during the session next
year. Citizens can have a significant influence toward good government
if we will just contact our lawmakers at the proper times next


We are going to finish 2011 with 230 dues paying members which is 13
more than the record of 217 set for a non-election year in 2009. We
also have the largest number of people in our history contributing on
a monthly basis by having us draft their checking accounts for either
$15 or $30 per month. The monthly drafts are raising about $600 per
month which is huge over a 2 year period of time as it produces nearly
$15,000. Personally, that is how I contribute as that $30 each month
is easy to afford. We have raised over $20,000 this year, though with
6 special elections we have invested over a fourth of that in these
special elections. So far we have won 1 and lost one and we have
contributed to 3 of the 4 to be determined on February 14th.

The good news is, there are many excellent candidates running for
office in next year’s election cycle. That is why your continued
support is so crucial. We are slowly helping to increase the level of
conservatism in state government.

Therefore, please pay close attention. Over the past couple of months,
several folks have already paid their dues for membership in 2012. In
addition, folks having their checking accounts drafted will have their
memberships automatically renewed. However memberships for everyone
else will expire this coming Saturday, December 31st.

Therefore, I want to invite our current members to renew their
memberships and for others to consider joining at this time. We have 3
levels of membership. The basic membership costs $50 per year. We have
the Elephant Provider level which is $180 per year or we can draft
your checking account for $15 per month (.50 cents a day). Our highest
level is the Elephant Provider and RINO Hunter level which is $360 per
year or we can draft your checking account for $30 per month ($1.00
per day). If you chose to join at a higher level through the checking
account drafts and later on for whatever reason want or need to stop,
simply send me an e-mail requesting the stop and it will be done.
Regardless of what level of membership people join OCPAC, their
support is sincerely appreciated. Please remember, OCPAC is an all
volunteer organization and no one earns any money for their efforts.
With very low overhead, almost all of the money you contribute goes to
support conservative candidates or is used to try and hold elected
officials accountable for the conservative rhetoric they espouse when
they want our support and votes. Information on how to join will
follow my sign off.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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