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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, December 14th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our meeting this
week will consist of interviewing the Republican candidates for the
special elections in House District #1 and House District #71. The
election will be held on February 14th of next year. Invited from H.D.
#1 is Joe Silk from Broken Bow (he has won the primary and his will be
the general election) and from H.D. 71 are candidates Evelyn Rogers,
Lydia D’Ross, Katie Henke, Gerald Lovoi, and Bonnie Huffines, all of
Tulsa. Candidate Janet Sullivan has withdrawn from the race and
Jacqualyn Moss’ candidacy is being protested as it is alleged that she
is still registered as a Democrat and has only lived in the district
for 6 weeks rather than the necessary 6 months as required by law.
Following the interview process, our members will vote and should we
decide to support a candidate in one or both of these districts, our
finance committee will make a contribution following the meeting. If
you are a voting member, please try to make this meeting.


Christ organization will hold their monthly meeting this Tuesday
evening, December 13th at Victory Church, 4300 North McArthur in Warr
Acres. The meeting will take place in the “Commons” area on the West
end of the campus. The meeting is from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. with a light
meal served at 6:30. There is no charge for the meal, but donations to
help cover the cost are accepted. Speaking will be Mr. Ralph Bullard,
the former head master of Christian Heritage Academy in Del City. Mr.
Bullard will be speaking from his personal experiences about the
crucial connection between Christian education and God’s purpose for

* WEDNESDAY NOON - TULSA AREA - The Tulsa Republican Men’s Club
will hold its monthly meeting, 12 noon on Wednesday, December 14th at
Siegi’s Restaurant, 81st street and Sheridan Road. Speaking will be
retired professor Charles Dyer who taught American federal government
at Tulsa Community College. We have had Professor Dyer speak at OCPAC
in the past and he recently spoke at the Northwest Republican Club in
OKC. He is an excellent speaker and really understands the serious
dangers associated with the invasion of illegal aliens.

* THURSDAY MORNING - DOWNTOWN OKC - The John Birch Society’s
Business and Professional Chapter will have their monthly meeting at
the Character Inn, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. Breakfast is served
at 7:15 and the speaker begins at about 7:40 a.m. Our speaker this
month will be Jonathan Small (CPA) of the influential Oklahoma Council
of Public Affairs (OCPA). Jonathan has put together a viable plan to
eliminate the personal income tax in the state of Oklahoma. Jonathan
spoke to OCPAC within the past year and following the meeting one of
our members came up to me to ask where in the world did I find a CPA
that was actually interesting to listen to? Jonathan is sharp and
inspiring at the same time. There are many forces, including the
Governor, that are beginning to speak of eliminating the personal
income tax as well as forces building to prevent such from occurring.
Please come to this meeting to be informed about the OCPA plan. The
fellowship before the meeting is always great, so grab a friend and
come on down. The Breakfast Buffet is only $6.00.

* SATURDAY AFTERNOON - OKC AREA - Supporters of Presidential
candidate Ron Paul are hosting a LIBERTEA Rally this Saturday,
December 17th on the South steps of the State Capitol. The event
begins at 1:00 p.m. with the featured speaker being Iraq war veteran,
Adam Kokesh. Also speaking will be Randy Brogdon, State Representative
Charles Key and Richard Engle. As far as I know this is the only
organized presidential campaign in the state. For more information log
on to www.RonPaulOK.com. I would suggest dressing warm, you may want
to watch the weather and bring an umbrella or rain gear as well as a
folding chair.


Few people in Oklahoma saw the Scott Pruitt/Presidential debate live
as it occurred during the OU - OSU bedlam football game a week ago
Saturday. I finally got time to see it this past week and liked the
format as well as the way the Attorney Generals from the states of
Oklahoma, Florida and Virginia served as the moderators, asking the
hard questions. Much of the questioning centered on the relationship
between the federal government, the states and the people. The 3 AG’s
questioned the candidates one at a time, each for about 10 minutes.
There wasn’t much time wasted as they really got to it.

In Saturday’s edition of the Oklahoman, AG Scott Pruitt wrote an
excellent (let me say it again) excellent column about the forum.
Following are some of the more pertinent comments in the Oklahoman
from Oklahoma’s Attorney General Pruitt:

“I was able to ask candidates face-to-face what they would do to limit
the federal government and follow the law as prescribed by the
Constitution.” “Specifically, we worked to extract exactly how the
candidates would lead when competing liberty interests are at play.”
There is no greater issue today than the appropriate role of the
federal government. When an American government takes on
characteristics that elevate the state above the individual, it must
be vigorously opposed as a form of, or step toward, tyranny. It is
imperative that these candidates work to curtail government intrusion
and provide real conservative solutions to complex problems.” “Our
battles against the EPA and other rogue federal agencies aren’t about
a desire for dirtier air or zero regulation. They are about our right
as a state to control our own destiny and resist attempts by the
administration to ramrod a wish list of regulations through agency
heads instead of garnering approval from Congress.” Pruitt’s final
paragraph was very important as it went like this: “In the end, the
candidate who wants to get the nomination will not merely pledge
fidelity to advancing liberty. They must do the difficult work of
merging their talking points with AUTHENTIC, PRACTICAL (emphasis mine)
and conservative solutions.”

We could only hope the electorate nation wide was as up to speed
enough to make their decision on those points. As I have often said,
we don’t have so much of a problem with our system as we have a people
problem in America. Please remember, all elections first boil down to
the quality and character of the voters. If they are of high quality,
we will have good government. If not, we have what we have now. I will
try to schedule Scott some time in February and perhaps we can get him
to share his perspectives on the weaknesses and strengths of the
candidates at that time.

The AG from Florida asked Ron Paul his final question as follows: what
1 book would you recommend people to read. Ron Paul answered, beyond a
faith book (the Bible), I would recommend: THE LAW by Frederic
Bastiat. I certainly agreed with Ron on that as I have been saying for
a number of years now that THE LAW is the second most important book a
person should ever read, the Bible being the first.

As a point of interest, I did an hour long radio interview this past
Friday night with Kaye Beech and Howard Houchen. What were we talking
about? The book, THE LAW and the corresponding story about Davy
Crockett, titled: NOT YOURS TO GIVE. Their program is heard live
every Friday evening in 17 states including a FM station in OKC as
well as being on the internet. Few people know what a game changer
that book and short story have been in their influence upon the state
of Oklahoma. With well over 5,000 circulating around in Oklahoma over
the past 10 years and access to both of them over the internet, they
are convincing Oklahoman’s about the proper roll of government versus
the improper functions of government. You really owe it to yourselves
to access this information as it will change your life.


* FOX NEWS PROMOTES IGNORANCE - This past week I was watching the
morning show on Fox News while eating a bowl of cereal. The
commentator had a guest on to give expert perspective on the battle
over extending the payroll tax reduction. The commentator asked the
guest, if the payroll tax reduction is not extended, what will the
federal government do with all that increase of funds? The answer from
the expert was “I DON’T KNOW?”

Give me a break! The only source of revenue for the Social Security
Trust Fund comes from the payroll tax, which should really be
considered as a retirement insurance premium, and the interest earned
from the past surpluses loaned out over many previous years. If the
payroll tax isn’t extended, those revenues will begin to flow back
into the SS Trust Fund, to be immediately used to pay benefits to
those drawing SS benefits. Even if those revenues began to once again
flow into the fund, they still would not be enough to meet next year’s
benefits pay outs.

Perhaps, the next time Fox News has a “tough” question, they might
reach out to find some overall wearing bumpkin for Oklahoma for a
substantive answer rather than asking some coat and tie wearing air
head from NEW YORK CITY!

* RESULTS FROM OKLAHOMA STRAW POLL - Credit Matt Pinnell with the
idea of Oklahoma conducting its first ever Presidential Straw Poll.
Please remember, straw polls are not scientific polls and as such are
more a reflection of the opinions of activists rather then the broader

Like the Iowa straw poll, which brings in tons of money for the Iowa
Republican party, the Oklahoma straw poll was primarily a fund raiser.
I know they promoted it big time through the internet and I even
received a robo call from Lt. Gov Todd Lamb promoting the poll. I
wasn’t able to contact Matt today, and as such don’t know how many
participated, but I would expect it was a large number. At $5.00 per
vote, the party probably raised a good deal of money with the effort.

The results were released at the Herman Cain fund raiser a week ago
Monday night. Winning the straw poll was Ron Paul, with 46% of the
vote, Herman Cain 25%, Newt Gingrich 17%, Mitt Romney 6%, Senator
Inhofe’s pick, Rick Perry 3%, Michelle Bachmann 2%, Rick Santorum 1%
and the others less than 1%.

* THE DONALD TRUMP DEBATE - I for one really wanted to see the
debate hosted by Donald Trump, not because I am a fan of the Donald,
but because his main issue is our horrible trade deficit, especially
so with Communist China. This issue has barely been touched in the
myriad of other debates and I personally don’t believe the so called
“free trade” Republicans want to have to deal with this issue to any

No where is the truth of God’s Word more evident than when it says:
the borrower is subservient (or a slave) to the lender. With Communist
China holding over a Trillion dollars of our debt, it means that when
Premier chingchowpingpongball speaks, we listen!!! We have been in a
trade war with Communist China for many years, China understands that,
we don’t. It is much like when Osama Ben Ladin and the rest of the
radical Muslim world declared war on the U.S. many years ago. It
wasn’t until they took down the twin towers, that we realized they
were serious and even then as well as now we can’t bring ourselves to
properly identify our enemies.

Our trade deficit is one of the most important issues facing our
nation. It is a major factor causing our budget deficits and few
people understand its importance. I say bring on the debate.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday, Please don’t forget
the meeting I mentioned for this Thursday as Jonathan Small will lay
out a viable plan to totally eliminate Oklahoma’s personal income

Charlie Meadows

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