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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, December 12th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. This Wednesday will
be the interview process for the candidates running in the special
election for Senate District 20. The district includes all of Pawnee,
Noble and Logan counties as well as the Western and Northern parts of
Kingfisher counties. Invitations were sent to the 4 Republican
candidates, Phil Berkenbile of Morrison as well as A.J. Griffin, Chris
Humphreys and Wayne Murphey, all of Guthrie. Mr. Humphreys and Murphey
will attend, while Mrs. Griffin indicated she would not attend. I have
urged her to re-consider and make every effort to come to the meeting.
However, something a little unusual occurred with Mr. Berkenbile. His
invitation letter came back to our P.O. Box as undeliverable. I
checked to see if I had sent it to the address he filled out when he
filed for office as was listed on the state election board’s web-site.
I had sent it to the proper address. Seems like every election cycle
one or more candidates fail to fill out their own address correctly,
usually failing to include their zip code. However, Mr. Berkenbile
included his zip code in this case.

I decided not to go the extra mile to urge him to come as he probably
would not come anyway. You see, I believe Mr. Berkenbile is not a real
conservative and his handlers know that he would probably not do well
at OCPAC if he did come. Why do I say such a thing?

He is the state director for Oklahoma’s Career Tech system. While the
system has its successes, it is grossly over-expensive for what it
delivers compared to what could be done through privately owned trade
schools. We could help students attend the trade schools through
scholarships and thus reduce some of the annually appropriated dollars
which go the Career Tech. In addition, we could then save huge amounts
of property tax dollars which are required to maintain and pay for the
multitude of government owned buildings. Trade schools in the private
sector pay for their own facilities, often times leasing space in
vacant shopping centers.

A couple of other reasons, I don’t believe he would do well is based
on his recent switch to the Republican party. Don’t get me wrong, we
want conservative Democrats to become Republicans. However, Mr.
Berkenbile has a long history of contributing to and supporting
Democrats. In addition, he vigorously opposed legislation earlier this
year to allow law abiding citizens with a concealed carry permit to
drive onto a career tech campus with their firearm locked in the
trunk. Previously, if you didn’t want to be a lawbreaker, you would
have to go home first and leave your firearm there before you could go
from work to take a class at a Career Tech campus.

One more thing, I don’t believe he will need a contribution from us. I
have been made privy to a shakedown letter sent to various lobbyists
in the state by State Representative Dale DeWitt (R-Braman) on behalf
of Berkenbile. DeWitt, through 9 years in the legislature, has a
lifetime conservative index score of a paltry 56, meaning only 7
Republican House members more liberal than DeWitt out of the 70
Republicans. DeWitt is also the House Majority leader so I believe he
is using his powerful position to really strong arm lobbyists to
contribute to “his personal friend”, Bill Berkenbile. Following is
the content of the shakedown letter:

“From the Desk of Dale DeWitt”

December 13, 2011

Dear …….?

“This is an unusual letter. Yes, I’m asking for money.

No, it’s not for me.

It’s not for another elected official. It’s not even for my caucus.

I’m writing to ask you to donate to a personal friend of mine, Phil
Berkenbile, who is running for the State Senate in the open seat to
replace another great friend, Senator David Myers.

I’ve known Phil for 32 years (We both have a background in Vo-Ag
education and our families are very close). But more important, I
know Phil to be a man of integrity and virtue. And we need people like
him in our government. As the statewide Director for Career Tech, Phil
has shown he can help run government more efficiently. And I know,
he’ll be a Senator whose door will always be open.

If you do not know Phil, I hope you will trust my judgment. I would
consider it a personal honor if you (and any of your friends) would
contribute to Phil based on my recommendation. in fact, I would like
you to send your contribution in the enclosed envelope so I can know
who I should personally thank for supporting my good friend, Phil

Phil is the type of person who has demonstrated he can work with all
Oklahomans in order to get great things accomplished for this state.
As director of Career Tech, Phil helped maintain THE BEST technical
education system in the nation during a time of tremendous budget
cuts. In doing so, he has engaged Republicans, Democrats, urbanites
and rural interests. Because of Phil’s willingness to reach across the
aisle and work with all Oklahomans, he is already being attacked by
some of the more extreme elements of our Republican Party. That’s why
I need your help.

This special election is only a few weeks away (the primary is on
Valentine’s Day -- February 14th). And, as you know it is not only
incumbents, but all candidates, who have limitations on their
fundraising once session begins. So Phil needs your contribution now.

Again, this is not your typical letter. Phil is a close friend of mine
-- and I want him to raise enough money to be successful. ……….. are a
key part of this. Please send your donation today.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Dale DeWitt

P.S. I really would appreciate your personal contribution, as well as
your help in raising money from others you know. The key race is the
Republican Primary, so I want you to contribute early. Please, use the
enclosed envelope today.

Not Printed at Taxpayer Expense Paid for by Phil Berkenbile for
Senate District 20, 2012”

Folks, by DeWitt insisting these lobbyists send the money to him
first, it just shows how a powerful Republican Majority leader intends
to really put the screws to the lobbyists. In my opinion, that is
exactly the kind of influence which has the potential to corrupt our
system as it almost hints of “pay to play”.

At least one of the candidates that will appear before us on Wednesday
has taken a pledge not to take any money or gifts from any lobbyists
or a PAC which employees a lobbyist. That is what we need more of in
government. But for that to ever succeed, people are going to have to
pull money out of their own pockets so that their elected officials
are responsive to them and not to the powerful special interests.


* EDMOND AREA - TUESDAY EVENING - Tuesday evening, 7 until 8:30
p.m., I will continue training session 2 out of 4 which I began 2
weeks ago. The 4 week session will consist of the principles of good
government and the ideals of our founding fathers as well as the
political process, governing and the workings of the Republican party.
The main purpose of the sessions is to further develop members of the
Generation Joshua Project and other youth in their age range which is
from 11 to 19. Adults are invited to attend, but please allow the
young people to ask most of the questions. The location is Fairview
Baptist Church which is on the Southeast corner of Danforth and Sooner
Road in Edmond (Sooner road is about 1 block West of I-35 and Danforth
is 1 mile North of Edmond Road or 2nd Street). An outline and short
review of the first session will be available.

* FUTURE EVENT - January 20 and 21st will be the 3rd annual Clouds
over America seminar. I believe it may well be the most important
educational event of the year in Oklahoma for 2012. There will be 10
speakers running from Friday afternoon through noon on Saturday. As
soon as the flyer is printed I will share the full details of the
event. Please keep these dates open as it will be a very important
time for the good citizens in the culture war, seeking better


Governor Mayr Fallin and State School Superintendent Janet Berresi had
so been lusting in hopes of receiving millions of dollars from the
bankrupt federal government to arrive just in time for Christmas
through the “Race to the Top” federal grant program for early

However, like lumps of coal in their Christmas stockings, they
received word last week that Oklahoma would be left out in the cold
regarding their hopes for the funding. Knowledgeable conservatives
understand what a waste of taxpayer money these programs happen to be
as well as the potential for behavioral problems created in some
children who are herded into these peer dependent programs.
Conservative organizations such as Restore Oklahoma Public Education
(ROPE), The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA), Professional
Oklahoma Educators (POE) as well as many members of OCPAC are all
against this, Race to the Top program. Following are a couple of
editorials out of the December 15th edition of the Tulsa Beacon
Newspaper about early childhood education and the performance of Janet

“Barresi no conservative

It was announced to legislators this month that Joel Robinson,
assistant executive director (and chief lobbyist) for the Oklahoma
Education Association (OEA/NEA), has been hired to be State
Superintendent Janet Barresi’s new chief of staff, effective later
this month. This new hiring decision adds to the confusion about the
State Department of Education’s direction and, quite frankly, the move
is astounding.

We know that birds of a feather flock together and, as we’ve seen,
Barresi is not the conservative Republican she was elected to be.

Her recent decision to hire a new chief of staff from the top ranks of
the state affiliate of the most liberal teachers’ union in the nation
further confirms this fact. This move makes about as much sense as
Ronald Reagan asking Jimmy Carter to be his vice president.

Barresi’s actions show that authenticity is rare these days, but there
continues to be one true, conservative voice for educators:
Professional Oklahoma Educators (POE). With over 7,000 members across
the state, we will continue to move forward, undeterred by Barresi’s
actions, to achieve what is best for Oklahoma students and teachers.

Ginger Tinney, Norman
POE Executive Director”

The next editorial reflects the opinions of the Tulsa Beacon

“More ’nanny state’ nonsense

The motto of Tulsa Educare is: ’embrace, empower, evolve.’ That
reference to evolution alone would identify this as an attempt to
infuse secular humanism into our culture by indoctrinating some of our
youngest children.

Tulsa Educare, Inc. (TEI), Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) and George
Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF) have teamed up to start a third
Educare school, which will open in August of next year.

Kaiser, the richest man in Oklahoma (thanks in part to the
government), is behind the funding of the 38,000-square-foot school
with 16 classrooms.

Of course, Mayor Dewey Bartlett and Oklahoma School Superintendent
Janet Barresi dutifully went to the groundbreaking along with the OEA
puppets from Tulsa Public Schools.

Liberals like to throw tons of money on an idea that sounds good (help
poor kids) but never work out the way they should.

Instead of boosting the nuclear family - the backbone of our culture -
these “progressives” would rather institutionalize the children of
poor people and “shield them” from the influence of parents and faith.

Study after study (at least one by Head Start) shows that kids that
get pushed into public education before age 5 wind up at the same
level in the second grade as those students who were allowed to be
children and were nurtured by their own parents.

So, while Tulsa Public Schools is closing school buildings it is
providing some funding for questionable education for kids under the
age 5.

Trying to indoctrinate preschoolers may give some liberals a warm
feeling but it won’t end poverty in Tulsa - not by a long shot.

For ROPE’s perspective on this issue link on to:

A week ago Wednesday, when Brandon Dutcher of OCPA, spoke at OCPAC, he
brought with him a packet showing the high cost of early childhood
education and a recent article out of the Wall Street Journal showing
the utter worthlessness of early childhood education. I believe it is
one of the biggest scams in America as well as Oklahoma. Eliminating
such in Oklahoma would save tens of millions of dollars, savings that
could go toward eliminating our state income tax and reducing the
corporate tax burden on businesses. Of course many of the large
corporations in Oklahoma support so called “early childhood education”
as they like for the taxpayers to pick up the day care tab for their
employees. I will have copies of the WSJ article at the meeting this


+ WACO THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT - I was up late recently watching Fox
News and The Animal Planet when just before going to bed I flipped
over to the documentary channel and noticed that, Waco The Rules of
Engagement documentary, was up next. It was produced by two former CNN
photojournalists and was nominated for an Academy Award for best
documentary of the year, probably in about 1994. I actually own a copy
in VHS format and we showed it at OCPAC over a 2 week time period many
years ago. As I watched about two thirds of it again, I just got angry
all over again at what appears to be the lies, cover-up and murder
committed by those in the FBI, the Delta Force of the military and
high ups in the so called “Justice Department.” If you have not seen
the documentary, may I suggest doing a google search of the
Documentary Channel to purchase it as it is now in DVD format. It is
riveting and very revealing. A sequel was also produced called, Waco A
Further Revelation, which is also excellent.

+ SENATOR LASTER SAYS NO MORE - State Senator Charlie Laster (D-
Shawnee) announced last week that he would not seek re-election next
year to serve the final 2 years in the Senate before term limits would
get him. He has a lifetime average of a 30 on the conservative index
and we should see an excellent opportunity to replace him with a
conservative Republican during next year’s election cycle. Ed Moore,
of the Prayer Force One Ministry announced, I believe it was back in
September that he would be a candidate for that seat. Mr. Moore served
one term in the Senate, probably back in the late 70’s or early 80s.
If elected I don’t believe his previous term would count toward his 12
years of eligibility. With it being an open seat, I am sure there will
be several that will run in both the Republican and Democrat

+ MERRY CHRISTMAS - While we often struggle over public policy and
the people we elect to office to represent us in those struggles, let
us not forget the highest priority. That of course is our relationship
with our father God through his Son Jesus. While it is not likely that
Jesus was actually born on December 25th, it is the time our society
has chosen to celebrate His birth. With that in mind, please never
forget the real reason for this season. Have a wonderful and
meaningful Christmas.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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