Friday, April 9, 2010


This is a special post announce the first ever annual OCPAC awards banquet to be held on Friday evening, April 30th. Last year our members voted to up-date our by-laws and one of the changes we made was to have an annual awards banquet.

One of the reasons to have an evening meeting is that we have a lot of members and friends locally as well as those who live outside the metro area that have very little opportunity to attend one of our weekly luncheons.

Therefore, we wanted these annual banquets to be about awards, fellowship, entertainment, fun and of course have an excellent speaker. So please pay close attention to the details:

* The location will be Fairview Baptist Church at the intersection

of Danforth and Sooner roads in Edmond (Danforth is 1 mile North of Second street and 1 block West of I-35).

* A delicious BBQ dinner from Hickory Chips Catering will be served

from 6:30 until 7:30 p.m. on Friday evening, April 30th (mark it on your calendar now).

* Cowboy preacher, Guitarist and Singer, Rusty Vineyard will provide


* TV 9 morning and noon news anchor, Ed Murry will serve as our

Master of Ceremonies.

* Emoly West, Miss Edmond Libertyfest 2010 and second runner-up in

the Miss Oklahoma

contest last year will present the awards to Oklahoma’s outstanding lawmakers of 2009.

* Our keynote speaker will be the Reverend JESSE LEE PETERSON

founder and director of

BOND (Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny) . Reverend Peterson

has agreed to waive his normal speakers fee, but an opportunity to contribute will be made


The cost to attend is $15 for dues paying members of OCPAC and $20 for our friends who are not dues paying members. ($15 admission is available for immediate family of our members) These prices are good until April 22nd. After the 22nd all prices increase by $5. So send you check in now.

To attend, please send the names of all attending along with the appropriate amount, made out to OCPAC CLUB, to the following address:

OCPAC, P.O. Box 2021, Edmond, Ok 73083.

I hope you will set this as a priority and come join the fun. If you are not currently a dues paying member and have considered joining, this would be a great time to join and get the discount on the admission to the banquet. On top of that, we have some generous donors who have agreed to donate $50 to OCPAC for every member we sign up at any level of membership, now through April 30th. Therefore, your membership will be matched up to $50 which really helps in our fundraising efforts.

To join OCPAC fill out the following and send a SEPARATE check to:


P.O. Box 2021

Edmond, OK 73083

Yes Charlie, I want to join OCPAC at one of the following levels:

___Basic membership at $50 per year.

Safari Club Membership:

___Elephant Provider at ___$180 annual or ___$15 monthly ___Elephant Provider & RINO Hunter, ___$360 annual or ___$30 monthly For monthly payments please send a voided check so we may draft your Checking account on a monthly basis. If you decide to discontinue monthly support, simply contact me and we will stop the withdrawal.


Print Name____________________________________________



Date___________________Amount $_______________ I have freely given from my own resources & have not been compensated for this contribution. (Corporate contributions not allowed by law!)


Please make sure a check to join OCPAC is made out to OCPAC and please send a separate check made out to OCPAC CLUB for the cost to attend the banquet. We must keep these monies separate.

One more item, we want our current dues paying members to VOTE to determine the winner of a new award, the OCPAC Moral High Ground award. I will list three scenarios as A, B & C. Please return an e- mail to me at with your choice for this award.

A) This person put a deposit on one of the spiffed up electric golf carts that masqueraded as an electric car during the time that government subsidies were available to virtually make them free. When challenged that they were taking money from their neighbors or by getting the rebates, their tax dollars weren’t being used to pay their share of the cost of government, they decided to cancel their order, even though it meant losing their down payment.

B) This person took their family for a ride on Amtrack. While speaking about how reasonable it was to ride the train, they were reminded it was reasonable because their neighbors were having to strongly subsidize the cost of their tickets. The reminder of such a situation, caused the person to rent a van for the return trip, so as not to force their neighbors to subsidize their fun.

C) It was suggested to this person that their company could save some money by canceling their current health care insurance policies for their employees and switch to Health Source Oklahoma (I believe that is what it is called). When the person realized the new provider received heavy government subsidies (money from their neighbors) and that it put other insurance providers at a competitive disadvantage, this person decided against the change, even though it would have saved significant money for their company.

Those are the 3 examples of people deciding to do what is good, moral and right, even though it cost them personally. Again, if you are a dues paying member, vote for one of the above 3 people and e-mail your vote to me at:

Thank you for your time and attention, and come join the fun on April 30th.