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This week’s meeting will be the interview process for the Lt. Governor candidates. State Senator Todd Lamb (R-OKC) and State Representative John Wright (R-Broken Arrow) are the two candidates. Anyone having their dues paid as of April 7th and present at our meeting will be given a ballot to vote for one of these candidates or vote to make no endorsement. As with so many of these different races, the duties of the various offices differ and therefore we try to look for an understanding of the qualifications and ideas of the various candidates to see if they are a match with the office they are seeking.


Following the interview process last week our members voted to endorse State Senator Randy Brogdon as our choice for Governor. Piedmont businessman Robert Hubbard and Mr. Roger Jackson are both passionate candidates with their own reasons for running. Mr. Hubbard has a sense of humor as he presented me with a banner featuring RUMBLE the BISON, mascot for the OKC Thunder. I had to defend myself by reminding folks I was never against the NBA team coming to OKC, I just didn’t like the WAY it was brought here. I have displayed it with great pleasure right behind the door to my office. Thanks again Mr. Hubbard.

By the way, another candidate entered the race today. It almost always happens that a “Johnny come lately” will enter a high profile statewide race. Truth is, if these high profile candidates don’t already have a high degree of name identity, an ability to raise a lot of money or a huge movement of grassroots volunteers, they will be less likely to win a statewide race than for a snowball to survive in the hottest part of hell! Just trying to be brutally honest.

The candidates that are the most likely contenders for the Republican primary nomination are Senator Randy Brogdon and U.S. Representative Mary Fallin. I believe this race is tightening up and we will likely see some of the supporters for each of these candidates begin to ratchet up the dialogue, either supporting their candidate or suggesting reasons for voters to not vote for the opponent.

Please let me suggest this is not a contest between good and evil, it is a contest between good and better. As an example, Mary spent 4 years as a State Representative for North central OKC. During her time as a state representative her Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper’s Conservative Index score for 1991 was a 70, in 92 it was a 60, in 93 it was a 30 and in 94 it was a 76. Those average out to a lifetime score of a 59. That is just under the line to be nominated for a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and just 2 points below being acceptable. On the other hand, the score for Senator Brogdon in 2003 was a 90, in 04 it was an 80, in 05 it was 100, in 06 it was 93, in 07 he scored 100, in 08 another 100 and in 2009 he scored a 90 which averages out to be a lifetime score of 93 for the seven complete years he has served in the legislature.

Regardless of political ads and literature which will surely claim that Mary is conservative, the record clearly shows Senator Brogdon to be significantly more conservative than Mary, though Senator Brogdon isn’t perfect. The main difference in this race will be Senator Randy Brogdon on the one hand, a true conservative, a game changer and a person who will be a threat to the status quo, or Mary Fallin, the Republican establishment’s pick, someone, who if elected will pick around the edges, make a few changes, but be a governor who will not likely lead the way to substantive reforms in state government. This is a real choice for voters between good and better, maybe much better. The better is definitely Senator Brogdon.


I had a student at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) send me some information about AN INTERDISCIPLINARY SYMPOSIUM ON SOCIALIST THOUGHT to be held on campus from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. each day this week, room 117 in the Liberal Arts Building. All presentations are free and open to the public. Following is the schedule:

Monday, April 19 - Dr. Mark Silcox: Socialism and Human Values Tuesday, April 20 - Dr. John Springer: Theorizing Ideology: Marx, Gramsci and Althusser

Wed., April 21st - Dr. Jeff Plaks: The ABCs of Marxism

Thur., April 22nd - Dr. Kenny Brown: Red State: Oklahoma’s

Socialist Roots

Friday, April 23rd - Dr. Rudi Nollert: Walter Benjamin: Marx and

the Messianic

Following is much of the letter sent to me from the student, it should be a challenge to us:

“Hi Charlie,

Thanks for responding to my email. I hope that you can get this information out. I have no idea what the symposium will consist of exactly. From googling each of the professors, it is pretty clear they are all liberals, progressives if not socialists. I just cannot believe that this is simply an objective sharing of information without an agenda. Since I have not been involved in the university system over the last number of years, I don’t know if this is something new or if it has been blatantly going on for some time.

Obviously, there have been socialist groups on campus and I do defend their right to be there. My biggest concern is that there is no fair and balanced argument on campus. There is no real discourse among a group of people who have been spoon fed this information for years. It seems particularly offensive to me now when we are having a hard time getting information on our founding document and our founding fathers taught in schools (Because Senator Ford “R-Bartlesville” doesn‘t want to mandate that teaching in secondary education - my words). Why is this not a symposium about that?

I am like so many others who have sat back and been oblivious to what is going on in our teaching institutions and I am ashamed. I am also like so many others who have been hesitant to speak out for fear that someone will label me crazy or paranoid. Even now, I sit here and wonder if I am making a big deal out of nothing but my gut tells me that I am not. I see this as one of the many seeds of an insidious cancer that they have planted and expect it to grow. They water it every day in class rooms around the country, on the internet, and on alphabet TV…..

I know that I have not been the best citizen over the years. I took for granted what God has given to me….to all of us. I realized a couple of years ago that voting is just not enough. I had been complacent while people like you have not. I do hope that people will consider going to this meeting, even if it is only for one day out of the five. Like the tea parties, numbers of like minded people mean something very tangible. Intelligent discourse is needed. I am not an expert in the complexities of the government and the various governmental systems, but I am learning. However, I am willing to engage. As I told you, I will be going and I intend to take notes so that I can share the information. I don’t want us to be holding on by our fingernails while the slippery slope is getting steeper…”

Folks, I really appreciate this student’s confession about being complacent in the past, but a commitment to make a difference in the future. That is our challenge and what we need is just a few thousand more people like this student to get involved and turn things around in Oklahoma and then our nation.


A couple of weeks ago OU professor Dr. David Deming, a true conservative, sent me the following editorial he wrote.

“The invitation extended to Doris Kearns Goodwin to speak at this year’s commencement is a mistake and should be withdrawn. The plan to present Goodwin with an honorary degree should also be rescinded.

Goodwin is a serial plagiarist. Her plagiarism was first documented in

2002 by the Weekly Standard. The Standard discovered that Goodwin used material from other authors in ‘dozens’ of instances without attribution or placing words in quotes. Forced to defend herself, Goodwin admitted ‘I failed to provide quotation marks for phrases I had taken verbatim.’ That’s plagiarism. It is also academic misconduct of the type for which many students at this University have been punished, and rightfully so. As long ago as 1988 Goodwin was sued by author Lynne McTaggart for ‘massive and pervasive’ copyright infringement. She had to pay a significant amount of money to McTaggart to settle that lawsuit out of court. The Los Angeles Times found that Goodwin’s book, ‘No Ordinary Time,’ contained ‘nearly three dozen instances where phrases and sentences…resembled the words of other authors.”

“This university cannot prosecute students for plagiarism and simultaneously honor a notorious plagiarist. There must be a consistent and fair standard of integrity, and Goodwin’s invitation should be quickly withdrawn.”

David Deming

Associate Professor of Arts & Sciences

Bottom line folks, when you have liberal University Presidents like David Boren and Roger Webb, you will have a plethora of liberal and socialist influences on campus, always trying to negate conservatism and promote a situational ethics value system. I don’t believe you would find a smidgen of these leftist professor’s ideas on good private college campuses such as Oklahoma Wesleyan in Bartlesville, Oklahoma Christian in Edmond, Mid America Christian College in Southwest OKC and perhaps others.

To really rub salt into the wounds of the Oklahoma tax payers, last week those bright Republicans at the Capitol bowed their little heads to King David and the Oklahoman to restructure the $100 million dollar bond issue they floated 2 years ago to match donations for endowed chairs. It seems they don’t have the money to make the payments on the bonded indebtedness unless they restructure and extend the time, thus lowering the amount needed to make the bond payments. Of course anytime you extend a loan it costs (in this case the tax payers) more in interest to pay it back.

When private universities want to expand, improve their facilities or endow chairs, they have to get the funds from alumni, donors or increased tuition. I believe it should be the same way with the government owned and operated universities and personally is offends me to no end that we the taxpayers have to pay ever more of our hard earned dollars to hire or retain liberal elitist professors such as fill the ranks of our government schools. Professors who do little more than incubate young liberals to come out of these institutions and be Oklahoma‘s future leftists.

On the opinion page of Sunday’s Oklahoman, David Boren, Oklahoma’s leftist in chief had a column titled: Fighting for our future. While Boren extols the virtues of the U.S. having 80 to 90 percent of the world’s greatest universities and in the past 5 years we have produced 30 Nobel Prizes in science and technology to China’s only 1, he also says something that shows the foolishness of his desire to throw ever more money down the rat hole of government schools.

He says that “China’s and India’s economies may soon equal our own and they have 10 times our population.” He goes on to say that: “Our share of the world’s wealth has declined by a record-breaking 8 percent in less than 10 years!” So of course Boren’s desire is for us to throw more money into higher, as well as primary and secondary education.

Hum, let me see, we already have the great universities and almost all the Nobel Prize winners but we are losing to our competitors 8% of the world’s wealth? How did that happen with our great universities and all the educated brain power we have here? Could it be that our great institutions of education are not saving us, not making us competitive? Could America’s educational system be the problem today and not the solution to the problem? Could it be that there are others issues that are far more important to turn our decline around than getting the old sheep’s skin?

Boren thinks the key is a major investment into education. I must respectfully disagree and suggest we turn our backs upon the economic ideas of socialism and fascism and return to an effective free enterprise form of capitalism, not taxing our corporations and small businesses, institute the Fair Tax and reduce every possible regulation on businesses. We would then see the cost of producing goods and services in Oklahoma and America drop dramatically and thus make everything produced here become more competitive and thus have a better chance to reverse the wealth drain out of America.

Just think, those bright lights in the Republican party at the Capitol are funding the next generation of liberals who will vote to throw them out of office and replace them with liberals like represent the two left coasts in America. God deliver us from such thoughtless Republicans and help us elect real conservatives.


It was April 19th just a few years before the bombing of the Murah building that President Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno, ordered the FBI to make the final assault on the Branch Dividian compound in Waco Texas. That infamous action killed over 70 people, many of them were women and children.

Did, that dreadful action cause an even worse re-action on April 19th of 1995 when Timothy McVeigh (and others?) decided to punish the federal government by blowing up the Murah building, with many women and children also being killed in that tragedy. I believe that is a much more likely scenario than the one that former President Clinton suggests that it was the rhetoric of right wing radio hosts that caused McVeigh and others to go off the deep end to commit such a tragedy.

There was a nationally known museum expert in town yesterday, who made the statement that the Murah bombing museum here in OKC is the most important museum in America on April 19th. I of course disagree. You see, it was April 19th, 1775 when the British left Boston and marched, first to Lexington where they fired upon 4 of the colonists standing in the middle of the Lexington green, before they were to proceed on to Concord to round up the guns the Colonists had stored away.

Things didn’t work out so well for the British troops that day as they got into a fight with the MILITIA who refused to give up their guns and then refused to fight a conventional battle. They rather sniped at the Brittish from each flank, picking them off all the way back to Boston. It was the shot that was fired that was heard all around the world. It was the trigger which eventually led to the independence of the colonists and the formation of our nation.

While the bombing of the Murah building is an important historical event, especially to Oklahomans, the importance of the local museum on this day pales in comparison to the importance of what happened on April 19th 1775 on the road from Concord to Boston. I have been to the museum in Concord and the one between Concord and Lexington. Though they are not as large or as expensive as the museum in OKC, they are the most important museums in our nation on any given April 19th. I will have more to say next week about the “M” word. Of course, if I can shake the political correctness off my mind, I will return to using the word Militia rather than to refer to it as the “M“ word.


People are taking advantage of our matching membership challenge through the end of this month as we now have over 180 dues paying members. We also have another family request that we draft their checking account for $30 each month as they have joined at our highest level, The Elephant Provider and RINO Hunter club. That puts us over $500 per month being drafted from our members checking accounts, which is over $6,000 per year. That is huge and so helpful.

That is the way I support OCPAC, which is convenient and at either $15 or $30 per month is not that expensive. Regardless, if people join at our base amount of $50 per year or one of the higher levels, every contribution is really appreciated. One of the confidences you can have by contributing to OCPAC is the fact that we are an all volunteer organization. Therefore a significant percentage of the money you contribute isn’t going to salaries as is the case of other PACs or the Republican party, but rather to the campaigns of conservative candidates or our accountability efforts.

The amount of money OCPAC has been able to amass for each election cycle has grown over previous years. That is simply due to the confidence in OCPAC from the readers of these e-mails and the people who attend our meetings. On behalf of all the officers, I just want to say thank you. If you have not joined as yet and want to do so, please print out the form below and send it along with a check to our P.O.


I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows


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