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Our meeting this week will have our dues paying members selecting the outstanding lawmakers for this year’s legislative session as well as those not so outstanding. We will vote on several award levels as well as select the one RINO in each the House as well as Senate. If we have some time left over we will watch an informative DVD.


Just wanted to make our Tulsa area members and friends aware, I have been invited to speak to the Six O’Clock Republican Women’s Group on Monday evening July 20th, which is next Monday evening. The location is Cowboy Sharkies, 5840 South Memorial Drive, in the back meeting room. Folks gather at 6 for dinner with the meeting beginning at 6:30 p.m. Both men and women guests are welcome. I will be talking about OCPAC, its strategies, accomplishments and goals as well as some information about the John Birch Society. Warning, I believe we are facing serious problems in our nation so my message is not geared for the timid, faint of heart or those just wanting to play patty cake. If you are serious about improving Oklahoma as well as our nation come and bring a friend.


I have only received a few reports from tea parties across the state and while I can’t speak for all of them it looks like the turn out was down statewide over those held this past April 15th. While I missed the one on April 15th it was a privilege to attend and speak at the one on the South steps of the State Capitol. The local FOX affiliate reported the attendance to be over 3,000 and from my vantage point I believe that to be fairly accurate. FOX had the best coverage, but it was also covered by ABC, CBS and the Oklahoman. I don’t know about NBC. I thought the coverage was good considering the competition with parades, fire work displays and President George W Bush being in Woodward.

The volunteers who organized this event in only 2 or 3 weeks did an outstanding job. It was delayed slightly as a result of a person attending fainting and needing some medical attention. That slight delay caused our final speaker to be interpreted by the 12 noon siren blaring for what seemed way too long. It was a little humorous and we got by it just fine. I would suggest by reading many of the home made signs as well as talking with several folks that there was a very sober mood at this tea party. I believe many of the folks attending were either scared, worried, angry, passionate, awake, alert and ready to get involved. If they will use those passions and anger intelligently to get involved with one or more of the organizations I suggested checking out, the necessary steps will be in motion to begin to restore the greatness of our nation.
Again, great job to the organizers and volunteers.


If you had the time to listen much to Mark Shannon’s radio show (1000 AM from 4 to 7:00 p.m.) this past week you know he has been on a wild tear, going after me, OCPAC, the John Birch Society, congressional candidate R. J. Harris, the Fair Tax supporters and the supporters of former presidential candidate Ron Paul.

His basic claim is that he agrees with us on about 90% of the issues but it is the other 10% that drives him bonkers. I don’t know many people or organizations with which I or most people are in agreement at the 90% level. That is why it has been so bizarre for Shannon to attack people and organizations with whom he should be allied. We have serious problems, threats and real enemies of Americanism to deal with, therefore attacking your base and allies is like shooting yourself in your knee before you compete in a race.

Shannon’s tirade reminds me of the time Senator Coburn was exposing the “bridge to nowhere” in Alaska and other wasteful earmarks. During a hearing a liberal Democrat thought he would have some fun and asked Coburn about a wasteful earmark in Oklahoma. As it turned out, it was a spending request by Senator Inhofe that Coburn new nothing about.
Coburn said he would oppose it and Ron Black, then a local talk show host, went ballistic demanding the immediate resignation of Senator Inhofe. Black was right to call Inhofe on the carpet but was foolish to call for his immediate resignation or defeat at the next election.

With that in mind, let me say I am in favor of replacing any elected official with someone who is better. The key to that philosophy is an ability to determine if a candidate would be a better lawmaker.

Case in point, people who have read my e-mails for any length of time know I think Congressman Tom Cole is a big spending Republican who served as President Bush’s little Oklahoma lap dog rather than serving the people as a guardian and watchdog for their tax dollars. Therefore during the 2008 election cycle we invited the independent candidate to an OCPAC meeting for an interview. It appeared to me the fellow would be worse than Cole, even if he could win, and therefore I endorsed Cole for that seat though I would really like to see him replaced.

It appears Congressman Cole will have one or more Republican challengers, one of whom is R.J. Harris, one of Shannon’s targets. I know Harris to be passionate and in favor of limited government, but until he comes for an interview and is intensely questioned on issues he is not assured of an OCPAC endorsement or support on my part. I am willing to give him a chance, too bad Shannon is not.

While I have heard most of what Shannon has said, I really believe he has a personal beef with me and most of the reasoning for his attacks are superficial. I won’t go into what I believe his beef with me is, because it is speculation, but let me just say this. Pryor to Wednesday, July 1st Shannon had been saying compliments about me on air, then on Wednesday and Thursday he began to say he would not attend because “Charlie Meadows” would be one of the speakers???

Following the tea party he blew up on air supposedly because organizations, especially the John Birch Society, were allowed to have tables and the fact that I, a speaker, would promote the Birch Society from the behind the lectern. Truth is I named several organizations, The Birch Society, OCPAC, Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ, The Oklahoma Family Policy Council, The 912 Project, Americans for Prosperity and the Oklahoma Council for Public Affairs.

I suggested people check these organizations out and lend their talents and resources to them. The reason I did that, and would do it again, is because the tea parties have a part, but they aren’t an organization with a clearly understood agenda and the means or organization to accomplish any real change. You see, I believe the people attending the tea parties are alert and intelligent enough to check out organizations for themselves and decide if they want to become a part of an organization and try to restore this nation. I don’t believe in trying to protect people from organizations by censoring them from the free choices of the people. I actually believe in and practice free speech and have confidence in the intelligence of the people attending the tea parties.

Perhaps Shannon should realize that while he was a part of the organization and one of those behind the lectern for the April 15th event, he wasn’t a part of this organization. The first group, for whatever reason, canceled the tea party on the 4th and a completely different group organized this event and they were under no obligation to follow the pattern of the first tea party. The first tea party decided not to allow organizations to have tables or elected officials to speak. Whether that is a good idea or not is debatable, but there is no set rule as to how these tea parties are to be conducted.

During the April 15th tea parties, there was one in Norman where U.S.
Representative Mary Fallin was allowed to speak and at one of the ones in Tulsa, Congressman John Sullivan was also allowed to speak. On the 4th, Senator Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) spoke at two of the tea parties, I don’t know about the others. It is foolish for Shannon to throw a fit over the operations of a tea party in which he wasn’t a part of the organization. He is doing nothing but tarnishing an event which was done very well and enjoyed by most of those in attendance.

To be fair, I have taken Mark Shannon to task over several issues in the past for taking a liberal position, using unwise strategy or whipping up emotions rather than using facts, reason and good judgment for decision making processes. I have never taken him to task for being too conservative. Mark has a lot of talent and has an entertaining program. However, the challenges we face are too important to allow personality conflicts or differing strategies to separate us and turn us against each other. My criticisms toward Mark have never been personal but always about issues. When he returns from his vacation I will suggest we get together and see if we can work out our differences.


A week ago Thursday State Representative Sally Kern and a group described in the news as about 250 gathered at the State Capitol at noon to sign the Morality Proclamation. The proclamation was partly intended to be a counter opinion to President Obama for declaring June as the month to honor homosexuals and all of their immoral variations.
About 30 homosexual advocates showed up and tried to disrupt the good guys. Representative Kern and those who honor decency sang songs and stood their ground until those trying to interrupt relented. As is usually the case, those who accuse others of being intolerant are actually the ones who are intolerant. If you would like to read the proclamation and sign it, go on line to: http://www.blogger.com/www.reclaimoklahoma.org.


President Obama picked Oklahoma State Representative Ryan McMullen (D- Burns Flat) for a post in his administration so McMullen will vacate his seat and that will call for a special election in the near future.
Todd Russ from Cordell will be at least one of the Republican candidates for the soon vacated seat. Mr. Russ ran for the overlapping Senate seat in 2006 and barely lost to Tom Ivester (D-Elk City) in the general election. We supported Mr. Russ in 2006 and will likely support him in this special election if he becomes the nominee. He did well in his interview process. It is unlikely another Republican would be able to defeat Russ in a primary. Should Mr. Russ win, the House would then have 62 Republicans and 39 Democrats. Up until 5 years ago, the Republicans were in the minority. My how things have changed.


I recently received a campaign notice from the Mary Fallin campaign which really bothered me. The message read: “While campaigning, the one message I have heard loud and clear is: our state needs a leader who will promote Oklahoma, create jobs and grow our economy.” It went on with Representative Fallin saying: “I believe I am that leader.”

Here is the problem. If Oklahomans are saying we want a leader who will create jobs and grow our economy, what they are in essence saying is that we don’t want free market capitalism, we want socialist or fascist capitalism, we want government to be responsible for our economy, our jobs, and our well being. Rather than have government protect a competitive free market economy where people can succeed or fail based on the market, how hard they work, and how good their ideas happen to be, those people are saying, we want a government that central plans, picks winners and losers and owns or controls businesses if necessary, as long as “I” have a good job or profession.

I don’t know if that is the kind of leadership Mary Fallin wants to provide if elected as governor, I sure hope not. If on the other hand she wants to be a leader in a free market economy she needs to correct and teach people who are telling her they want socialist and fascist capitalism. Teaching, promoting and selling the ideas of free market capitalism is true leadership. To do otherwise is simply pandering to the misguided ideas of a population that has been conditioned to look to government for their well being. Those are the same ideas promoted by President Obama and the Democrats which have brought America to the brink we now face. Representative Fallin has an opportunity to do it correctly, only time will tell what kind of leader she might become!


The recent contest for power in Honduras was about the duly elected Marxist President wanting to illegally change the nation’s constitution so he could become dictator for life like Hugo Chavez has accomplished to control his nation. Unfortunately President Obama sided with his Marxist buddy wanting to be a dictator. Obama ignored the rule of law as set out in their constitution, much like he does in our nation.

Last week he was in Moscow, (guess he has decided to do foreign policy himself rather than his Secretary of State, whatever her name is).
While there, in front of the cameras, he told the world that the United States and Russia had a lot in common. However, when they went behind closed doors to negotiate arms reductions I speculate this may have been what was said:

Russian President: Well done comrade Obama, you really played the useful idiots in the media well to fool the majority of gullible American voters into electing you. Comrade, you are pushing an excellent agenda, surely designed to further weaken to American economy, it is truly great to see Americans began to grovel for jobs, food and safety. Also, you have been outstanding in treating the Iranian situation low key, we can’t have a bunch of freedom loving Iranians throwing off our puppet leaders in Iran. However, you must put more pressure on Honduran officials to re-instate our comrade in Honduras.

Now we need to get down to business to craft a plan for unilateral disarmament by the United States. Of course we will have to make it look like we are both reducing our arms, so it will be a challenge to come up with a plan that looks like you are verifying our arms reduction when we will in fact not be doing that.

Obama: Agreed, it will be a challenge, but with my charisma and the help of the useful idiots in the print and electronic media we can get the job done. By the way, how do you like what I am about to do to our economy with my cap and trade monster?

Russian President: Just excellent, the way you are destroying the
moral fabric of America by promoting homosexuality and abortion, making people more dependent with your move toward full blown socialized medicine and the destruction to the economy are all just great. Well done comrade Obama.


We ended June with 185 dues paying members, which is 32 more than our all time high of 153 for an off election year. We have an individual willing to contribute $50 for every member up to 10 that we sign up during the month of July, regardless of the membership level. We are approaching our all time record of 203 dues paying members which we experienced last year during an election year. If you have not joined as yet, please consider doing so. One of the best things about joining OCPAC is that we have no paid employees, therefore virtually all of your dues go toward electing conservative candidates or our accountability efforts to try to ensure Republican lawmakers live up to their conservative rhetoric when they ask us for our votes and our contributions. To join, please see instructions following the sing off.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

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