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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, March 7th will be held at

Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our speaker this

week will be Avi Lipkin. Avi is a former Israeli Defense Forces media

spokesman and has advised several Israeli Prime Ministers. He is a

fascinating wealth of information and perspective on the history as

well as current events in the Middle East. In addition, for the first

time of which I am aware, his wife Rachael will also be with him. She

grew up as an Egyptian Jew and as such is thoroughly aware of Arab as

well as Muslim culture. So much so, she is currently the official

translator of Arabic into Hebrew for the government of Israel. This

will be a fascinating meeting, you won’t want to miss this Wednesday.

If you can’t make our meeting, they will also be appearing tonight

(Monday the 5th), 6:00 p.m. at University Christian Church in Norman

(616 Bud Wilkinson Dr. SW), Tuesday morning, 9:30 a.m. at The Bridge

Assembly of God Church in Mustang, Tuesday evening 7:00 p.m. at the

Living Waters Lighthouse (4500 SE 89th in OKC) and at Fairview Baptist

Church (6:45 p.m.) in Edmond, which is at the intersection of Danforth

and Sooner Roads (Danforth is one mile North of 2nd street and Sooner

is 1 block West of I-35. Folks will be welcome at any of these



About 6 months ago I suggested there were 4 establishment candidates

in the race (the establishment always backs more than 1 candidate to

see which one gets the most traction). They were Mitt, Newt, Rick

Perry and John Huntsman. I suggested the 3 non establishment and more

conservative candidates were Michelle, Herman and Ron Paul. I didn’t

mention Santorum as he wasn’t even a blip on the radar screen at that

time. It was my suggestion to wait until close to the election in

Oklahoma and then for conservatives to rally around the one of those 3

who was polling the best, with the intent of electing the best

candidate possible other than an establishment candidate.

About 3 months ago, I broke it down as follows. Mitt, Rick Perry, and

Newt were professional flip floppers, with Newt being the king of the

bunch at flip flopping. Michelle, Herman and Huntsman were out of the

race, leaving only Ron Paul for a choice for me. I did at that time

mention Santorum as having had a career in Washington of compromise

and deal making.

Now that we are only a day before our Primary, there are only 4 left

in the race. Santorum is leading in the polls in Oklahoma, with Mitt

and Newt in 2nd and 3 place in that order. Ron Paul is a distant 4th

place, not even going to come close to gaining the necessary 15% of

the vote to be eligible to receive any delegates from Oklahoma (the

absolute most he will get in Oklahoma will be 9% and probably less

than that). So, what to do, what to do. I personally have serious

problems with every one of these candidates. Here is my suggestion. If

you feel passionately about one of these candidates, then by all means

vote for that person. Or, you could vote strategically!

Mitt is the leading establishment candidate. If you are opposed to him

and want to stop him, then I suggest a strategic vote for Santorum. If

you are a Ron Paul supporter, the only chance Ron Paul has to get the

nomination is for there to be a brokered convention with enough of the

delegates favorable toward Paul that they might select him on a ballot

beyond the first round.

However, for that to occur, there must be a brokered convention. To

help accomplish that, as far as Oklahoma is concerned, Santorum or

Newt (most likely Santorum) must get as many votes as possible more

than Mitt to keep Mitt’s delegate count down. It will be interesting

to see if the dedicated Ron Paul folks, after working so hard to

support their candidate, will have enough insight to go beyond their

current strategy of electing delegates favorable to Ron Paul for the

national convention, to now vote for Santorum to accomplish their ends

rather than wasting their vote on Ron Paul?

Ron Paul supporters must also pray that Newt wins in Georgia. To

produce a brokered convention, neither Romney or Santorum can have a

majority of delegates when the convention convenes, therefore Ron Paul

and Newt must have enough delegates to prevent anyone from having a

majority. Again, I repeat, Ron Paul doesn‘t have a snowball’s chance

in Hades of getting delegates in tomorrow’s vote in Oklahoma.

One more thing to consider as far as an overall perspective.

Conservatives should be wary of which candidate wins the Republican

majority in blue states such as California, Oregon, Washington,

Illinois New York, and the rest of the Northeast. Those states aren’t

likely to vote for a Republican in the general election under almost

any circumstance. A candidate chosen by Republicans in those states

will not be as appealing to Republicans in the South and the central

parts of America which are more likely to vote for a conservative

Republican. To beat President Obama, our candidate must be appealing

to voters in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Virginia, North

Carolina and Florida. When it comes to super Tuesday, keep your eyes

on Ohio. I might even suggest, whoever wins Ohio, will be the most

appealing candidate Republicans can put forth in November to beat

Obama. That will be either Mitt or Santorum. Happy voting



* TUESDAY EVENING - GUTHRIE AREA - The Guthrie chapter of OK2A

(Oklahoma 2nd Amendment) will hold their monthly meeting, Tuesday

evening March 6th in the Patriot Industries gun store which is located

at 211 East Oklahoma in downtown Guthrie. The meeting will start at

7:00 p.m.

* THURSDAY EVENING - ADA AREA - The Ada chapter of OK2A will hold

their monthly meeting, 6:30 p.m., at JD’s Café, located at 911 North

Broadway in Ada. Either Senator Susan Paddack (D-Ada) or

Representative Todd Thomsen (R-Ada) will be speaking. Please arrive a

little early if you want to eat.

* THURSDAY EVENING - MOORE AREA - The Sooner Republican Assembly

(affiliated with the National Federation of Republican Assemblies)

will host their monthly meeting at Earl’s Rib Palace in Moore,

beginning at 6:00 p.m. for dinner with the meeting starting at 6:45

p.m. The speaker this Thursday will be Les White, owner of Liberty

Coin and Gold in Norman. He will be speaking about the monetary value

of gold and silver coins and investing in such. Also, if you have old

gold or silver coins, or jewelry, bring them and Les will give a

ballpark estimate of their value. In addition, they are bringing back

the bully pulpit. Anyone will be allowed 2 minutes to get anything off

their chests, but the time will be strictly enforced.

You will not want to miss this week’s OCPAC meeting. I would suggest

arriving early if at all possible to get a good seat.

Charlie Meadows

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