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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, March 21st will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our speaker for this
week’s meeting will be Charles Sasser from Chouteau, Oklahoma. He is a
veteran of both the U.S. Navy (journalist) and the U.S. Army Special
Forces, retiring after 29 years in active duty and reserves. He also
served 14 years in Miami Florida and Tulsa as a homicide detective. He
has taught at universities, lectured nationwide and traveled
extensively throughout the world. He is the author of more than 50
published books and over 3,000 magazine articles and short stories.
His books have been translated into Chinese, Russian, Serbian, Thai,
French, Spanish, and other languages.

At various times he has solo-canoed the Yukon, the Caribbean; motor-
biked across the continent; raced camels in the Egyptian desert; dog
sledded the Artic; floated the Amazon River; dived for pirate
treasure; ridden horses across Alaska; motorcycled Europe; climbed Mt.
Rainier; run the Bulls in Spain; guided missionaries into the Algerian
outback; solo-kayaked Canada’s Inside Passage, sailed a 40-foot sloop
across the Caribbean and in 2001, he set a world’s record by making
the first transcontinental flight in an ultralite Powered Parachute

He has been a professional rodeo clown and bronc rider’ professional
kick boxer and sky diver. He is also a professional motivational
speaker and does dinner theater parts. He has appeared as a guest on
Good Morning America, Inside Edition, On The Record, Discovery ID,
History Channel, Court TV, Geraldo Rivera, FOX News, CNN, America’s
Most Wanted, Unsolved Mysteries, Greta Van Susteren and others.

He will be speaking at OCPAC this Wednesday, so he can finally make it
to the big leagues, keep from getting bored, and more particularly,
inform us of one of his recent adventures. Last year, when the Occupy
Wall Street movement was getting fired up in New York City, he put on
scruffy clothes and spent several days among the protesters to find
out what their agenda was really about. Charles is a patriot who
indicated to me, he wants to expend the rest of his energies trying to
save what is left of our nation. This should be an exceedingly
interesting meeting, arrive early for a good seat.


A few weeks ago, I put out a call for some help in filming our
meetings to make them available to people who can’t attend. Several
have volunteered and we will try to make our meetings available and of
good quality. Thanks especially to Stephen Blakely for getting this
started. The past 3 meetings are archived at http://www.youtube.com/user/ocpacvideo
. I believe they are also posted on our face book page and we will try
to get them on our blog site as soon as possible. Check them out, as
we have gone way too long without doing this. We will not video our
candidate interview meetings.


For the most part, I believe appointments by a governor which need
SENATE confirmation should be approved. However, the reason for Senate
confirmations (not all appointments require such) are to help keep a
governor from making a mistake. I believe Governor Fallin has done a
fairly good job in many of her appointments with the exception of 2. I
want to bring to light one of them.

Prior to the session starting, a vacancy occurred on the State
Election Board. The vacancy must be filled by a Democrat as the 3
member board must have at least 1 Democrat seated. Governor Fallin
chose a Democrat, but the wrong one in my opinion. She chose former
Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth.

My opposition toward Roth, isn’t just because he is a homosexual,
actually, I believe he is an aggressive promoter of the homosexual
agenda. The major reason I believe it was a mistake to appoint Roth is
that the Republican party spent unknown thousands of dollars to help
Dana Murphy defeat Roth, when the well financed Roth was 10 or more
points ahead of Dana a couple of weeks before the general election of

It is unconscionable for Governor Fallin to once again elevate Roth
after so many Republicans contributed and worked hard to turn the tide
of the election and elect Republican Dana Murphy. Therefore, if you
have a Republican State Senator (don‘t bother with Democrats), contact
them and ask them to oppose his appointment. It is time for Governor
Fallin pick another Democrat for the position. I believe she should
respect the efforts of the grass-roots folks of the Republican party
and not try to please Democrat big donors such as George Kaiser or big
time Republican donors to her campaign who just happened to be co-
chairs for Roth‘s election campaign.

I want to ask everyone to call State Senator Rob Johnson’s (R-
Kingfisher) office at (405) 521-5592. He chairs the Rules Committee
which is likely to hear the recommendation. Ask him to oppose Roth’s
confirmation and urge his Republican colleagues on the committee to do
the same. Following are the Capitol office numbers for the rest of the
Republican Senators, all numbers are in the 405 area code: Cliff
Aldridge (R-Midwest City) 521-5584, Mark Allen (R-Spiro) 521-5576,
Patrick Anderson (R-Enid) 521-5630, Don Barrington (R-Lawton &
Duncan), Brian Bingman (R-Sapulpa) 521-5528, Cliff Branan (R-NW
OKC) 521-5543 Josh Brecheen (R-Colgate) 521-5586, Rick Brinkley (R-
Owasso) 521-5566, Bill Brown (R-Broken Arrow) 521-5602, Greg
Childers (R-Del City & Moore) 521-5522, Harry Coates (R-Seminole)
521-5547, Brian Crain (R-Tulsa) 521-5620, Kim David (R-Porter)
521-5590, Eddie Fields (R-Wynona) 521-5581, John Ford (R-
Bartlesville) 521-5634, James Halligan (R-Stillwater) 521-5572,
David Holt (R-OKC) 521-5551, Clark Jolley (R-Edmond) 521-5622, Ron
Justice (R-Chickasha) 521-5537, Bryce Marlatt (R-Woodward), Mike
Mazzei (R-Tulsa) 521-5675, Dan Newberry (R-Tulsa) 521-5600, Jonathan
Nichols (R-Norman) 521-5535, Steve Russell (R-Moore & Mustang)
521-5618, Mike Schulz (R-Altus) 521-5612, Ralph Shortey (R-South
Central OKC) 521-5557, Frank Simpson (R-Ardmore) 521-5607, Gary
Stanislawski (R-Tulsa), Anthony Sykes (R-Moore) 521-5569, Greg Treat
(R-OKC & West Edmond) 521-5632.

Please call today or Wednesday and urge these Republican Senators not
to confirm Jim Roth for this position. It is time for Governor Fallin
to pick a less controversial Democrat to serve on the State Election


chapter of OK2A (Oklahoma 2nd Amendment) will hold their monthly
meeting tonight, 7:00 p.m. at H&H Range, 400 South Vermont, Suite 110
(2 blocks East of Meridian on the North side of I-40). The special
guest speaker will be Andrew Speno, evening anchor on the local Fox
News channel 25. The topic of his discussion will be about how to get
your concerns on a local news cast.

tonight in over 550 major movie theaters, audiences will come together
for a live, one night only theatrical event and movie called
be hosted by the actor Kirk Cameron, star of the movie. For theatre
locations and to purchase tickets in advance, log on to:
http://www.monumentalmovie.com/ . The 2 hour show will begin at 6:30
p.m., in the Central Standard Time zone.

The keynote speaker at this year’s Clouds Over America Conference was
Dr. Paul Jehle, a Constitutional law professor and the foremost
historian alive today concerning the time period of the Pilgrims and
Puritans, then leading up until the time of our War of Independence.
Not only is he the Director of the Plymouth Rock Foundation, Pastor of
a Church in Plymouth and Headmaster of a private Classical Christian
School, he has also been working on this movie for some time now. The
movie is an attempt to re-acquaint Americans with our rich Christian

Not having seen the movie, I can only speculate that it will include a
survey of the Founders Monument, located in an out of the way area in
Plymouth. While on an American Heritage tour three and a half years
ago, I was amazed at the significance of this huge monument as Dr.
Jehle explained in some detail the important things expressed on what
is arguably the most important monument in America. I had never heard
of it before that trip, it was huge and very beautiful, though it is
in need of some repairs, much like America is in need of serious
repair today. Don’t miss next Tuesday evening, March 27th as it is
only a one time event.

* WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11TH - OKC AREA - The Oklahoma Council of
Public Affairs (OCPA), will host their annual Citizenship Dinner and
fundraiser at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in OKC.
This year’s keynote speaker will be one of America’s most courageous
persons, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Elected in 2010, he was
faced with enormous budget problems as well as a declining state

In light of such a difficult task, he lead the newly acquired
Republican majorities in the legislature to make significant changes
in how Wisconsin does business. Those responsible reforms infuriated
both public as well as private sector labor unionists, liberals,
progressives, Communists, socialists, fascists and any other mal-
content group in America.

In just 2 years, America’s liberal left has tried to upset the balance
of power on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the legislature through
recall elections and now Governor Walker faces a recall election. If
you want to hear a courageous man, and support a good organization
like OCPA as well as have a great meal and a fine evening, then call
Katie Cooke at (405) 602-1667 for reservations. The cost is $125 per
person with $75 dollars of that being tax deductible.


President Obama is due to arrive in OKC this Wednesday, where it is
reported he will attend an OKC Thunder game that night and then go to
Cushing on Thursday for what I believe will be a photo-op and an
opportunity speak. He will thus be trying to deceive Americans about
his costly energy policies.

Should he attend the Thunder game, don’t be surprised if he steps out
on the court and shoots a basket or two. Should the President be
recognized, I am sure liberals like Barry Switzer and Cliff Hudson
(CEO of Sonic), if in attendance, will lead the crowd in applause and

However, I raise this thought. Applause and cheering are expressions
of approval. If it is appropriate for expressions of approval (and it
is) then is it not also appropriate for expressions of disapproval?
Silence might be an expression of disapproval, but silence is easily
drowned out by a few radical fans. On the other hand, boos or jeering
are much stronger expressions of disapproval. Are those expressions
appropriate? Absolutely, that is, if applause and cheering are
appropriate, then so are boos and jeering.

But you say, in this case boos would not be appropriate as we must
respect the office of the Presidency. I say “balderdash”, “hogwash”
and “BS” (blue smoke). Folks, the office of the Presidency and the
person occupying the office at any given time are in-separable. If the
President is honest, works hard and tries to implement the principles
of good government as well as handles foreign affairs as well as can
be done, then that president and the office, deserve respect and
applause. If on the other hand, the opposite is true, it is impossible
to respect the office as long as such a person occupies the office.

I will not be at the game, but if I were, you would hear boos from me
should the President be recognized. The reason? This man lies through
his teeth and deceit is his nature. The Bible says, Satan is the
father of all lies. President Obama is not Satan nor is he the Anti-
Christ, but like former President Bill Clinton, they are both close
disciples of Satan, having learned well the craft of telling lies and
deceiving people. This President is the most un-patriotic, un-American
change agent to ever hold the office of President.

He is a bully as is evidenced by his suggestion that health care
insurance companies will be mandated to provide contraceptives without
charging. Any President that mandates any business must provide a
product or service without charge, it a bully and a fascist thief.
Since being in office, he has run rough-shod and trampled upon the
Constitution, laughing at a Congress, unwilling or too cowardly to
bring charges of impeachment to “reign in” such a run-away executive
branch of government. This President regularly encroaches upon the
balance of powers as designed by our Founders and Congress does little
to stop it.

I could go on and on about this President, but most of you already
know what I am talking about. While I don’t think it appropriate to
try and prevent a person from speaking or drown out a talk, it is
appropriate to express displeasure at the right times. May his time in
Oklahoma be as unwelcoming as possible, yet our behavior must stay
within in the bounds of good taste.

P.S. None of the President’s front men have contacted me to see if he
could drop in during our OCPAC meeting this Wednesday. If that were to
occur, I would introduce him by saying, may I hear your expressions of
pleasure or displeasure regarding his performance as President.
However, I would not allow him to take away time from such and
interesting and patriotic speaker as Charles Sasser.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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