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Over the weekend I began to receive e-mails that our friend Bob Toney
was in need of blood due to open heart surgery. Unfortunately, Bob
passed away sometime on Sunday. Before I share some important
information about Bob as a patriot and Christian, let me give the
details for his funeral.

His central Oklahoma service will be tomorrow, June 9th, 10:00 a.m. in
the auditorium at Christian Heritage Academy, 4400 Southeast 27th
street in Del City. There will also be a graveside service at 2:00
p.m. in Weatherford, Oklahoma at the Plainview Cemetery. In lieu of
flowers the family has requested that donations be made to the
Christian Heritage Academy Athletic Program/Student Aid (Christian
Heritage Academy, 4400 S.E. 27th, Del City, Ok 73115)

What I am about to say about Bob (and others) I wanted to write in
regard to the recent Memorial Day holiday, but I just couldn’t get it
out in time. However, with Bob’s passing, I am going to say it now.

Memorial day is a time we honor those who have given their lives in
the service of our country, primarily through military service. We
frequently hear about the sacrifices those men and women have made to
preserve our freedoms. I do not want to diminish those memories one
fraction, though many of our service men and women have sometimes
given their lives more out of obedience or obligation to the service
of our country rather than really fighting for our freedoms.

Certainly WW 2 was an all out national effort to beat the forces of
aggression and freedom oppressing tyranny so that we might remain
free. While the advance of Communism was always, and still is, a
threat to our future liberty, unfortunately the Korean and Vietnam
wars were influenced and orchrastrated too much by organizations such
as the U.N. and SETO as well as an intention by our own government,
not to win. I would suggest wars in Somalia, Kosovo, and now Libya
consume the resources of our nation and the loss of American lives.
However, I have grave concern as to any real American interest in
those wars, especially any risk to our freedoms.

All of those who have served honorably in an American uniform and died
as a result of the call of our country are deserving of respect,
thanks and memorializing. However, I want to speak of another kind of
warrior, one who prior to his passing expended his time, effort, life
and resources in a form of warfare that truly is for our liberties.
People like Bob Toney, who understood the definition of true
patriotism and gave of himself in the culture war, a battle for the
hearts and minds of Americans as well as promoting the ideals of our
founding fathers.

Growing up, Bob played football, wrestled and excelled in baseball. He
led the OSU Cowboys to a runner up finish in the College World Series
in 1996 and was unanimously named as the Series All Star 3rd baseman.
Bob signed with the Atlanta Braves and played 6 years of professional
baseball. Later on he coached neighborhood baseball and softball teams
then he originated the Christian Heritage Academy High School team. He
went on to lead that team to multiple state championships. In very
recent years Bob opened his office in Del City for numerous sessions
on Activism through the John Birch Society as well as leadership
training for members of the Society. Once Bob saw the quality and
value of THE TRUTH PROJECT, produced by Focus on The Family, Bob
traveled the state introducing churches to this superb 13 hour DVD

Bottom line, Bob Toney has gone on the be with the Lord. He should be
remembered along with other patriots who expended their lives and
sacrificed in the eternal fight for Liberty. Bob joins others who have
gone on before him like Robert Welch, Leon Skousen, Gary Allen, and on
a more local level, folks like Jack Edens, Joe Russell, Vincent
Roshager, Tom Ragsdale, Bill Stemmons, Tim Pope and many others that
slip my mind and are too numerous to list. I don’t want to take one
thing away from our men and women in uniform that have given their
lives, but I believe people like Bob Toney and many others are just as
deserving of honor and respect, though most people have been unaware
of their sacrifices.

Bob was given over 100 units of blood, and though he has passed on,
the burden of paying for that blood will fall upon his family, unless
his friends will donate in his name. I gave today after the OCPAC
meeting and all of his information is in the Oklahoma Blood Institute
donor system. If you would like to do something in his memory, please
consider a contribution to the Christian Heritage Athletic Program/
Student Aid that I mentioned above.


The Ralph Bullard Heritage Foundation is sponsoring an American
Christian Heritage Tour from September 13th through the 20th of this
year. My wife and I were able to go on this tour 4 years ago, and I
can say without a doubt it is the finest trip I have ever taken, even
more memorable the our trip to Israel in 1980.

The tour director will be CHA’s Secondary Headmaster, Mr. David Holmes
who has directed 30 of these tours in past years. Assisting will be
Ralph Bullard and on site you will benefit from the guidance of Dr.
Paul Jehle, the leading Pilgrim historian in America today.

The primary areas for the tour will be Plymouth and Boston, rich in
the founding and history of this nation. You will be introduced to
first generation history and the many sites of our earliest times. The
information you learn will be free from the errors of revisionist
history. History will come alive like never before.

On a really good note, the tour is actually a couple of hundred
dollars less per person than 4 years ago. There is only room for 44
people, so please check out the information if you have any hope or
intention of going. Log on to to view
the information and check out the costs and details. In addition, you
may call (405) 672-1787 and ask for Ralph Bullard for more information
or e-mail him at:

Thanks for your time and attention.

Charlie Meadows

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