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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, June 15th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. This Wednesday will
be our first part of a two Wednesday effort to help establish this
year’s Conservative Index, published by the Oklahoma Constitution
Newspaper. It is primarily a 3 part process. Shortly before session
ended, and invitation was hand delivered to every Republican lawmaker
with an invitation to participate in creating the Conservative Index
for this year’s session. They were instructed to suggest bills that
were reflective of a conservative or liberal position and send them to
the Newspapers office no later than June 1st. Next they were invited
to attend this Wednesday’s meeting to debate as to whether bills that
were submitted are actually a reflection of a liberal or conservative
vote. Following this Wednesday’s debate, the newspaper’s editors will
remove any bills that fail to be a good example, then next Wednesday,
June 22nd, they will bring the final bills to us for our dues paying
members to vote as to the 10 most important votes which should make up
the Conservative Index. I believe we have 25 bills to consider this
Wednesday. In reality, there were many very good bills that will not
be considered as they didn’t get a hearing or perhaps they got a vote
in only the House or Senate and weren’t voted on in both chambers. We
have had as many as 15 lawmakers attend in the past. This meeting is
always very educational for our members and lawmakers get a good read
on the thinking of the grassroots conservatives.


* TUESDAY AFTERNOON - OKC AREA - Our good friend Jennie White,
founder of: Restore Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE) will host a
press conference, 1:00 p.m. in Room 419A at the State Capitol. Jennie
has done a great deal of research on the federal government’s “Common
Core Curriculum Standards and found them to be little more than a
rehash of the Outcome-Based Education model originally described by
the self-avowed Socialist/Humanist John Dewey and others of his ilk.
So much so, Jennie suggests the Common Core Curriculum Standards are
little more than an “introduction to Marxism 101. If you can attend
this presentation to support Jenni, please try to do so. I am not
sure, but I don’t believe Janet Barresi is up to speed on this issue
as yet.

* TUESDAY EVENING - ADA AREA - The Seminole-Ada Tea Party will
hold their monthly meeting in the Industrial Arts Classroom on the
Career Tech campus in Ada. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. The first
speaker will be Dr. Earl Taylor speaking about the 28 principles of
good government which is the basis of the book the 5000 Year Leap.
Following Dr. Taylor will be State Representative Tom Newell (R-
Seminole) who will field questions about this year’s legislative
session. Then the keynote speaker will be Jenni White, explaining the
dangers of the Marxist like Common Core Curriculum Standards. If you
live anywhere within 40 to 50 miles of Ada, this is well worth your
time and effort to attend.


Just before the session ended, I explained the shell game in which
legislative leaders and the Governor intended to engage so they could
borrow money for funding the budget rather than cutting additional
waste, fluff or improper functions of government. The shell game was a
plan to rob $100 million in transportation department dollars to use
for other purposes, then borrow $70 million in bonded indebtedness to
repay that amount of the $100 million robbed from the department.

Last Wednesday, Oklahoma’s top taxpayer watchdog, Jerry Fent, filed a
lawsuit naming Governor Fallin and other state leaders. Fent indicates
the State Constitution expressly says “no tax levied and collected for
one purpose shall ever be devoted to another purpose.” His lawsuit
claims that revenue raised by the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel in
the state is dedicated to roads and bridges. Fent believes that once
the public realizes that monies paid for roads and bridges are going
to be siphoned off to other uses, that very public is going to be
outraged and I would say, rightly so. While $70 million will be put
back into the roads and bridges fund through bonded indebtedness, $30
million will not be replaced.

I believe that vote will be one of the 10 issues to make up this
year’s conservative index and would suggest unless the Supremes can
demonstrate why the Constitution shouldn’t be followed, those Justices
disagreeing with Fent should be booted out during next year’s
retention ballot during the general election. Oral arguments are set
to be heard by a Supreme Court referee on June 21st. Outraged citizens
should pack the courtroom on that date to show their concern. I will
try to have the time of the hearing published in next week’s e-mail.


Last week U.S. Representative Dan Boren announced he will not seek re-
election next year, but will finish out his term. On the Democrat
side, Brad Carson who formerly held this seat announced he was
interested in returning to Congress. He vacated the seat when he ran
for the U.S. Senate, but was defeated by Tom Coburn.

On the Republican side, State Representative George Faught (R-
Muskogee) quickly announced an interest in running. Faught could be a
strong candidate as he has proven an ability to win in Muskogee which
is the largest city in the district. Dr. Charles Thompson was the
nominee during the 2010 elections and though he was outspent by Boren
nearly 18 to 1, he still garnered close to 44% of the vote.

With proper backing, the eventual Republican candidate will have an
excellent chance of picking up this seat. This once seemingly
impenetrable Democrat district has been trending toward the Republican
party, as many of the legislative seats in the district are now in the
hands of Republican lawmakers.

Filing period will be Monday through Wednesday of this week for the
State Senate District 43 seat which has been held for the past 11
years by Jim Reynolds. Last November, Reynolds ran for Cleveland
County Treasurer and won that election. However, he will take office
next month and therefore was able to serve in the Senate for this
year’s session.

State Representative Paul Wesselhoft (R-Moore) has planned to run for
this seat for some time and therefore filed for the office yesterday.
However, redistricting has created a small problem for Paul should he
win. This seat is up for re-election next year, but under
redistricting, by 2 blocks, Paul will not live in this senate seat
next year, so he will have to run for a different Senate unless he is
able to move.

This seat is not a given for the Republicans. I believe Reynolds is
the first Republican to hold the seat and he nearly lost the election
in 2008. In a bit of a fluke, his opponent was named David Boren, of
course it wasn’t David Boren the President of OU, but another fellow
with the same name. About 10 days out of the election, hundreds of
thousands of dollars, most from out of state, poured into an effort to
elect Boren and it almost worked. It was close enough that the Boren
backers paid for a recount.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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