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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, November 10th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. The first order of
business will be the recognition of all veterans, as well as guard,
reserves or active duty members of our military. Following that
presentation, Pastor Dan Fisher of Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon
will present his special program on the feared Black Robed Regiment.
He does a combination of role playing and a power point presentation.
I believe he will have some copies of this presentation available on
DVD, if you would like to purchase one to share with your pastor or
other Christians. Come learn about the vital part these patriot
pastors played in throwing off the bonds of tyranny from the British
Crown, both leading up to and during our war of Independence. We are
very thankful that the restaurant has installed another speaker so the
people near the door to our room can hear. In addition, Pastor Dan is
going to bring two 50 inch flat screens to set up for better viewing.
Don’t miss this meeting, especially if you are a member of the
Presbyterian Church.


We have around 1,000 more people directly receiving the weekly OCPAC e-
mails than were receiving it during the first of the year. On behalf
of our organizational officers and our members, I want to welcome all
the new folks to our e-mail list. Almost 400 of these new folks have
been added over the past few weeks which now brings our total to
nearly 4,200. I thought it would be good to give a little information
about our organization.

Something over 19 years ago, Tim Green and I began to have lunch each
Wednesday, in an effort to elect him as the next Chairman of
Oklahoma’s Republican party. Invariably our conversations would boil
down to a discussion of issues and fellowship. After several weeks, I
suggested we invite others to join us. With time our numbers grew and
we developed into a debating society. As we grew past 15 to 20
attending each Wednesday, we began to have more of a speaker format
for the meetings. After about 7 years, I proposed we form a club and
political action committee (PAC) with an agenda and strategy to obtain
our goals. That was agreeable and thus the formation of OCPAC.
Christmas day has fallen on a Wednesday only 1 time in the past 19
years, which is the only Wednesday we have not met in all those

Our mission statement is as follows: “To promote and support
constitutionalists in government who oppose expansive government while
at the same time promote liberty, free market economics and Judeo-
Christian standards.” Unlike many PACs, which primarily function as a
lobbyist supporting a special interest agenda, OCPAC is a general
interest PAC with no paid workers or lobbyists. We are also a club
which meets EVERY Wednesday and have a lot fun while learning. Please
feel welcome to attend.

During the 2000 election cycle, we raised $4,000 and split it evenly
between 4 different candidates, 3 of which won their elections. For
the 2002 election cycle we raised $8,400, then in 2004 it jumped to
$24,000. For the 2006 election cycle we raised $31,000, then $33,000
for the 2008 election cycle. Through those first 5 election cycles, we
contributed a total of $100,000 to 72 different candidates, 37 of
which won their races. I don’t have the final figures as yet, but it
looks like we raised over $43,000 for this election cycle. While we
were just below 50% during the primary races, we had 19 candidates we
supported on the ballot this past Tuesday night, 16 of those
candidates won their races.

That $43,000 war chest came from the dues paying members who support
our efforts. We set an all time record number of 217 dues paying
members in 2009, only to be outdone in 2010 with 287 dues paying
members. Our dues paying members live all over the state. Many have
caught the vision, that regardless of where they live or if they are
ever able to attend our meetings, supporting OCPAC helps to make
Oklahoma a more conservative state. We have closed down our
memberships for 2010, so anyone wanting to join now will have their
dues applied to the 2011 membership year. Following my sign off at the
end of this week’s e-mail, will be instructions on how to join. Once
again, thanks to everyone for making this organization an effective
force for conservatism in Oklahoma.


* TUESDAY MORNING - TULSA AREA - The brother and best friend of
State Senator Randy Brogdon passed away this past Thursday evening.
Duane Brogdon was pastor of Hope Worship Center Assembly of God Church
in Tulsa. The funeral service will be held at Woodlake Assembly of God
Church, 7100 East 31st street in Tulsa. The time is 10:00 a.m. on
Tuesday, November 9th. Please keep the Brogdon family in your prayers
as this is always a difficult time.

* TUESDAY - NATIONAL - I was asked to write a story for The New
American Magazine On Line, regarding the elections and political
landscape in Oklahoma. It was a challenge to write as a news or
analysis of the news story rather than a commentary in which I usually
write. If you would like to check it out, log on to www.jbs.org and
then find the link to the New American.

* TUESDAY EVENING - EL RENO AREA - Elza Jones, Oklahoma district
4 director of Americans For Fair Taxation will be presenting
information about the FAIR TAX, which is a flat rate national
consumption tax. The location will be the El Reno Uptown/Downtown
Center, 115 East Russell. The meeting will be on the second floor
(handicap accessible) and start at 7:00 p.m. The Fair Tax is not
intended to deal with overspending, but rather weaken the control of
politicians over citizens through an income tax code. It also would so
improve the cost of doing business in America, that would be a major
boost to the way we do business in America and it would really allow
for the improvement of our economy. On top of that, it is a fair
application to all citizens, whether a person is poor, middle class or
wealthy. I really urge the folks in that area to attend this meeting
to learn about this important reform for America.

* WEDNESDAY EVENING - OKC AREA - The author, journalist and
spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces, Mr. Avi Lipkin will be
speaking at Destiny Christian Church, 3801 S.E. 29th which might be in
Del City, starting at 6:00 p.m.. The meeting is free and open to the

When I had my morning drive radio program during the second half of
2001, one of my final guests was this Israeli author, then known by
the pen name of Victor Mordecai. Mr. Lipkin wrote a book in 1997 in
which he mentioned 3 different times that radical Muslims intended to
fly airliners into the world trade center buildings. How did he know?
His wife works in the “eyes and ears” department of Israeli
intelligence, where they monitor every Muslim publication and speech
made in the Muslim world. In other words, they said they were going to
do it, so anyone who had an ear to hear may not have known of the
actual time, but they knew of the objective.

About 4 years ago, he taught a 12 hour seminar at Fairview Baptist
Church in Edmond, where I learned so much about the history of the
Religion of Islam as well as its tenets. It is imperative that
American citizens wake up to the growing threat of Islam from within
our nation. The Islamization of America is already well under way,
wake up Oklahomans, I urge folks to attend if they are not already
well versed on this subject.

* ANYTIME - A few weeks ago I joined Howard Houchen in Paris Texas
to tape two TV shows for a new program called, The New Road to
Liberty. The show is hosted by Howard, as he is working to educate and
challenge viewers about the superiority of liberty. It was a lot of
fun and the program which talked about OCPAC and what is going on in
Oklahoma can be viewed commercial free at www.newroadtoliberty.com. If
you have time, check it out.


I truly want to thank Speaker elect Kris Steele and President Pro-Tem
Brian Bingman for speaking at our meeting last Wednesday as they are
both really busy at this time of the year. It was apparent that there
is a conservatism gap between these legislative leaders and many of
the members of OCPAC.

However, I thought the answer to the question about the possibility of
eliminating early childhood education was one of the brighter hopes
from these legislative leaders. The question asked was, if it could be
proven or if strong evidence exists that early childhood education has
no long term value, then would you become a leader in an effort to
close down wasted and expensive efforts? Both men expressed support
for these programs, but Senator Bingman indicated he would look at the
evidence, but it would have to be significant. I thought
Representative Steele’s response was even better. He indicated it was
his duty to find out the truth on issues which would benefit the
people of Oklahoma. I will get that evidence to them as soon as

Another interesting exchange occurred when Senator Bingman stated we
have to correct the problem of our children taking an 8th grade exams
and we find out they can’t read. He said they should learn to read by
the end of the 3rd grade, so that they can read to learn the rest of
their lives. I took the opportunity to ask Mr. Ralph Bullard, former
headmaster of a large Christian school in Del City with a North campus
at Fairview Baptist in Edmond, how many students in his school could
not read by the end of the 3rd grade and thus receive social
promotions? His answer was all of them can read by the end of the 3rd

The answer is rather simple. First, Christian Heritage Academy has and
maintains discipline in their private school, which is not always the
case in the government schools. Second, they use the proper method for
teaching reading at CHA while most of the government schools do not.

The latest name, of which I am aware, of the Chinese pictographic
method used in the government schools to teach reading is called
“whole language.” Studies have shown that the teaching of reading
improperly for the English language will doom about 20 to 35% of all
children to functional illiteracy. That knowledge has been available
for a long time and the government schools, for the most part,
continue to refuse to correct that problem.

One hope should be that our new leaders will not make across the board
cuts in the state budget during these lean times. Hopefully, they will
do significant prioritizing and eliminate immoral or wasteful
programs, not temporarily, but on a permanament basis.

Here are just a few ideas, first, eliminate early childhood education
which will save the state as well as local property tax payers a lot
of money. We should use those savings to reduce the state corporate
and or personal income taxes. That will lower the cost of doing
business in Oklahoma which in turn will improve our economy and
provide more jobs.

Second, eliminate all spending on Amtrak’s Heartland Flyer. There is
not a MARKET for passenger rail service, if there were, BNSF or some
other private sector entity would provide such. In this case, the term
MARKET would be defined as enough people willing to spend enough of
their OWN money to purchase a ticket (estimated cost, $400 per ticket,
round trip OKC to Ft Worth) to ride the train. For a market to work,
the cost of the ticket would have to be enough so the operators would
be able to cover all expenses, and then make a profit.

Even worse than the immoral subsidy, these brilliant Oklahoma
lawmakers passed a law to keep the Flyer going so Oklahomans can get
on the train to go to Texas to spend their money. It is my contention
that there are more Oklahomans who go to Texas to spend money than
there are Texans who come here to spend money.

With “economic development” genius such as that, it is no wonder we
have had such debacles as Great Plains Airlines and the space ship
project, just 2 examples of lawmakers giving away tens of millions of
dollars to high risk businesses which ended up in bankruptcy. The bad
thing about the Heartland Flyer, it is 2 or 3 million each year that
will just go on year after year unless lawmakers admit their mistake
and stop it. Unfortunately, there is a push to extend it past OKC on
into Kansas.

They could also end the subsidy to the OETA. I like some of the
programming on OETA and will support it on a monthly basis if it ever
gets off the government teat. In today’s vast world of options on TV,
the last thing we need is for a government owned station. These are
just a few examples of cuts that could be made to balance the budget,
there are many others.


During the debate leading up to the elections, non Muslims who were
against state question 755 indicated that the measure to prohibit
Sharia or international law from being used in Oklahoma courts just
wasn’t necessary. Members of the Muslim community had a different
reason. They played the part of a victim of rejection and an object of
hate as their reason.

With the ballots barely counted, some of the members of CAIR (Council
on American and Islamic Relations) filed suit in federal court to stop
the measure before the state election board certified the question as
passing (it received a 70% majority vote). The very action from
members of CAIR just goes to show how foolish people were who didn’t
think the measure was necessary. If Muslims never intended to bring
Sharia law to Oklahoma, they would not mind the amendment to our

Few people realize that Islam is the only religion that I know of that
actually teaches their followers from their “holy book” to lie and
deceive their non Muslim neighbors when they are in the minority. So
what is the real agenda of these devoted Muslims that populate CAIR?

Maybe a quote from Omar Ahmad, one of the co-founders of CAIR would
help us understand their goals. On July 4th, 1998, the San Ramon
Valley Herald quotes him as saying: “Muslims (are) not to separate or
assimilate to American society, but instead to deliver Islam’s
message… to stay in America without melting into it… Islam isn’t in
America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The
Koran should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only
accepted religion on earth.”

If you are a Christian, Jew or member of any other religion,
unfortunately, a powerful element of the Muslim community in America
has declared war on your religion and on American culture. This nation
and its legal system was founded upon Judeo Christian principles. If
you are an American patriot, you must stand against the agenda of
these devoted Muslims. If you are a Christian, you must share with
them the hopelessness of their religion and its flawed beginnings on
the one hand. On the other hand you must resist their agenda at the
ballot box, in the business world and in our judicial system. Again,
please try to hear Avi Lipkim of whom I spoke in the announcements.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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