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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, November 17th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Speaking briefly
will be Tulsan, Janice Pounds. Mrs. Pounds was a black woman caught up
in the habit of voting straight party Democrat until something
happened in her life. She ended up writing the book: STEALING THE
speaker this week will be the Reverend Steven Craft who also happens
to be black. I heard Reverend Craft at the 50th anniversary
celebration of the founding of the Birch Society a couple of years ago
in Appleton Wisconsin. Of the 35 or so speakers during the 3 day
event, Mr. Craft was one of the most passionate and inspiring persons
I heard and I am really excited he will be our main speaker this
Wednesday. After earning a degree in Bible and Pastoral Counseling
from Central Bible College in Springfield Missouri, he then earned a
Masters of Divinity Degree from Harvard Divinity School. While his
conservative collogues were concerned about him going to Harvard, I
would suggest the people with the most regret today are the people who
were on the admissions committee as he survived the place and today is
a fire breathing conservative. Much of his time in ministry has been
spent as a chaplain in various prisons. One of the things he will talk
about is the rise of Islam in the prisons. Reverend Craft has also
authored a couple of books.


* TUESDAY EVENING - TULSA AREA - The Tulsa Area Republican
Assembly will meet for dinner at 6 and then the meeting will begin at
7:00 p.m.. The location will be the Golden Corral, on 71st Street and
Mingo, just west of Highway 169. Speaking will be Tulsa City Auditor,
Preston Doerflinger. The main topic will be the KPMG audit, its
results and implementation to make Tulsa government more efficient and
cost effective.

* WEDNESDAY EVENING - EDMOND - Reverend Craft will be the speaker
for the Wednesday evening service at Fairview Baptist Church, Sooner
Road and Danforth (Danforth is one mile North of 2nd street and 1
block West of I-35 in Edmond). Starting at 6:45 p.m. Reverend Craft
will do a power point presentation titled Morality and Freedom. If you
are not able to hear him on Wednesday at OCPAC, this will be a great
opportunity, come if you can.

* THURSDAY NOON - STATE CAPITOL - There was consideration of
calling a press conference regarding the decision handed down by the
federal judge, Vickie Miles LaGrange regarding SQ 755. Since the first
ruling was more about standing and not necessarily the merits of the
issue, a decision has been made to wait until a substantive decision
is made a few days hence before any kind of press conference will be
held. I believe it is hoped that Judge LaGrange will adjudicate this
issue based on the historical importance of consistency regarding the
rule of law.

The American judicial system, founded on Judeo/Christian principles,
has delivered the best just system of justice in the world, at least
to the degree if was executed by intellectually honest men and women
who sit on the bench as well as occupy our juries. That great standard
of right and wrong delivers the maximum amount of Liberty for people
of different persuasions and yet still sets reasonable standards to
keep order in society.

It would be to our great detriment to see inferior ideas from
international law pollute our system. In addition, it would be
devastating to allow any single or multiple groups of people, with a
particular religion or ideology, declare they didn’t have to obey the
laws of the land, because they believed their religious, or
ideological ways were superior. In that arrogance, they would ignore
our system of laws and justice and set their own system up to follow
and obey.

I am hoping that Judge LaGrange has an understanding or a remembrance,
of the paramount importance in creating civil law that applies to all
without special exceptions. Hopefully, she will remember the days she
was a lawmaker and what it would have meant for her to make a law,
only to see a group of people declare they would not obey it in favor
of their opinion as to what should be the law of the land.

* THURSDAY MORNING - OKC - The Business and Professional Chapter
of the John Birch Society will hold their monthly meeting at the
Character Inn, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. Breakfast is served at
7:15 (breakfast buffet $6.00) and the meeting will begin about 7:40
a.m.. The guest speaker will be Mrs. Janice Ponds, author of the book:
The book directly addresses the issue of the history of blacks and
their involvement in the political process in America. When Janice
began to do the research related to the book, she was absolutely
amazed at what she learned. “I clearly saw patterns of events that
have led to what I call the ’idolatry of race’ as it relates to blacks
and the Democrat Party.” Mrs. Ponds will have books available at both
OCPAC and this meeting. She has also included a CD, which is a musical
tribute to our troops, in each book.


A battle has been brewing for some time between Oklahoma’s two
conservative U.S. Senators. It is expected to heat up, perhaps today
or on Wednesday as Senator Coburn has been on a multi-year campaign to
eliminate such and Senator Inhofe is a huge fan of them. Inhofe claims
earmarks are such a small amount, that they are not that important.

Let me suggest 3 really important reasons to permanently eliminate
them. 1) Of the many problems facing America, overspending, huge
annual deficits and massive national debt is as big a problem as any.
Americans must have an “attitude” change, they must understand that
the federal government (which is broke) is not some Olympic size
swimming pool full of money and anytime someone wants some, all the
have to do is get their congressmen to get a bucket and dip some out
for them. Sixteen billion is not chump change, except it is small in
the overall 3 plus Trillion dollars in spending from Washington each
year. There is a secular proverb that states “if you watch your
pennies, your dollars will take care of themselves.” Caring about
little things, will change our attitudes to help us make those more
important decisions later on.

In Songs of Solomon 2:15, there is an interesting scripture that
indicates: it is the little foxes that spoil the vines. I served as a
financial counselor for over 20 years. Not investment counseling, but
budgeting, debt resolution and how to handle money. In case after
case, it was those soft drinks at a convenience store or drive in, or
that snack, or weekly bowling etc. which sucked tight dollars away
from high priority expenses such as house or car payments and
utilities. Getting people to see the importance of small items was
half the battle to get them conditioned to make good decisions on the
larger issues.

2) Earmarks are often used to gain support for controversial
legislation, such as the health care legislation. In many cases
earmarks are little more than “bribes” and that fosters corruption. In
addition, some lawmakers will sellout the interest of his district to
help another lawmaker out in a “bring home the pork” jam in hopes that
someday the favor will be paid back. That concept of scratch my back
and I will scratch your makes for bloated government.

3) it’s the “spending stupid.” Lawmakers like Senator Inhofe or
Representative Cole (he also justifies earmarks) are just going to
have to face the fact that to save America from its overspending, we
have to start cutting the spending and start now. Every effort must be
given to reducing spending at the federal level. Lawmakers must see
this as a new day and time to get tough. If they don’t then even
people like Inhofe need to be replaced when his next election cycle
comes up.


Congressman James Lankford is in Washington this week for freshman
orientation with 80 or so of the newly elected U.S. Representatives.
Hopefully, that group will understand the importance of joining
together to keep Republican leadership on track with a conservative
ideology. At the same time, they need to use their superior numbers to
stop and ROLL BACK the leftist agenda of the liberal Democrats.

Many are worried about what the Democrats might try to push through in
this “lame duck” congressional session before the old guard is
officially changed out with the new majority. It is time to play hard
ball against the evil proposals of the Democrats.

Republican leadership, pushed by these new freshmen, must lay down the
gauntlet. Democrats must be told, if they are successful in pushing
through amnesty, cap and trade, tax increases, etc. then once the
Republicans take control of the House, Democrat pet agencies such as
Department of Education, EPA, Arts Council etc. will be de-funded or
at least see their funding dramatically cut. Business as usual is not
acceptable, it is time for lawmakers to become salesmen to the public.
They must convey the gravity of our financial picture to their
constituents and convince them why dramatic and painful changes must
be made to right our sinking ship.


The national fire marshal’s association is behind the idea of
mandating that all new home construction must have fire suppression
sprinklers installed. Currently, the city of Oklahoma City is
considering such a proposal. My only problem with this idea and what
puts it into the realm of fascism is the word MANDATE.

That option already exists and has for many years. Let me issues a
challenge to the Oklahoman, the Oklahoma Gazette (I pronounce it Gay-
Zette), The Journal Record, in my opinion Oklahoma’s most recent entry
as a propaganda piece for the homosexual community (see Nov 2nd front
page story) or anyone else who has the time. Contact every person in
the state fire marshals office, all the fire chief’s and captains in
central Oklahoma, Mayor Cornet and all of the members of the Council
and ask them if they have a sprinkler system in their homes? If I were
a betting man, I would lay odds that few if any of them have those
expensive systems in their homes. Ask this question of the Mayor and
Council members, of any ordinance they might pass to require such,
would they first require themselves to retrofit their own homes?

One of the things that makes Oklahoma an attractive place to live is
the low cost of housing and thus low cost of living. One of the
reasons why Boeing is moving 500 high paying jobs out of California to
Oklahoma is the low cost of living. However, fascist ordinances such
as requiring sprinkler systems in new homes will quickly evaporate
that advantage over other states as it will cause a significant
increase in the cost of new housing.

One more thing. Don’t think you will save on your insurance because
you have one of these systems in your home. I was talking with one of
Oklahoma’s leading home builders and found out your homeowners
insurance will go up, not down. The reason, the risk of water damage
from leaks, breaks or mal-functions from these pressured up systems if
significantly more risk for an insurance company than the risk of
fire. In a world of rational choices, if you are paranoid that a smoke
alarm is not enough protection for you and your family, by all means
put one of these systems in your home, but don’t mandate such. If you
live in the city of OKC and you don’t want this to happen, you need to
call the mayor’s office and your personal city council person to stop
it before it becomes law.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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