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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, September 1st will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our main item of
business will be discussion about the Senate candidates that have
appeared before our members over the past 3 weeks. Following a time of
discussion, our voting members will vote for those we want to support
financially. Long time OCPAC member Steve Hampton and his wife have
just returned from both the 8-28 event in Washington as well as
attending the Devine Destiny meeting the night before in the Kennedy
Center. Steve will take a few minutes to relate his impressions on the
whole weekend. Bob Donohoo will also be speaking on behalf of the
John Birch Society about a national effort to repeal Obamacare. This
is a project that is gearing up and will probably go forward for at
least the next 2 years.


* TUESDAY EVENING - OKC AREA - The first community meeting
sponsored by a fairly new organization, Restoring Oklahoma Public
Education (ROPE), will be held Tuesday evening, August 31st at the
Belle Isle Library in OKC. The location is on the Northwest corner of
Villa and the Northwest Expressway, with the meeting starting at 7:00
p.m. One of the real values of ROPE is the work they do exposing the
problems in Oklahoma’s public (government) schools. Part of this
meeting will be devoted to explaining the problems with SQ 744 which
will be voted on this November. Please check this organization out and
see if you want to get involved. Just remember, our children are a
target of the humanists and socialists and more importantly, Satan and
his powers of darkness. Whoever wins the battle for the minds of our
children, have a distinct advantage in the culture was during our next

* THURSDAY EVENING - TULSA AREA - OKlahoman’s for Sovereignty And
Free Enterprise, www.oksafe.org will have their monthly meeting,
Thursday evening at 6:45 p.m with the location being the Hardesty
Public Library, 93rd and South Memorial in Tulsa. The topics will
include Oklahoma earmarks, how they are requested and who requests
them. They will also explain what HUBzones happen to be. This is a
fine organization and I urge folks in the Tulsa area to attend these
monthly meetings when possible.


OCPAC had 4 endorsements at stake this past Tuesday and three of those
races were successful. That brings our primary total to just one race
below 50% which is just below our lifetime average. As we go into more
marginal districts, the races are more difficult as much of the low
hanging fruit has already been picked over the past few years.
Oklahoma is to the place that it doesn’t necessarily need larger
margins of Republican lawmakers, but rather a better quality of
Republican lawmaker holding office. That is a difficult challenge, but
with time and effort, it is achievable.

Congratulations to James Lankford, his 2 to 1 margin of victory was
surprising to many folks including myself. I had a lot of e-mail
responses regarding last week’s e-mail. One was in agreement with my
assessment of the race as well as my statement that if I lived in the
district, I was leaning toward voting for Mr. Lankford. This person
indicated they were so disappointed with Kevin’s non-relevant attacks
that they had decided to support Mr. Lankford, though they had
previously worked for and contributed to Kevin‘s effort. If you have
supporters and contributors abandoning a candidate and going over to
the other candidate, then I believe you can say that Kevin’s last
minute change in campaign strategy backfired and thus the reason for
such a large victory.

Kevin did come by our meeting last week to thank the many members of
OCPAC who had worked for and contributed to his effort. He indicated,
it was obvious that is was not God’s will for him to be in public
service at this time, and as such, he would concentrate on his
business and family. I have a great deal of admiration for his
attitude as he had worked very hard and invested a lot of his life and
resources in the campaign over the past year and a half. Kevin is very
smart, tough and aggressive. If he should be called at another time to
serve in public office, we must hope he will step forward to fulfill
that opportunity.

One of the biggest surprises last Tuesday night was in the Senate
District 44 race between James Davenport and Ralph Shorty. That
outcome rivals the upset of the 2004 primary and run-off elections in
the race between Jason Murphey and Dale Depue. On primary night in
2004, Murphey had 44% of the vote to Depue’s 23% in a 6 candidate
race. When the dust settled on run-off night, Depue had won with 53%
of the vote. On July 27th, James Davenport was just 3 VOTES shy of
winning in a 4 candidate race. The run-off challenger was Mr. Ralph
Shorty (strange name as he is probably 6’5”) with 38% of the vote. The
3rd and 4th place candidates both endorsed James and urged Mr. Shorty
to drop out of the race to save resources for the general election.

Surprise, surprise, it wasn’t Mr. Davenport before us last Wednesday,
as Mr. Shorty received 58% in the run-off election to Mr. Davenport’s
42% of the vote. I believe both of these men worked very hard, but I
am now convinced, that the invasion of illegal aliens is so serious to
the long time citizens of District 44, whether they be Republicans,
Democrats or Independents, that the strength of Mr. Shorty on that
issue made the difference with the Republicans last Tuesday. Ralph has
the fire in his belly and with his hard work ethic and personable
attitude he will probably go on to victory in November. Ralph was very
impressive in the interview process last week and I believe he has the
potential to be an excellent senator. If he wins, it will be a pick up
for the Republicans as he is running for the open seat previously held
by Democrat Debbie Leftwhich.


The significant influence of Glen Beck upon many American’s and our
nation continues to increase. I watched last Friday’s TV program with
great interest. He had on air with him the great Christian historian
David Barton and 3 pastors. A Jewish Rabbi was supposed to be on the
program, but sometimes plane arrivals just don’t work according to

During the program, David Barton began to teach all those watching
about the “black robed pastors” who were the most significant
influence leading up to and for the duration of our war of
Independence which started in 1776. A modern day “black robe” or
patriot pastor movement was started just a few years ago by Pastor
Chuck Baldwin out of Florida. A little over a years ago, I believe
they had around 100 modern day black robe pastors with Oklahoma
probably having the largest number of any state. These are pastors who
commit to preach the gospel and also teach and lead their
congregations in the culture war. That number of pastors is beginning
to grow exponentially.

Also discussed on Beck’s program was the freedom pulpit initiative
which began just a little over 2 years ago with 31 pastors nation
wide. As I was watching this discussion, I mused that 2 of those 31
were Oklahoma pastors, Paul Blair at Fairview Baptist in Edmond and
Dan Fisher at Trinity Baptist in Yukon. Last year, there were probably
a little over a hundred involved and according to David Barton, there
will be several hundred participating this year. The freedom pulpit
Sunday is where pastors all across the nation on a particular Sunday
preach an election sermon and then send a copy of their sermon to the
IRS, the ACLU, the People for the American (un-American) Way and
Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. They are
challenging any of these organizations and most importantly the IRS to
challenge their 501C-3 tax exempt status. So far, not a word from the

For the August patriot pastor luncheon in OKC, the speaker was an
Alliance Defense Fund attorney from Scottsdale Arizona. It was the
largest luncheon on record with probably more than 80 in attendance.
All of these pastors were being briefed on the history of the Johnson
Amendment, its unconstitutionality and why they have freedom of speech
from behind their pulpits. This is a growing movement and as such, we
have a chance for the church to become relevant again in the public
square, rather than just fellowshipping behind the four walls of the

Paul Blair founded Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ 4 years ago and he
has now become the Director for Reclaiming America for Christ,
originally founded by the late Dr. D. James Kennedy. As such, Paul is
doing ever more traveling to other states helping them found
Reclaiming organizations. Dan Fisher probably has the best
presentation on the history of the black robe movement of anyone in
America. He starts off with a clergy’s black robe on and at the
appropriate time, pulls that off to reveal a Continental Army Uniform
of the time period of our war of Independence. At that time he goes
into a power point presentation on the history of the influence of
pastors leading up to and during the war of Independence. We will have
him do this fabulous presentation at an OCPAC meeting shortly after
the elections are over.

These are two men that Glen Beck should have on his program at some
point in time as they are both being used mightily by God in an effort
to restore America. They are being used to restore honor, which was
the theme of the Beck gathering in Washington.

The most important thing I learned from last Friday’s program was a
perspective presented by David Barton about the history of revivals or
great awakenings. What he revealed was those movements spanned several
decades, they didn’t occur at moment in time. As such, he indicated
several signs that would indicate such a revival is in process today.
If he is correct and I believe he is, that will be the only hope for
America. Without a revival, we are surely doomed to further denigrate
into oblivion.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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