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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, August 4th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Though he is
expected to arrive a little late, Senator Brogdon will drop by our
meeting to fill us in on some of his possible aspirations, now that
the election is over. Senator Brogdon will also meet with Mary Fallin
on Wednesday to determine if he will endorse her. I talked with him on
Monday and the endorsement is not a given. We will also vote regarding
the possibility of making a financial contribution to Senator Todd
Lamb in his Lt. Governor’s race. Our by-laws only allow us to
contribute to statewide candidates we endorsed during our interview
process and only if they get into the general elections. The one
exception is any candidate who came to our interview process but did
not get our endorsement, if they win the primary our members will vote
to determine if we will contribute to their general election. So far
Scott Pruitt, Janet Barresi, Mark Costello and if he wins in the run-
off, John Doak all qualify for our support. However, Mark Costello has
indicated he will not receive any contributions from a PAC, even a
general interest PAC like OCPAC who does not employ any lobbyists.
Mary Fallin and Ken Miller didn’t attend our interview process, so
they are ineligible for our financial support. In the gubernatorial
election cycle we set aside up to 25% of our dues monies for state
wide races. We have over $10,000 available for those races. If time
permits, we will view a new DVD produced by the John Birch Society


The Southwest Radio Ministries is sponsoring the WAKE UP AMERICA
CONFERENCE this coming Friday and Saturday, August 6 & 7 at the
Clarion Meridian Hotel & Convention Center. The location is just South
of the I-40 service road on the West side of Meridian in OKC. The
doors open at 8:00 a.m. on Friday for registration with a welcome at
8:30 and the first speaker at 8:50 a.m.. The conference will dismiss
at 8:30 p.m. on Friday and re-convene at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday and
dismiss at 5:00 p.m.. The cost to attend the entire conference is a
very reasonable $25.

Speakers will be noted author Dr. Noah Hutchings, Dr. Larry
Spargimino, Dr. Kenneth Hill, retired OU professor and author Dr. Ed
Blick, Pastor Dan Fisher from Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon, State
Representative Sally Kern, Dr. Christian Wei, from the underground
church movement in China, Dr. Rick Scarborough with Vision America,
Pastor William Temple, a founding father re-enactor and Dr. John
Morris who will be speaking on creation research.

“The goal for the 2010 Oklahoma City Conference will be to send each
attendee home with a better understanding of their own responsibility
and mission to save this once great Christian nation. We will be
addressing subjects related to restoring the guiding Biblical
principals ordained by God: Family, Church, and Government. These
subjects will be considered from the Biblical, historical, spiritual,
and prophetic perspective” - Dr. Noah W. Hutchings, event organizer.

This should be another outstanding conference similar to the recent Re-
claiming America for Christ conference. OCPAC will have a table at the
conference and I hope to see as many folks there as possible.


Of all the OCPAC endorsed candidates we lost 11 races, won 7 and still
have 3 in run-off races. In my many years of activism I have been
involved in many grassroots campaigns against the Republican
establishment candidates. Some of those campaigns include Mike Fair,
Jerry Pierce and Jerry Brown in races for Governor. Others have
included Tim Green, and James Dunn (Dunn was a general election but
many establishment Repbulicans didn’t support him) for Attorney

Usually the establishment candidate gets 60 percent or more of the
vote. Mary Fallin is one of the highest profile establishment
candidates to ever run for Governor, with her 12 years as Lt. Governor
and current position as a member of Congress. However, she could only
garner a little more than 54% of the vote, which is the lowest number
ever for an establishment candidate.

I believe the reasons are as follows. Randy Brogdon is probably the
most charismatic candidate with substance the grassroots have had to
support in all these years. He inspired the largest number and most
effective use of grassroots volunteers I have ever seen. He was able
to raise just enough money to be viable and I believe if he had been
able to raise another $200,000 for media buys and would have had
another 3 months, Randy would have won or at least been in a run-off
with Mary.

The other factor is the rise of the tea party and 912 movements. These
folks have come into the process alongside groups like OCPAC, members
of the John Birch Society, members of OK-SAFE, Eagle Forum and others
to make a difference. None of the above mentioned groups are
interested in blindly supporting a candidate simply because they have
the word “Republican” by their names. There is an awakening going on
in America and many of these newly awakened people are studying the
constitution, our history and are saying “we want constitutional
substance” and not just a lot of fluff. If these people will stay
involved and bring others into the process of resorting America, we
can bring this nation back from the brink of disaster. However, that
challenge will take time, resources and great effort as well as God’s
blessings on those efforts.


Every time I do a Charlie’s Picks, I receive a lot of requests from
people to be added to our weekly e-mail list. However, this time the
number of people requesting to be added was far more than any other
time in the past. While not everyone agrees with all of the Picks, I
received so many expressions of thanks from people looking for
information about candidates. I finally got everyone added to our list
late last night. With so many new people on the list, I wanted to tell
a little about OCPAC.

We have been an organization for a little over 12 years now, but
before our organizing we were a debating society for the previous 7
years. We have now met for lunch EVERY Wednesday but one for the past
19 years. Christmas day, our only miss, has fallen on a Wednesday only
1 time in the past 19 years. Over the past 5 election cycles we have
raised and contributed a little over $100,000 to 72 different
candidates and 37 of those have been elected to office. We are on
track to raise over $40,000 for this year’s election cycle.

We are not interested in supporting likely winners with the word
Republican by their names. We are looking for candidates who are truly
conservative, limited government constitutionalists with Judeo/
Christian values. We want to help those kind of candidates win their
elections. All of the money we raise comes from our dues paying
members. We have 3 basic levels of membership, the basic at $50 per
year, the Elephant Provider level at $180 per year or a $15 per month
checking account draft and the Elephant Provider and RINO Hunter level
at $360 per year or a $30 per month checking account draft.

All OCPAC members are volunteers and as such there is very limited
overhead. Almost all of the dues paid by members goes for candidates
or a limited amount is sometimes spent to try and hold elected
Republicans accountable for the conservative rhetoric they espouse
when they want our votes, but sometimes stray from conservative
positions when elected.

Last year we had a record breaking membership of 217 dues paying
members. As of the end of July, we now have 261 dues paying members,
another record breaking year. We now have 3,800 people receiving our
weekly e-mail on a direct basis and God only knows how far it gets
forwarded. The volunteer who maintains our blog informed me over the
weekend that over the past 3 weeks we have gone from 11,000 to 16,000
hits. Most Democrats don’t like us and we have our friends as well as
detractors within the Republican party.

OCPAC has grown every year in size and influence. My personal reward,
other than doing what I believe God has called me to do, is the many
fine people I get to know and communicate with both on line and more
importantly in person. If you would like to join our efforts by
becoming a dues paying member, please do so now. We will have several
fine candidates to support in the general elections and almost every
penny of your dues will go to support those candidates that survive
our interview process, lovingly known as the “inquisition.” To join,
see the instructions following my sign off.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows


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