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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, June 13th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Shortly after
session ends each year the members of OCPAC help in creating the
Conservative Index which is published each year in the Oklahoma
Constitution Newspaper.

Here is the process. On Wednesday, May 23rd I hand delivered to every
Republican lawmaker or their office an invitation to participate in
creating this year’s Conservative Index. The invitation letter
instructed them to submit legislation they believed would be a good
Index vote to Ron McWhirter and Steve Byas at the Oklahoma
Constitution Newspaper no later than Wednesday, May 30th. In addition
they were all invited to attend our meeting on the 13th of June to
debate on the legislation submitted as to whether or not such
legislation actually reflects a liberal or conservative vote.

Following our meeting this Wednesday, we will have a special meeting
this coming SATURDAY, June 16th at Italiano’s restaurant so our dues
paying members can vote to determine the 10 most important bills from
this year’s session to be used to make up this year’s Index.

Again, we will have a special meeting this coming Saturday, 12 noon at
Italiano’s to debate about the final bills to make up this year’s
Conservative Index. Folks will need to order off the menu as the
buffet will not be available this Saturday. The reason for the special
meeting is that Ron and Steve want to get this year’s scores posted on
their web-site before the election, as the regular Summer issue won’t
be out for several weeks from now. Moving the candidate filing date
and the primary elections up is causing several things to be done
differently this year from years past. I sure hope as many of our dues
paying members as possible can make it to both of this week’s

We normally have several lawmakers come to our debate meeting, one
year as many as 15. No lawmaker failing to attend this Wednesday’s
meeting has a valid reason to complain about the bills used on this
year’s Index if they do not show up at our Wednesday meeting. As
always, I ask Ron and Steve not to let our members know which
lawmakers voted for or against the bills considered as we want this
effort to be as objective as possible. We don’t wont our members to
consider personal preferences about lawmakers into the equation.


Several weeks ago Senator Clark Jolley, with what will surely be a
half million dollar war chest, went up on several radio stations,
proclaiming shame on Paul Blair for resorting to negative campaigning.
Of course Senator Jolley, the little snowflake pure as the wind driven
snow, wouldn’t dream of going negative himself, or would he?

First, lets determine what it means to “negative campaign”? Over the
years I have written several articles on the subject of negative
campaigning. I had noticed the liberals, mostly Democrats at that
time, hated to be exposed regarding their recent character flaws,
their performance as a lawmaker, or their ideas as a candidate. Often
times such exposure would cause them to lose their elections, so they
went on a tirade proclaiming that character didn’t matter, especially
since they were always doing such a great job while in office.

With the help of the mainstream media they have been successful, at
least with some voters, to build a reaction to repulse any candidate
who dares to draw any distinctions between themselves  and their
opponents. In other words some voters only want to hear positive
information and they have been indoctrinated to vote against any
candidate who has been labeled as “negative”.

If that attitude ever becomes the norm for the majority of voters,
then all future elections will boil down to pink, puff and piffle
beauty contests. If it ever comes to that we might as well put pink
tutus and lipstick on every candidate and see who is the best at
twirling around on the point of their little tipsy toe.

The real purpose of a political campaign is to draw distinctions
between the candidates. Character differences are important, if they
exist, as the last thing we need in office are liars, cheats, thieves
or pawns of the powerful. Also just as important are the differences
in ideology, communication skills, effectiveness and the competency to

Pointing those difference out are all valid parts of a political
campaign and should not be construed as negative campaigning. True
negative campaigning occurs when one candidate lies about an opponent
or exaggerates a subject way out of proportion to reality. Also taking
something an opponent says out of context and then twisting and
spinning it to say something completely different than what was meant
is the height of negative campaigning.

The latter is exactly what Senator Clark Jolley has repeatedly done to
Paul Blair in their hotly contested race. Most likely Jolley went up
with negative campaigning early on because Blair has exhibited a great
deal of strength as an opponent.

As an example, Jolley’s campaign plays 7 words “are aerospace jobs
more important they yours” from a Blair robo call and then twists and
spins those seven words to mean that the “negative” and mean old bad
boy Paul Blair is promoting class warfare, class envy. Then of course
the next thing the ads do is to try and bring Governor Fallin into the
race to make it look like Paul Blair is running against Mary Fallin
rather than Senator Jolley.

I can assure anyone that Paul Blair has never promoted class envy at
anytime, its not in him. What he does promote is free enterprise where
people find a way to educate themselves, get good jobs and start up
and succeed in the business world based on their own efforts, rather
than having the government to decide which professions or businesses
will get the favored treatment, the subsidies, the favored
opportunities and so on. To twist Paul’s words and say he promotes
class warfare is a lie and does not represent reality. To suggest Paul
is against the aerospace industry is also a lie and does not represent

Another example of Clark Jolley taking something Paul has said and
then trying to turn it into something bad is a radio ad with Paul
talking about the corruption at the Capitol. The Jolley ad suggests
that it is a terrible and negative thing to say something like that
about the lawmakers at the Capitol.

Yet, it was just a few weeks ago that we had State Senator Bill Brown
(R-Broken Arrow) come to an OCPAC meeting and allow us to see the
letter he had sent to all his Republican colleagues. In the letter he
expressed his sincere disappointment at the way the Republicans were
governing, much like the Democrats did when they were in power.
Senator Brown’s words to me and the folks at the meeting was that the
Republicans are lying to the voters. He said, we tell them we want to
cut taxes, and reduce the size of government when we want their votes,
but when we get into office it is business as usual and government
continues to grow.

Another example used by Senator Jolley is a statement Paul made to his
supporters at his campaign kick off when he said Governor Fallin and
many in the establishment are pulling out all the stops to keep him
from getting elected. If that is a true statement, and it is, then why
is that negative? Clark had a spy at the kick off meeting to record
what Paul said in hopes of getting something he could twist and use to
try and destroy Paul.

I believe it was Thursday morning the 17th of May that Paul was
invited to speak to about 30 prominent Edmond businessmen. During the
meeting, Edmond Life and Leisure publisher Ray Hibbard spoke up and
told the group that he had received a call from a person in Governor
Mary Fallin’s office to the effect that if he didn’t endorse Senator
Jolley, that the Oklahoma Tourism Department would no longer advertise
in his paper!

Sure sounds like Paul had it right when he said the Governor and the
establishment was in an all out effort to keep him out of office and
to return Senator Jolley. As I said last week, Jolley is the best
little Senator that a half million in special interest money can buy.
After all, the establishment knows the Paul Blair can’t be bought off
or controlled. He has taken a NO LOBBYIST pledge. He wont’ take their
money, he won’t even let one of them buy him a pack of gum.

Lets explore the possible reason’s for Governor Fallin’s support for
Senator Jolley? It could be that Mary is paying Senator Jolley back
for his support during the Republican primary for Governor in 2010 as
Paul supported Senator Brogdon during that time, though he surely
supported Governor Fallin in the general election.

I actually believe there is another theory which holds more weight.
During the race for Governor, Mary raised over $4 million dollars.
While she holds a modicum of independence, anyone believing she isn’t
under serious pressure from the powerful and wealthy special interest
groups that significantly funded her campaign is rather naïve. Many of
those powerful and wealthy contributors are members of the State
Chamber of Commerce.

Many of these wealthy and powerful people view politicians as little
more than people to control so that they can shape government policy
to suit their needs or desires. Quite often, these powerful people are
the beneficiaries of millions of taxpayer dollars, so the stakes are

No doubt that the State Chamber is in Clark Jolley’s camp as at least
2 oversized post card mailers have already gone out on behalf of
Senator Jolley directly from the State Chamber. These mailers are an
independent effort by the Chamber and at their own expense. That
expense is not even included in what will be my estimate of at least a
half million that Senator Jolley will raise and spend to keep his
position of power.

Now lets look at the players and see if we can connect the dots. In
2006 State Representative Fred Morgan was term limited out of office.
He ran for Congress and came in a distant way back in his effort. He
then went to work as the right hand man for Glen Coffee who became the
Co-President Pro Tem of the Senate and later the full Senate President
Pro Tem. I am sure Fred was very valuable to Glen, especially since he
came from the House and had many important connections and a great
understanding regarding the House side of the legislature.

Serving as Glen’s right hand man for some time, Fred was offered a job
as Executive Director of the State Chamber. I could be wrong, but I
don’t ever remember them tapping someone from the legislature for that
important job in years past. I do believe the leadership at the
Chamber had enough foresight to understand it would not be long before
the Republicans would be in full control of state government, so it
made a lot of sense to hire Fred for the Director’s position.

When Mary was elected as Governor, she appointed Senator Glen Coffee,
who had just been term limited out of office, as co-transition
coordinator. After the transition from the Henry administration,
Governor Fallin appointed Glen Coffee as her Secretary of State. Many
people speculate that Glen Coffee is a very influential person when it
comes to the Governor, in fact on several occasions lawmakers have
jokingly spoken to me in reference to Glen as Governor Coffee.

I have often written of what I believe is the State Chamber’s
inordinate amount of power and influence upon state government. Some
would suggest they are controlling the State at this time and I would
believe that is close to correct. So you have Fred Morgan as the
Chamber President who used to work for Glen Coffee who may just be the
most powerful political influence upon Governor Fallin and the Chamber
wants Jolley elected and Blair defeated! If I am correct, then Mary
will do all she can to see Jolley re-elected including endorsements,
fund raising events and allegedly strong arm tactics, to defeat Paul
Blair. Her office may have even broken the law (the call to Mr.
Hibbard would be illegal if it came from a state phone or say if one
of the Governor’s aids made the call while at the Capitol).

So should anything Blair has said be considered as negative?
Absolutely not, but almost everything Jolley has said about Paul Blair
is twisted, off base and should be considered as negative.

Clark Jolley is a borrow and spend, big government Republican. As such
he has resorted to negative smears upon Paul Blair in hopes of fooling
the Republicans in Edmond so he can slither back into office. Jolley
is truly wise as a serpent, but not innocent as a dove.


*  TUESDAY EVENING  -  ADA AREA  -  The Ada/Seminole Tea Party will
hold their monthly meeting starting at 6:30 p.m. tonight June 12th.
The meeting will be located in the conference center at the Ada
Chamber of Commerce, 209 West Main Street. The first speaker will be
B.L. Cozad Jr., talking about the UN’s Agenda 21. The keynote speaker
will be Glen Howard talking about Israel, politics and prophecy.

*  THURSDAY EVENING  -  OKC AREA  -  Mr. Michael Shaw will be flying
in from California to speak at the Character Inn, 520 West Main in
downtown OKC, from 7 until 9:00 p.m.. Mr. Shaw is perhaps the foremost
authority in America on Agenda 21 and the whole sustainability
movement. This is quite an opportunity to hear such an expert so I
urge folks to attend if at all possible (This meeting was scheduled
before we knew the Thunder would be playing in the NBA finals,
fortunately that is what your DVR is for). Advanced admission is $12
or $15 dollars at the door. To purchase your advance admission log on
to: www.concernedcitizensunited.webs.com.

One more thing, the Agenda 21 crowd will be meeting again in a few
days in Rio to celebrate 20 years since the Earth Summit occurred
which birthed Agenda 21. This bunch of globalist progressives aren’t
without their internal squabbles. One faction at this next meeting
advocates abandoning the global warming agenda saying it has lost any
possibility of implementation. The other faction says hell no, we have
spent untold millions to create this issue and it can’t be abandoned.
Wish I could be a spectator with a bag of popcorn and a lemonade to
watch that argument play out.

*  SATURDAY AT NOON  -  OKC AREA  -  Just one more reminder, as I
mentioned under the agenda for this week’s meeting, we will be having
a special Saturday meeting for OCPAC. We will meet, 12 noon, at
Italiano’s restaurant to debate the final 10 bills to be used for this
year’s Conservative Index. I especially hope as many dues paying
members as possible will attend for this special meeting. The owners
of the Oklahoma Constitution are trying to get this done as soon as
possible so they can at least post the lawmaker scores on their web-
site before the June 26th primary elections.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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