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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, April 4th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our speaker for this
Wednesday will be Mr. Greg Gunn, founder of Family Vision Ministries
workshop as a class in his local church more than fifteen years ago.
It has now expanded into his full-time calling. Greg has taught all
over the Unites States and in countries around the world, sharing a
message of intentional purpose and passion for the families of this
generation and generations to come. I believe it was 2005 or 2006 that
the Gunn family won OCPAC’s Family of the Year Award. In the movie
Monumental this past Tuesday evening, two things really stood out.
First the importance of Character as a governance from within to be
able to have a society with a large amount of liberty. The other thing
that really stood out, was the importance of strong families. Have you
considered that members of strong families rarely cause an expense
toward government? Broken families are frequently a large drain on
society, strong families are the ones who actually pay the bill for
such trouble. Last week Tom Hill pointed out the vital importance of
good character for a free society and economy of production of wealth.
This week Greg Gunn will point out the importance of strong families
and how to achieve such a family. Greg will have some of his books
available for those interested in them.


*  It is urgent that you call one or more of the following Republican
lawmakers on Monday morning, especially if one of them is your
personal State Representative. Here is the issue, Sheriff John
Whetsel, a Democrat, knows there is some risk of losing his election
this year as long as it is a partisan election. If the election were
non partisan, his long time name ID would easily carry him to victory.
Therefore, he began almost a year ago to get the Sheriff elections in
Oklahoma changed from partisan to non-partisan political races.

The bill to accomplish that is SB 327 by Senator Rob Johnson (R-
Kingfisher) in the Senate and the House sponsor is Representative
Randy Grau (R-Edmond).

It is important to keep these races partisan as it is one of the few
things that tell something about the candidates. First off,
Republicans and Democrats often differ on their view of crime and
punishment. Political parties are organizations of free will
association. When people belong or run for an office from a particular
political party, it tells something about their character and
ideological philosophy of government. That is not to say that
sometimes people don’t line up well with the principles of the
political party in which they join. But it does tell some level of the
story about a person’s values and philosophies.

Now that the Democrat name brand has been seriously damaged in
Oklahoma, it is CERTAINLY NOT the time to change these races from
partisan to non partisan. I believe sheriff Jim Bauman in Logan county
is one of the best county sheriffs in Oklahoma. Had the race not been
partisan 3 years ago when he challenged a good old boy Democrat
incumbent sheriff, he would not be in office today. Again, with
Democrat registrations falling like a rock in the state (down to about
48%) and the Republican registrations rising (up to about 42% and
climbing), it is no time to make a change in how we elect our County
Sheriffs. Having more Republican candidates on the ballot is how you
build the party, especially in rural areas.

Last Thursday the vote in the House for SB 327 failed by only one
vote. It was held over for another vote this Monday. If you have a
Republican House member, please call that lawmaker and ask them to
vote against SB 327. The following Republicans voted for the measure
and they need to be contacted by everyone and politely asked to change
their vote on SB 327 to a “NAY”:  Jeff Hickman (R-Dacoma), Jason
Nelson (R-NW-OKC), Todd Russ (R-Cordell), Tom Newell (R-Seminole),
Dennis Casey (R-Morrison), Josh Cockroft (R-Tecumseh), Charles Ortega
(R-Altus), Pat Ownbey (R-Ardmore), Doug Cox (RINO-Grove), Guy Liebmann
(R-North OKC), David Dank (R-Nichols Hills and OKC), Todd Thomsen (R-
Ada), Mark McCullough (R-Sapulpa), George Faught (R-Muskogee), Randy
McDaniel (R-NW-OKC), Phil Richardson (R-Minco), Randy Grau (R-Edmond),
Dustin Roberts (R-Durant), Sean Roberts (R-Hominy), and Tommy Hardin
(R-Madill). If you don’t have their personal office number, just call
(405) 521-2711 and ask the House operator to connect you with the
lawmaker you want to leave a message with. Calling is the most
effective way to communicate with lawmakers or most likely you will be
leaving them a message.

I believe every Democrat in the House voted for this measure and that
ought to speak volumes to these misguided Republicans. Darrell Sorrels
is running for Sheriff in Oklahoma County and would make an excellent
Sheriff, if elected. His only chance is for it to be a partisan race.
This is really important issue, please make your calls early Monday

*  Please check the web-sites for OKSAFE, (Oklahomans for Sovereignty
and Free Enterprise), ROPE (Reform Oklahoma Public Education) and OK2A
(Oklahoma Second Amendment) for critical bills they are trying to get
passed or defeated. I urge folks to get on the e-mail alert lists from
these groups, their information will be timely, information I quite
often don’t have time to forward. Electing the right people to office
is critical for good government. However, until we have that majority
of good people in office (and we don’t at this time) it is a must that
we be involved and contact elected officials to have any chance at
good government.


*  ALL DAY TUESDAY  -  SPECIAL ELECTIONS  -  The special election to
fill the Tulsa District 71 seat formerly held by Dan Sullivan will
have its final journey on Tuesday. Katie Henke is the Republican
candidate and was probably the best candidate in the field. Those
citizens in District 71 did well in their choice.

The other special election of our interest is Senate District 20 which
included all of Logan, Noble, Pawnee and most of Kingfisher counties.
In the primary race, Wayne Murphey, the more conservative candidate,
won in Logan County. However, the farming background, OSU alumni
status and being a teacher for 8 years (rural Oklahomans live and die
for their school systems) made AJ Griffin just too much to overcome in
the more rural counties. Therefore, Wayne came in a close second place
in the 4 person primary.

I had a nearly 3 hour dinner with AJ Griffin, where we both spoke
freely about many issues. She is an intelligent and hard working
person. If she will read, attend seminars and really dig for the
conservative perspective on issues, she has the potential to be an
excellent Senator. Time will tell, but we do not want to lose this
seat to a Democrat. I attended a forum with her opponent, the former
Mayor of Langston, and can attest that he is a typical liberal
Democrat. The Democrats would like nothing more than to score an
upset. If the students at Langston turn our and the Republican voters
go to sleep with a low turnout, we could lose this seat. Vote on

*  FRIDAY AT NOON  -  OKC AREA  -  Senator Steve Russell is passionate
about his call for a Constitutional Convention and sincere in his
convictions. However, he is sincerely wrong. We didn’t have any time
last Wednesday for Q&A on this issue, so we have set up a debate
between Senator Russell and me to be held this coming Friday at the
High Noon Club. Channel 9 News anchor Ed Murray will moderate the
debate. I don’t mind saying it is a little intimidating as I have
never had any formal debate training and going up against a popular
conservative Senator who potentially debates on a daily basis when in
session is a little daunting. On top of that, the High Noon Club has
as a high priority second amendment issues with Senator Russell being
a champion on that cause and as such is very popular at the High Noon
Club. All I can say is that I will walk into the Lion’s Den and do my
best. H&H is on the North side of I-40 about 2 blocks East of Meridian
Ave. I believe this will be informative, sprinkled with a dash of

Please don’t miss this Wednesday’s meeting.

Charlie Meadows

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