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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, October 12th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our speaker this
week will be Dr. Gary Crossland. Gary has authored several books
including his masterful work, THE MERGED GOSPELS. He is a former
college and seminary instructor, is a Greek Translator and Gary has
traveled extensively throughout Israel, leading tours and doing film
documentaries. He is currently working on a number of projects,
including a documentary about the Jewishness of Jesus, two interactive
e-Books, a fictional novel, a computer game and comic books, all about
Israel and the life of Jesus.

I have also asked Gary to comment about the PASSAGES exhibit currently
showing at the Oklahoma City Arts Center. Speaking of such, my wife,
dad and I went to see the PASSAGES presentation this past Sunday
afternoon. The crowd was a little too large for the exhibit so it made
it difficult to experience its full flavor. It will end next Sunday,
October 16th to move on to its next location. If you have not seen it
as yet, the time is now (go during a weekday if possible) as it may
never return to OKC, home of its first display. It’s permanent home is
destined to be Washington DC, where it is expected to have 2 million
visitors each year. Don’t miss this Wednesday’s meeting, it is sure to
be most interesting.


SATURDAY, OCT 29TH - OKC - Oklahoma members of the John Birch
Society will hold their first semi-annual Patriot Recognition Program.
The Master of Ceremony will be Glen Howard, JBS Field Coordinator Mike
Sawyer will share the humorous side of activism and of course we will
have a super-charged mystery speaker. The location is the Character
Inn, 520 West Main Street in downtown OKC. The time is from 6:00 until
9:00 p.m., business attire is recommended. The cost is $15 per person
and reservations are required by October 21st. Make checks payable and
send payment to: Oklahoma Projects, 415 West 15th #2, Edmond, Ok
73013. This will be a fun evening, please feel free to bring a friend.
For additional information, contact Bob Donohoo at (405) 436-5412.


The occupy Wall Street demonstration started a little over 3 weeks ago
in NYC and now has fellow traveler groups popping up in other cities,
including OKC and Tulsa. These demonstrations, have communist finger
prints all over them, much like the Communist inspired Viet Nam war
protests of the 60s and early 70s. Orchestrating will probably be the
likes of Van Jones, Bill Ayres and etc. aided by the re-named Acorn
groups, labor unions and most likely funding from George Soros.
However, the vast majority of those attending the protests will be
what the Communists describe as “useful idiots”. I have listened to as
many of these folks as possible and would suggest the term educated
idiots would also be appropriate.

Many of these university students and college age kids are little more
than the fruit of anti-American curriculum in our secondary schools
(see the DVD, America’s Censored Heritage) and the socialist dogma of
Marxist professors in our colleges and universities. Those attending
the demonstrations are basically anti-free market capitalists who
believe in socialist and fascist capitalism though they are largely
ignorant of their beliefs.

In Dallas this past weekend the occupy movement had a demonstration of
about 500. Please don’t confuse them with the End The Fed group,
organized by Alex Jones, who were demonstrating in front of the
Federal Reserve Branch in Dallas. The occupy movement kids are
anarchist, Marxist capitalists, whereas the Ron Paul, End the Fed
demonstrators are some of the purist free market capitalists in

In virtually all countries taken over by the Communists (at their
height it was around 55) their strategy was similar. Identify or
create societal problems, exaggerate those problems out of proportion
to reality, join with others to bring down the existing order, then
quickly move to the forefront to control the future government. That
same strategy is in play right now, but it has always had a difficult
time as long as there is a large middle class to resist its BS (blue
smoke) and lies.

Most of those attending come for a variety of reasons, are very
ignorant about how wealth is created and live in a stupor of
confusion. They do recognize some valid problems, but don’t have a
clue as to how to solve them, nor a recognition that some problems
can’t and never will be solved. While I don’t like the power large
corporations have over government officials to direct corporate
welfare toward themselves, hating job producers is like shooting one’s
self in the foot.

Though it has been difficult to determine the majority theme of the
protestors, it appears most of them and their efforts are motivated by
what they perceive as wealth disparity. They are angry that some
people are wealthy and others are poor. Fueled by the rhetoric of
President Obama and other Democrats continual clamoring for the
wealthy to pay their “fair share”. The fruit of this continual
bombardment of wealth-envy dogma is a large group of young people
hating prosperous people. That leads the “have nots” to a desire to
take wealth for themselves and other “poor” people through government
wealth re-distribution legislation or in some cases other means if
necessary. These are Obama’s, Pelosi’s and other radical leftist’s
kind of people who are showing up at these demonstrations.

This movement has a serious degree of danger, as part of the strategy
of the enemies of America is to see our society break down into riots,
chaos and revolution. If these demonstrations continue to grow in
numbers, it would only take a spark and we would see situations in
America much like we have seen in France, Greece, and England over the
past couple of years. Hopefully, the middle class in America will not
let it get out of hand like has occurred in Egypt, Libya and other
parts of the Arab world.

It is important that Christians view these situations from a Biblical
World Veiw. First let me suggest we recognize there are valid
grievances and problems in our society. However, those problems are a
result of abandoning Biblical principles and as such, non Biblical
answers will not solve those problems. As I have written in the past,
God equates fairness in matters such as taxation through application,
not how taxes effect a person. As an example, at tithe of 10% was to
be applied to the wealthy, the middle class and the poor. It is Karl
Marx’s idea to have the wealthy pay a higher percent and the poor to
pay nothing. Whose ideology are Christians going to hold to?

Jesus, talking to his disciples said: “the poor will ALWAYS be with
you”. Mankind will never ever, ever, ever wipe out poverty. People who
think otherwise make Jesus out to be a liar and exalt their own
opinion above the truth spoken in God‘s Word. Christians should help
the helpless, but realize that most people with problems are in their
situations as a result of rebellion toward God and the many poor
decisions they have made, usually throughout their whole life.

As a Christian, I am always seeking ways to appeal to people with
problems with the kind of truth that can change their lives. If that
counsel is Godly and good and if the people will respond to it, they
will become prosperous and their problems in life will fade. However,
if good counsel is rejected, people with problems will continue to
wallow in their misery. The choice rests with them. In the same way,
appealing to these protesters with the kind of truth that will dispel
their confusion and help them to put together the big picture of how
wealth is created may convert the teachable. But not all are
teachable, thus the old adage, “to continually bail a fool out of his
problems is to populate the world with fools”.



Last week Peter LeBarbara did an outstanding job of exposing the
homosexual agenda, its effect upon the Biblical model of the family
and how destructive and expensive that agenda is to our culture. Peter
had high praise for State Representative Sally Kern for her public
stand on this important issue and the fact that she didn’t cave under
the enormous pressure applied by the homosexual community. Peter said
it is rare for public officials to stand under such pressure and as
such most public officials avoid the controversy or cave to its

Peter, spoke highly of Sally’s book, THE STONING OF SALLY KERN and
suggested everyone read it. Sally has been busy speaking and doing
interviews every since the book was published this past Spring. If you
know of a church or civic group that would like to hear Sally’s
compelling story, just give her a call as I am sure she would be
willing to share her story. She can be reached at her office (405)


One week ago Sunday was the 4th annual Freedom Pulpit Sunday, a time
each year where pastors with backbone preach an election or civics
sermon. The first year we had 33 pastors from across the nation
participate, the next year it was 84 pastors, the third year it was
100 and one week ago Sunday 532 pastors reported they had preached
such a sermon. Some of the churches are small, but at least one mega-
church with 20 thousand members participated. This is a growing
movement that will make a difference in America in the days to come.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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