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I want to welcome all the new readers who signed up to receive our
weekly e-mails. It was great getting to meet many new folks at the
State Republican Convention this past Saturday, and have so many sign
up to receive our weekly e-mails.

Just a few facts about OCPAC. From 1991 until 1997 a group of men and
eventually women were meeting every Wednesday for lunch in what
became a debating society. Since debating societies have a lot of fun,
but accomplish little to nothing, we formed a political action
committee (PAC) a little over 13 years ago. At that time we had as our
goal to elect more conservatives to the state legislature.

Since that time we have raised nearly $144,000 to contribute to 92
candidates, with 51 of them being elected to office. With the
exception of just a few of those which have been elected to office,
the majority have turned out to be the most conservative elected
officials in the state. We do our best through our survey and
interview process to ferret out the liberal Republicans (RINOs) from
the real conservatives.

Though we have met at a variety of restaurants over the years, we have
only missed meeting one Wednesday in our 20 year history. We are
currently meeting every Wednesday at Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North
Lincoln in OKC. The restaurant is exact ally 2 miles North of the
state capitol. You are invited to attend our meetings as your schedule


Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday May 11th will be held at Italiano’s
restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our speaker this week will be
our newly elected Attorney General, Scott Pruitt. I expect General
Pruitt’s term in office will show several very different perspectives
on the law than his Democrat predecessor. Following his talk, there
will be time for questions and answers. Don’t miss this meeting.


* TUESDAY EVENING - ADA AREA - The Ada-Seminole tea party
organization will have their monthly meeting, 6:30 p.m. at the
Pontotoc Technology Center in the Industrial Arts Classroom, 601 West
33rd in Ada. The first speaker will be Miki Booth, talking about the
many obstructions and cover-ups thrown at researchers trying to find
the truth regarding President Obama’s place of birth. Miki and her
family used to live in Hawaii before moving to Oklahoma. The second
speaker will be Amanda Teegarden, with Oklahomans for Sovereignty and
Free Enterprise (OK-SAFE). Amanda will be educating those attending at
to what really goes on at the State Capitol and how to successfully
communicate with your personal lawmakers.


Last week I wrote a fairly extensive section regarding the Sally Kern
dust up and the race baiting pimps who were attacking her. As usual,
the race baiters chased many other Republicans into the closet of fear
and silence, as they were terrified of being labeled a racist.

This past Monday, Representative Sally Kern stood in the well at the
Capitol and expressed a sincere apology as well as asking forgiveness
for what she perceived as some kind of wrongful choice of words during
her previous floor debate.

Now for the inside scoop, based on some of my sources. Three
Democrats, Jabar Shumate, “race baiter” Mike Shelton and freshman
lawmaker from the liberal reaches of Norman, Emily Virgin all had a
meeting in Speaker Steel’s office. Sources indicate Steele made the
following deal with the Democrats. Shelton would move to reprimand
Representative Kern. Steele was to pressure Kern to immediately ask
for a unanimous consent to the motion, the gavel would drop and it
would all be in the past.

Evidently Steele hasn’t learned that when you lie down with dogs, you
are likely to get fleas. Once the motion was made and Kern called for
unanimous consent, a Democrat objected, before the gavel dropped. Then
there was a call for a recorded vote, with the result that Kern was
thrown under the bus by Steele and Steele was double crossed by the
devil, excuse me, I mean the Democrats. Now with a recorded vote,
future Democrat candidates will have a couple of issues they can twist
so that in future races they can defeat the 13 Republicans who voted
against the reprimand.

Just another day in the political warfare at the Capitol. Hopefully,
Steele will finally learn not to make deals with the devil if you
don’t have to do so. I don’t necessarily blame Republicans who voted
for the reprimand as Kern asked them to do so. I am especially pleased
with the lawmakers who voted against the reprimand and hopefully
Representative Kern will learn to ask forgiveness when she actually
does something wrong, which wasn’t the case this time.

I want to thank the Oklahoman for printing the following 2 letters to
the editor which were in defense of Kern who is often the object of
hate and scorn from some of the most intellectually dishonest and
unreasonable folks in Oklahoma. Saturday, May 7th Your Views:

“The other Sally

I disagree with most of Sally Kern’s viewpoints. As an abortion
rights, pro-immigration Republican and a member of the Unitarian
Church, I have 180-degree-different views. However, I know something
most people don’t know about Kern. About 10 years ago, as I purchased
and remodeled homes on NW 10, I became acquainted with the compassion
and commitment the Kerns have made to this community and specifically
to those who need help the most. Every day, year after year, I’ve seen
the Kerns spend their lives helping people of every color-mostly women-
start over.

I don’t agree with the Kerns on most of their beliefs, but if I were
starting a new community, they are among the first people I would
invite. Sally’s expression of her observations in such an unfortunate,
generalizing manner, and the equally generalizing manner, and the
equally generalizing reactionary demonizing of her, illustrate the
difficulty we have in discussing how to live up to our nation’s
promise of equal opportunity for all and reciprocal responsibility of

I’d like to see reasoned debate about how to live up to our ideals and
promises, a debate that doesn’t degenerate into an unproductive,
holier-than-thou yelling match. Perhaps we should try to accept people
for what they really contribute. When will we realize that others
don’t have to believe exactly as we do to be valued and respected and
to make this world better?

Jack L. Werner, Oklahoma City”


In response to E. Anne Hall (Your Views, May 2): Millions of white
male Americans have been victimized by racial and gender quotas for
more than 40 years. State Rep. Sally Kern told the truth about
affirmative action. If I lived in Kern’s district, I’d vote to keep
her in public office. I’m a Republican who isn’t ashamed of Kern but
rather proud of her for taking unpopular stands against America’s
corrupt culture.

Since Hall said she can’t tolerate people of Kern’s ‘ilk,’ I suppose
she means other Republicans in the Legislature since Senate Joint
Resolution 15 passed along party lines. Hall should join the
Democratic Party since it speaks for her and the Republican Party does
not. Kern’s only sin was to anger the racial and gender equality gods
of the politically correct equality masses.

Robert Godwin, Jones”


As we near the end of the session, citizens must be on the alert
toward last minute shenanigans from members of the legislature and the
Governor’s office. A week ago Wednesday a Senator came to our OCPAC
meeting with information that a member of the Governor’s staff along
with several other players were planning on a meeting in Tulsa to
discuss implementation of the alternative “Health Insurance Private
Enterprise Network”. That is the Senate alternative to the Obama Care
“Health Exchange” which was to be provided for by a $54 million dollar
early innovator grant from the bankrupt federal government.

The Senator was frustrated as the meeting was actually intended to
plan the implementation of the “Obama Care” program and thus violate
the good faith bargaining that had occurred between the Governor’s
office, and legislative leaders. As soon as our meeting was over we
began contacting some of the concerned activists in the Tulsa area. A
short time later, I received a call from the Senator to inform me that
the meeting had been canceled.

Now please pay close attention. A few weeks ago I came out in support
of the Senate alternative which would reject the federal dollars and
create and Oklahoma plan which had a possible sunset provision which
would be reviewed no later than the last week in May of 2014. Let me
make it clear, I would rather create NO plan of ANY KIND this session,
but I supported the Senate alternative because I don’t believe the
Governor has the courage or will to stand up against the federal
government. Nor do I sense a will among legislative leaders to simply
pass legislation to “opt out” of any kind of health insurance
exchange. That is why I supported the alternative.

However, our friends at Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise
www.ok-safe.org indicate that rejecting the federal dollars aren’t
nearly as important as the plan itself. It is their belief that any
kind of health insurance exchange or network is still the vital cog in
the wheel for Obama Care. Please check out their web site listed above
for their perspective on this subject.

In addition, Representative Charles Key (R-OKC) has submitted the
following column to the Oklahoman for publication. I will publish it

“ObamaCare: Alive and Well in Oklahoma?

The overwhelming passage of SQ 756 this past November, left Oklahomans
thinking that our state opted out of Obamacare. Unfortunately, that
would be wrong. Likewise, most Oklahomans probably think passage of SQ
756 sent a strong message to state officials that they opposed
Obamacare and wanted no part of it. Unfortunately, that would also be

A cornerstone of Obamacare is the mandate directing all states
establish a “health exchange” (HE). (Creative names for HE’s such as
HUBS or Enterprise are being used to make them more palatable.)
Without the establishment of HE’s Obamacare cannot be implemented.
Legislative leaders and the Governor have been pushing to establish a
HE and accept a $54 million federal grant. Recently, because of public
pressure and opposition by some conservative legislators, the Governor
reversed herself on the acceptance of the $54 million grant. Rejecting
the federal money is good, but the worst part of the proposal, the HE,
is still being pushed by the Governor and legislative leaders.

I believe this is the most important issue we face this year and
possibly in a generation for three reasons. First, it establishes the
cornerstone of Obamacare that makes it possible to move to a single
payer system controlled by Washington. Second, it will fundamentally
change our political system allowing the federal government total
control over all health care. Thirdly, it further changes what we
think the federal government’s legal role and authority is over us as
individuals and states and indoctrinates a new generation to believe
that the federal government is the final authority in all things.

I have been asked many times why the Governor and legislative leaders
are pushing for complying with this mandate. They claim we must
implement an HE or Washington will force it’s version on us. But this
doesn’t make sense because we are creating the HE because of their
mandate. Furthermore, Obamacare gives the federal government full
authority to change anything a state establishes so there are no
guarantees states can control the final outcome. Another reason given
by the Governor and legislators is that “we need to have a seat at the
table.” This accomplishes little to nothing when Washington controls
the agenda and we effectively accede to that control. Also, they say
this is the best we can do while lawsuits run their course.

But, once this system is in place, it will be practically impossible
to undo the hundreds of new agencies and layers of bureaucracy. Milton
Friedman once said, ’nothing is so permanent as a temporary government

Finally, it’s implied that the free market isn’t working and that the
insurance industry hasn’t provided HE’s for consumers. The truth is
the industry already does provide excellent options for consumers. Go
online and you’ll find any insurance coverage you desire or just look
in the yellow pages. Health care continually goes up primarily,
because of government mandates and excessive regulation. Obamacare is
a violation of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution and we should
use our constitutional authority to prohibit it from being implemented
in Oklahoma.

State Representative Charles Key” (Key is Chairman of the House
Insurance Committee.)

Bottom line. While I am still thrilled that the Governor and
legislative leaders chose not to accept the $54 million federal grant.
I NOW believe the alternative must also be stopped. The only way that
will happen is a massive outpouring from the public to their personal
lawmakers. The majority of delegates at the Republican State
Convention this past Saturday made it clear they want nothing done to
create an exchange or network. Republican lawmakers should have heard
them loud and clear. But that message must be reinforced by the
public. Contact your personal State Senator and Representative as well
as Governor Fallin and tell them to grow a backbone and say NO to any
kind of a health care exchange or network. Just say NO!

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows


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