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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, April 13th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our speakers this
week will be Neil McCaleb of Edmond, representing the Chickasaw Tribe
and Brian McClain of Durant, representing the Choctaw Tribe. They will
each give their tribe’s perspectives regarding water rights in
Oklahoma. I have actually had this meeting planned for several weeks
and was surprised to see today’s (April 11) Oklahoman with an above
the fold front page article about these two tribes threatening to sue
over the Sardis lake deal between the State of Oklahoma and OKC.

This Fall, the long awaited Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan is
expected to be released from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. Even
though there are several efforts already under way to control water in
Oklahoma, those efforts will probably increase after that report is
released. As a point of interest, for the most part, the same amount
of water exists on the earth at all times. We do not have a global
water shortage, we have plenty of water. What we have are distribution
problems. How do you get water, a staple of life, to where it is
needed and when it is needed at a reasonable price? That is the


* WEDNESDAY - OKC AREA - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) will be hosting 2 public comment hearings regarding regional
haze which effects the Wichita Wildlife Refuge. located to the North
and West of Lawton. The OKC location for the hearings will be at the
Metro Technology Springlake Campus, 1900 Springlake Drive. The
meetings will be held in the Business Conference Center’s meeting
rooms H and I. One of the meetings will be from 4 until 6:00 p.m. and
the second meeting will be from 7 until 9:00 p.m. This is your chance
to express your opinions to representatives of the EPA regarding their
possible mandates which could cost almost every Oklahoma household and
business a 15% to 35% rate increase regarding their electric
utilities. I hope folks will show up in droves to express their
opinions on this matter. If reasonable conservatives fail to show up,
a handful of environmentalists and global warming freaks will show up
and dominate the message in the wrong direction.

* THURSDAY - TULSA AREA - The EPA will also be holding their
public comment hearings in the Tulsa area at the Tulsa Technology
Riverside Campus, 801 East 91st Street. The meeting will be in the
Auditorium at the Alliance Conference Center. The times are from 4:00
until 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 until 9:00 p.m. I urge our readers in the
Tulsa area to attend these public hearings. A good question to ask is
how do those miniscule particles of coal residue fight their way
against the prevailing winds to create haze over the wildlife refuge
which is about 200 miles to the Southwest of the Tulsa-Muskogee area?

* SATURDAY AFTERNOON - OKC AREA - The famous book, Atlas
Shrugged, by Russian born author Ayan Rand is now being made into a 3
part movie. Part one will make its OKC premier this Saturday
afternoon, 4:50 p.m.. It will be shown at the Quail Springs Mall
Theaters. Rand understood the differences between a productive society
where people take pride in their best efforts and a society of low
producing leaches, where people destroy productivity and drive. This
book was and still is very prophetic as far as seeing America spiral
into decline.

One word of caution. While Rand’s somewhat libertarian ideas really
hit home in fiscal policies and their effects upon human nature, her
atheism led her to become a depraved and empty woman near the end of
her life. There is a movie about her life (don‘t remember its name),
which does a great job in portraying her life’s futility without God.
I must warn folks, that movie really deserves its “R” rating.

Here is a trivia question. What powerful person, appointed by the
President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate was a former Ayan Rand
disciple and advocate of sound money (a gold bug)? Today, this person
is anything but a sound money advocate.


Last week I asked folks to call Governor Fallin’s office and request
her to live up to a pre-election campaign promise to dissolve former
Governor Henry’s Ethnic American Advisory Council. As I stated, my
opinion was that this group was little more than a front for the plans
of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas’ efforts to help accomplish the
Islamization of Oklahoma.

A huge thanks to Governor Fallin, as she followed through and
dispensed with the organization. Hopefully, this will make it just a
little harder for the radical Muslims to carry out their agenda. I
gave out a web-site to view the video called Multicultural France and
some indicated it didn’t work. Here is a different address, hopefully
it will work this time as it is very important to view:


* Congratulations to Dr. Shadid in his stunning victory over the OKC
Mafia’s candidate Charlie Swinton. With a 62% victory margin, it
probably didn’t take long for OKC Mayor Mick Cornett to see the
handwriting on the wall and beat a path over to Dr. Shadid’s watch
night party to tell folks what a great person was chosen by the voters
to serve the residents of Ward 2. Yeh, right Mick, we new you were
pulling for Dr. Shadid from way before the polls were closed. While
Dr. Shadid is a liberal, I believe him to be honorable in his opinions
and trust that he will stay true to his promise to make city
government open as well as oppose the many corporate welfare schemes
that favor the good old boys in OKC at the expense of the free market.

* Voters in Canadian County narrowly turned down a plan last Tuesday
to divert less than a third of the .35 cents sales tax which currently
supports the juvenile criminals in Canadian county. The purpose of the
one tenth of a cent sales tax would have gone toward building a new
jail. Voters have twice turned down a tax increase to build a new jail
and are currently wasting huge sums of money to pay to house prisoners
in other county jails.

* In a very close vote with national ramifications, it appears that
the voters in Wisconsin have chosen to re-elect the conservative
Supreme Court Justice for another 10 year term. For weeks the labor
unions in Wisconsin and neighboring states have protested and rallied
to stop the efforts to roll back some of their excessive powers they
have received through collective bargaining contracts. While the state
was flooded with volunteers and huge sums of money, they still
couldn’t win a victory to stop the Wisconsin Governor and Republican
led legislature from institution sound fiscal policies and bring
corrective measures to the unions and their buddies that have caused
the problems.

* A huge disappointment. Last Friday, while driving home from
Purcell, I heard a news cast that State Representative Sally Kern’s
legislation to prevent foreign law from being used in Oklahoma courts
has been killed for this year’s session. As you may remember, last
year the citizens of Oklahoma voted to amend our State Constitution to
prevent Oklahoma courts from using Sharia or foreign law. Before the
state question could be certified by the election secretary, the
Muslims filed a lawsuit against the measure to stop it in its tracks
and a liberal federal judge sided with the Muslims. That amendment is
now awaiting a ruling from the 10th circuit court of appeals in

The news cast indicated that Senator Anthony Sykes (R-Moore) decided
not to hear the legislation and thus killed it. I called Senator Sykes
over the weekend and talked with him as to why he decided not to hear
the bill, especially since he was the Senate author of the bill.

He is of the opinion, that to pass a lesser bill in the legislature AT
THIS TIME would weaken the court case regarding the state question
that is now in the courts. I agree, that to get a positive ruling on
the state question that amends our constitution would put Oklahoma in
a stronger position to fend off future court challenges, than simply
passing case law which is what Representative Kern’s bill happens to
be. My disappointment is over the belief that a bill passed now would
give Oklahomans cover against any kind of foreign law being used in
our courts until we could resolve the amendment issue. While I am
disappointed, I believe it to be best to wait until the courts

* Some in the Muslim community held a press conference yesterday to
express their opposition to Representative Kern’s legislation against
foreign law being used in our courts. The Muslims claimed that such a
law was an expression of bigotry and also anti-business. May I say
BALDERDASH and PIFFLE to those ideas. There is not an ounce of bigotry
in Representative Kern’s legislation and as far as anti-business, it
is about time to put that fairy tale to rest forever.

If a foreign entity wants to do business in America, they usually form
an American branch of their company or corporation and then do
business according to the laws of our land. It is much the same way
when American companies do business in foreign countries, they do so
under the laws of that nation.

Let me spell it out plain and simple. In my opinion, this local bunch
of Muslims opposing the patriotic efforts of Americans are nothing
more than a bunch of slick deceivers. I believe the only limits to
their false allegations are their imaginations on their part and the
gullibility of those who listen to them on our part. If these people
had no desire to see the cultural and political aspects of Sharia Law
implemented into our courts, they would never, never, never oppose our
state question or Representative Kern’s legislation. But because they
work so fervently to see these protective laws blocked, I must assume
they actually want Sharia Law instituted into our state and nation.

* A couple of weeks back I asked if anyone knew who and when the last
veteran to die who fought in what is commonly called the civil war?
Steve Byas came the closest to getting the answer correct. The
veteran’s name was Walter Williams, a confederate soldier from Texas
who fought under General Hood, also from Texas. Mr. Williams died in
1959 at the age of 117. The video I mentioned showed footage of his
112th birthday party and his body lying in state in 1959.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday. If you have not
joined OCPAC as yet, please consider doing so at this time.
Instructions follow my sign off.

Charlie Meadows

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