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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, January the 12th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. We will have Jo
Joyce back again this week to continue her presentation on the
Oklahoma Sponsoring Committee (OSC). This is the local organization
which was formed by the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) out of
Chicago. The IAF is a Saul Alinski organization which sets up
community organizing groups. The local OSC group will host a fund
raising effort at Taft Jr. High on Friday evening, January the 28th to
begin the process to implement their leftist agenda into our local
schools. We will also have with us on Wednesday, Jenni White, founder
of Reform Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE).


* THURSDAY EVENING - MOORE AREA - The Sooner Republican Assembly
will have their monthly meeting this Thursday, January 13th at Earl’s
Rib Palace in Moore. The meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. for dinner
and then State Senator Anthony Sykes will speak about the latest
information about SQ 755, that important vote to prevent Sharia Law or
international law from being considered in Oklahoma courts. Please
contact Kathy McBlair at (405) 329-6041) for the address or more

* SATURDAY MORNING - OKC AREA - Oklahomans for Sovereignty and
Free Enterprise (ok-safe) will host a free seminar to train citizens
on how to be involved in the legislative process. The location will be
the Village Library, 10307 North Penn in the Village. The seminar will
begin at 9:00 a.m. and finish at 12:30 p.m.

* SATURDAY EVENING - OKC AREA - The local chapter of the Sons of
Confederate Veterans will hold their annual Lee & Jackson Dinner this
Saturday evening January 15th at Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North
Lincoln. There is a reception from 5:30 to 6:30 then the dinner will
begin at 7:00 p.m. Speaking will be Jerry Brewer, an author,
evangelist and former editor of the Moore Monitor and Sentinel Leader
newspapers in Oklahoma. He also taught television and film production
at OCU in the 1990s and managed the Universitie’s TV station.

The title of Mr. Brewer’s talk will be: DISMANTLING THE REPUBLIC,
which is also the title of his 3rd book. Mr. Brewer’s family arrived
in America long before the War of Independence. His great grandfather
of the 4th generation, William Keyser, served with George Washington
at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-78. Two of his great-
grandfathers served in the 42nd Alabama Infantry and the 10th Texas
Calvary during the war for Southern Independence. Currently he is
Commander of the Privates Grayson and Brewer camp 2118 of the SCV in
Elk City.

The cost of the dinner is $20 per person. There will be an up-scale
dinner of salad, Lasagna, Chicken Alfredo and desert. Any proceeds
after the costs of the meeting will go towards a monument project at
the Confederate Cemetery in Ardmore. You will need to RSVP by
Wednesday, January 12th. Contact Terry Pierce at (405) 685-1158 or


Last October my wife and I went on a tour to Washington DC and then
Gettysburg, sponsored by Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon with Pastor
Dan Fisher as our guide. We had a great time as it was truly a
memorable time of learning and fun.

Dan has organized another tour for this Spring. The dates will be from
Sunday, March 13 to Saturday the 19th. This tour will go to the
Cincinnati Ohio area first to tour the Creation Museum. The timing has
been scheduled so Ken Hamm, the Museum’s founder, will be able to give
us a personal tour of the wildly popular Museum. Then we will go to
Gettysburg for 2 and a half days. This was the largest battle ever
fought on American soil. Military officers from all over the world
study this battlefield, even to this day. It was made up of 3 one day
battles which covered several miles in width. There were over 50,000
causalities in those 3 days with many acts of valor performed by men
from the South and the North.

Dan has spent a good deal of time learning about many of the key
events of the battle and as such, is an excellent guide. From
Gettysburg, we will travel to the Shiloh battlefield in Western
Tennessee. This was the location of the largest battle on the Western
front. Following this battle, both the North and South realized this
was going to be a long and difficult war.

Every effort has been made to keep the cost of this trip as reasonable
as possible. At $600 per person, it is a real bargain. All the
admissions to museums, hotel accommodations and the bus expenses are
included in the costs. Breakfast is included at the hotels, so the
only additional costs are for your lunches and dinners and of course
any relics you may want to purchase while on the trip. For more
information, please contact Linda at Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon.
The number is (405) 354-4839 or e-mail to dan@trinityyukon.com. I
would not tarry as half the bus filled within the fist couple of weeks
after the trip was announced in mid December.

One of the things that makes the bus ride easy is the advent of movie
screens. We watched the movie Gettysburg, both going and coming back,
after having been to the battlefield. Every effort was made in the
making of that movie to get it factually correct. One seen in the
movie after the first day’s battle had Colonel Chamberlain’s brother
talking with 3 captured Confederate soldiers.

The dialogue revealed the perspective, from a soldier’s point of view,
as to what this war was about. The Yankee asked the Johnny Rebs why
they were fighting? One of them answered, “for our rats” the Yankee
asked, for what? For our rats (rights). Then the Johnny Reb asked the
Yankee why he was fighting in the war? The answer was to free the
slaves and to preserve the Union. Then the Johnny Reb asked, why can’t
you just live your life the way you want and leave us to live our
lives the way we want. To that question the Yankee just gave a blank

I believe there is a contemporary question along these same lines
today between the liberals who populate the 2 leftist coasts and the
conservatives who populate the heart of America.

While the war, mistakenly referred to as the Civil War (by definition
a civil war is when 2 or more factions within a nation are fighting
for control of the nation. The South never wanted to control the
nation, they left the nation), was more complicated than the dialogue
I just mentioned, the war was the fruit of the first states rights
movement. However, those on the side of the states rights movement of
that day, wanted to preserve their right to practice what was the very
controversial institution of slavery.

Today, the second states rights movement is building. However, today
the proponents of states rights have the moral high ground on their
side. The issue is still slavery. The proponents of states rights
today are wanting to be set free from the oppression of the tyrannical
Federal Government with all of its mandates and controls over our
lives. Hopefully we can summon the political will to put the federal
government back into its cage of enumerated powers as described in
Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. If not, the people of America
face 3 choices. 1) the weight of slavery will increase upon every
American, except the special elites, as the federal government will
continue to flex its power and increase its control over our lives. 2)
We will summon the political will to restore the balance between the
states and the people to the proper relationship with a much smaller
federal government. 3) Or there will be another secession movement.

If the latter occurs, hopefully it will take on the characteristics of
a mutually agreed to divorce, one based on irreconcilable differences.
If not, it could lead to another war, hopefully that will never occur.
The one choice that is unacceptable to me is number 1. My choice of
first resort is number 2.


With the murder and wounding of several people including a federal
judge and a U.S. Congresswoman over the weekend, liberals are on a
full court press to attack our free speech rights and the right to
bear arms. They so hope to pin the blame on conservative talk radio,
Fox programming, the internet and the Tea Parties. First off, the
shooter was a deranged mental case that had smoked way too much pot,
listened to way too much pop culture music and had way too much self

I would say those are all characteristics of secular, humanist,
liberals. Liberals like to slither along in the darkness of their
activities, never wanting the illumination of truth to shine on their
Godless, immoral and Marxist agenda. That is why they are calling for
“toned down” political and social rhetoric. They want to control and
dominate, they don’t like competition in the arena of ideas.

If you want to see the real haters in our society log on to the
Demokie web site or follow this link to see real hate on a national
In the mean time, I would suggest prayer for the recovery of the
injured and God’s comfort for the families who lost loved ones.


Yesterday, Mary Fallin officially became the Governor of the State of
Oklahoma. Several other office holders were also sworn in to begin a
new chapter for the citizens of Oklahoma. I have been encouraged by
several pronouncements from Mary Fallin. First were her statements
supporting the next step of reduction in the state income tax rates
and her siding with legislative leaders that the budget will be
balanced through cutting the size of government, and not by revenue
enhancements. Second, she has now said she is willing to speak with
legislative leaders to see what we might do to deal with the problem
of the invasion of illegal aliens.

While these are good pronouncements, the citizens must stay vigilant
and make sure these elected officials don’t reverse their positions.
There are many voices that pull on the elected officials at he
Capitol, conservatives must make sure their voices are heard. I would
suggest giving some time to Mary and the many other officials to see
if their actions match up with their rhetoric when they were seeking
our votes and support. We congratulate them and should be supportive,
until they show us reason to do otherwise. I would suggest we call it
“trust but verify.”


A reader of these e-mails sent me the following Biblical explanation
as to why the right refers to the good guys and the left refers to the
bad guys. It is found in Ecclesiastes 10: 2 (NIV) “The heart of the
wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.”
The left vs. right paradigm is also expressed in the new Testament in
Matthew 25:33, speaking of Jesus it says, “and He will put the sheep
on His right and the goats on the left.” It is important to
understand it is not good to be a goat. The Word goes on to say in
verse 41: “Then He will also say to those on His left, Depart from me
accursed ones into the fire which has been prepared for the devil and
his angles.”

A statement like that infuriates the goats of our world. In the heat
of their rebellion toward their maker, they want to deny Him, and
claim His Word to be fairy tales which are full of hate and evil. In
all reality and truth, God still loves them and is still willing to
have them come to have a relationship with Him (on His terms of
course, not their terms). In other words, any goat that God calls has
an opportunity to become a sheep, to be seated on the right and not on
the left. God’s love and grace is actually so powerful, it can change
a person’s live and of course that person’s perspective on life if
they will allow it.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

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