Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time sensitive announcement...

There is a very time sensitive announcement of which I didn’t find out
about until 24 hours ago. A week ago Monday, during the Edmond
sustainability meeting, the advocates announced they would have
another meeting in January and that it would be a public forum.

It was just announced that they will have such a meeting tonight,
Thursday the 16th at the Edmond Library, 6:30 p.m. There will be a
speaker and comments and questions will be taken.

If you live in Edmond and care about this issue, you need to go
tonight. I speculate that there will not be a meeting in January.
Anyone asking about such a meeting next January will be told that they
had the public forum meeting on December 16th. There is a good chance
the motive is to have this meeting on short notice (and shortly before
Christmas) so opposition will not have time gather and organize.
Again, that is why you need to attend tonight.

Let me explain why Edmond’s City Government is much like a crack
cocaine USER. In the drug war, we focus on the dealers and
distributors of illegal drugs as evil and the end users as the
victims. However, we all know if there weren’t users, there would not
be dealers and drug lords. In the same way, our federal government is
bankrupt and running 1.5 TRILLION deficits over the past 2 years. The
federal government would not be bankrupt if it weren’t for cities like
Edmond with their hands out for federal grants, acting like crack
heads after the crack cocaine of federal dollars (there is a million
federal dollars for this project and that is just the start). Shame on
Edmond, they need to wean themselves off the drug of federal grants
and learn to stand on their own two feet.

One more thing, unlike federal fuel fees collected off of each gallon
of gas or diesel purchased and then sent to the federal highway trust
fund and then sent back to cities, counties and states to be used to
for roads and bridges, these funds are NOT, I repeat, NOT our tax
dollars that we have paid into the federal government. These funds
wasted on these sustainability projects come from borrowed or, now
more so than ever, from newly printed fiat currency. Again, shame on
Edmond and every other city and town which goes after these deficit
creating dollars. These crack heads in city government have the
attitude that Washington is little more than a huge swimming pool full
of money and any time they want some, all they need to do is get a big
bucket and dip some out for city or town.

Charlie Meadows (a recovering grant loving financial crack head)

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