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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, June 23rd will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln, in OKC. We will dispense
with our candidate introductions and as many announcements as possible
as we have a great deal to accomplish at this Wednesday’s meeting. I
currently have the scores of all the lawmakers for this year’s
legislative session. By Wednesday, Lord willing, I will have them all
ranked from most conservative to least for both the Republicans and
Democrats. As such, all members present at the meeting with their dues
paid as of June 9th will be given a ballot to vote for the outstanding
lawmaker of the year, runner up, freshman of the year, etc. and also
the winner of the RINO (Republican In Name Only) award for the House
and Senate. We also have nearly 20 Republican candidates to be
interviewed by Wednesday, July 14th. Therefore, we will start with 2
candidates this week. Please try to arrive early, as we will start our
meeting by 12:05 sharp.


** WEDNESDAY - OKC AREA - The OKC Tea Party has been asked by the
promoters of the Glen Beck tour to hold a tea party/pep rally on the
North steps of the State Capitol on Wednesday evening, starting at
6:00 p.m.. KTOK’s Lee Mathews will be doing his program remote from
the event. There will also be several speakers including John Rich of
Glen Beck’s “Taking Our Country Back” tour who will speak as well as
sing during the evening. So grab your lawn chairs, your best sign and
perhaps an umbrella for some shade and come on out.

** THURSDAY - WARR ACRES & BETHANY - State Representative Sally
Kern will hold her campaign kick-off event at the Warr Acres Community
Center at NW 42nd and Ann Arbor (half way between Meridian and
McArthur streets). The event begins at 6:30 p.m. and will last a
little over an hour. Several candidates for state wide office are
planning to be present along with the Mayors of Bethany and Warr
Acres. Our good friend, Bill Federer will be the main speaker. Bill
has authored 15 or so books and speaks about 400 times per year, not
counting radio and TV interviews.

I don’t normally announce fund raising events for legislative
candidates, but I make an exception in this case as Sally’s opponent
will possibly receive ten’s of thousands of dollars from homosexuals
or their allies from all across the nation. Sally’s opponent was a
man, but has had a sex change operation so “she” can, as much as
possible, take on the persona of a woman. Sally’s opponent recently
put out a national plea for funds on her face book, claiming the only
reason Sally wins is because she raises over a hundred thousand
dollars for each of her races and thus no one has had the money to
compete against her.

“Brittany” also claimed most of Sally’s money comes from big donors
who max out in their contributions. Truth is, Sally has never even
come close to raising a hundred thousand dollars for one of her races
and there have only been two different individuals who have
contributed the maximum of $5,000 to her, one of them has done so in 2
different campaigns.

It is always a challenge for Sally to raise money as few lobbyists
will even give her the time of day. She is so principled in her
convictions, they know she can’t be “purchased” by a special interest
group. Far and away, the vast majority of money she raises come from
small donors, folks like the ones who read these e-mails. If you are
not able to make the meeting but would still like to help Sally out,
make a check out to: Citizens For Sally Kern, and send it to, 2713
North Sterling Ave, OKC 73127. Your check will need to be accompanied
with a contributors statement. You may print out and use the one at
the end of this e-mail that I usually have for people wanting to
become a dues paying member of OCPAC.

** THURSDAY - TULSA AREA OCPAC endorsed candidate for the 1st
Congressional District, Nathan Dahm, will host a social this Thursday
from 7 to 9:00 p.m. at the Riverwalk Crossing, Suite 160 in Jenks.
They will have Hors D’ovuers and door prizes worth over $1,000. This
will be a great opportunity to take a friend to meet Nathan and a lot
of other conservative activists in the Tulsa area. For more
information, check out his newly revamped web site at: www.nathandahm.com

** FRIDAY - OKC AREA This Friday evening there will be a 5th
District Congressional debate/forum at the Clarion Meridian Hotel in
OKC. The hotel is immediately South of I-40 on the West side of
Meridian Ave. A straw poll will be taken at the end of the event and a
reception will also follow. The event starts at 6:00 p.m. with arrival
by 5:30 recommended.

** SATURDAY - OKC AREA The reason for the tea party/pep rally on
Wednesday evening is that Glen Beck will be at the Ford Center doing
one of his “Taking Our Country Back” tours which will start at 2:00
p.m. Accompanying Beck will be singer and song writer John Rich along
with political hack, Karl Rove. I am amused to speculate about just
how much the promoter of this event really knows about Beck’s message?
Putting Rove with Beck makes about as much sense as mixing oil with
water such as is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. While Rove is very
intelligent and articulate, he is the “architect” of the “center
right” liberalism which infected the George W. Bush administration.
Rove is a Republican progressive, the type which Beck exposes on a
regular basis. Hopefully, Beck will throw an extra sour lemon pie at
Rove sometime during the show. I wouldn’t lift a finger to see Rove,
but Beck and John Rich will be well worth the price of admission.

Just before the event, the Sooner Tea Party will host a rally outside
the Ford Center from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. with Senator Brogdon,
Kevin Calvey, Mark Costello, Charles Key and a couple of others
speaking. Entertainment will also be provided by the local group,
Overdrive. This will be informative and a lot of fun for people to
spend a little time attending before entering the Ford Center for the
TOCB event.

** SATURDAY - OKC AREA The state Republican Committee will meet
this Saturday morning to select and new Chairman to lead the party
until the State Convention next Spring. Since last week’s e-mail,
Steve Fair has decided not to run for the position. Therefore, if no
one else steps forward, Matt Pinnell will be the new Chairman. Matt
has worked as the operations director for the party under Gary Jones
and Tom Daxon. His experiences also include working as a campaign aide
for Senator Coburn and more recently he has worked as the Executive
Director of American Majority - Oklahoma, an organization which trains
candidates and grass root activists. Matt, has assured me he will be a
friend to OCPAC. He even offered to come speak at our meeting and
undergo the inquisition from our members. We just haven’t had the
time, as we have been very busy with the main work of our
organization, interviewing candidates and helping to create the
Conservative Index.


This past Thursday, Sarah Palin finally made it official, though Mike
McCarvill’s blog suggested it would happen a month or so ago. Palin
endorsed Mary Fallin. I was surprised the Oklahoman carried such a
tiny news article about the endorsement on the back page in the lower
“left” hand corner of one of the secondary sections of last Friday’s
paper. There were only 3 paragraphs to the article, with the second
one reading: “The former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice
presidential nominee announced the endorsement Thursday on her Face
book (kind of far removed from Mary) page, describing Fallin and two
female congressional candidates she also endorsed as ’liberty loving
Mama Grizzlies.’”

I thought Senator Brogdon’s response was kind, but right on with the
truth. Following is his response: “It’s perplexing why Gov. Palin, a
self described conservative, would endorse someone who supported the
Wall Street Bailout and was key to adding hundreds of billions to the
national debt. The simple truth is that an endorsement from Ronald
Reagan himself wouldn’t change the fact that Mary Fallin supports Big
Government Bailouts and Pork Barrel Spending.

Mary Fallin can line up endorsements until the cows come home but at
the end of the day, it’s the Oklahoma voters endorsement on July 27th
that decides the election. And while Gov. Palin might not know who the
true conservative is” (she definitely does not-emphasis mine) “in the
Governor’s race, the” (informed) “people of Oklahoma do and I plan to
spread my conservative message to as many voters as possible in the
upcoming weeks.

It is obvious that Palin’s endorsement is more about her bid for
president in 2012 than supporting Oklahoma’s values of limited
government and controlled spending. I am seeking the approval of
Oklahomans and not the Republican establishment.

Dedicated to Liberty,


Senator Brogdon couldn’t have been more correct about Sara Palin’s
motives for her endorsement as exposed in an excellent article by
nationally syndicated columnist Pat Buchannan, published in this
week’s issue of the Tulsa Beacon newspaper. Buchannan does a masterful
job of showing how Palin weaves her way in and out, sometime endorsing
true conservatives such as Doug Hoffman in New York, Rand Paul in
Kentucky, Nikki Haley in South Carolina and now Starr Parker in
California. On the other hand, she has endorsed liberal establishment
candidates such as John McCain in Arizona, Rick Perry in Texas, Carly
Fiorina in California, Terry Branstad, with a long history as a
moderate in the Iowa Governor’s race, over the social conservative
candidate backed by Dr. James Dobson and Mike Huckabee.

Then with last week’s endorsement of Mary Fallin, Palin is again
backing the Republican establishment candidate over the true
conservative and true liberty candidate, that being Senator Brogdon.
Buchanan ended his column by suggesting: “Looking over Palin’s
endorsements.… the lady is not running for Mrs. Conservative. The one
explanation that makes the most sense of all the seeming
inconsistencies in endorsements is that Mama Grizzly is thinking about
moving the Wasilla brood into the big house.”

Did you notice she has now backed the winning candidates in Iowa and
South Carolina, the 2 most important early states for a Republican
primary? Mark my words, Palin will be a candidate for President and
her pragmatism over principle disturbs me regarding her reliability
toward critical issues.

On the other hand, Sunday evening channel 9 news, which is the local
CBS affiliate, had a story about the Oklahoma tea parties endorsing
State Senator Randy Brogdon for Governor in the Republican primary.
There was an excellent statement in the news story by Al Gerhart.
Though Gerhart is the leader of the Sooner tea party, I believe his
statements actually represented the Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance,
which has several tea parties as members as well as OCPAC. The
statement basically said, that Senator Brogdon has a long track record
of leadership on the issues and ideals of which most attendees of the
tea parties are concerned.

I will suggest that for Mary to attend a tea party today, she might
run the risk of being booed and with the media present that would be
very unpleasant. As far as I know, the only Oklahoma tea party she has
attended or spoken at was one of the 2 events in Norman as year ago
last Spring. Many tea party attendees feel so ignored by Mary’s
repeated excuses for not attending, that I just don’t know what her
reception might be. On the other hand, Senator Brogdon has become a
regular and popular speaker at tea parties all over the state.

Just remember, all elections are first and most important about the
quality and character of the voters. Oklahoma Republicans have the
opportunity to decide between, not the lesser of two evils, but
between “OK” with Fallin or “BETTER” maybe much better with Brogdon.
We will soon know as July 27th is approaching fast.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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