Tuesday, March 23, 2010




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, March 24th will be held at Italiano's restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln Blvd. in OKC. This week we will interview the final 3 candidates for the 5th Congressional district. Coming this week will be State Representative Mike Thompson, from OKC, former State Representative Kevin Calvey from Del City and the former Director of the Falls Creek youth and adult event facility, James Lankford. Last week we had Shane Jett, Rick Flanigan and Johnny Roy to round out the 6 Republican candidates for the U.S.
Representative seat. At this time independent candidate Clark Duffe has announced, and today former Republican activist, now turned Democrat, Tom Guild announced his run for the seat. He may as well, I believe he is used to losing as he did so twice as a Republican candidate for Corporation Commission 20 or more years ago. Please get to the meeting early if possible as we will start right at 12 noon, following the interview our dues paying members as of March 10 and who are present will vote to endorse one of these candidates or vote to make no endorsement.


+ TUESDAY MARCH 23rd - OKC/YUKON AREA - Reclaiming Oklahoma for
Christ and Oklahomans Against CAIR Hate (OACH) will sponsor a rally and educational event to inform and expose people about the pro Muslim organization Council on American and Islamic Relations (CAIR). I believe CAIR is little more than a front group for some of the radical elements of Islam.

The time of the event will be at 6:30 p.m. and the location is Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon. The church is located about one half mile South of I-40 on the East side of Garth Brooks Blvd (600 North Cemetery Rd.). Among the evening's events, Martin Mawyer, founder of Christian Action Network, will be speaking about his organization's work in exposing other aspects of the radical Islamic threat in the United States. Premiering at the event will be the group's new film, "ISLAM RISING: GEERT WILDERS' WARNING TO AMERICA." There is no charge to attend, so grab a friend, attend and get educated.

As a point of interest, CAIR just had their 4th annual fund raising banquet at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum this past Saturday evening. Several high profile Democrats such as Oklahoma's Attorney General Drew Edmondson and Representative Richard Morrissette were scheduled to attend, but there has been so much criticism of CAIR in the media lately that perhaps that was the reason they decided to scatter and not attend.

+ MARCH 31st - OKC AREA - The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs
(OCPA) will host their main fundraiser of the year, called their 2010 Citizenship Dinner. The speaker this year will be U.S. Representative Paul Ryan from the first Congressional District of Wisconsin. Ryan is considered to have the best grip on the numbers regarding President Obama and the Democrats health care bill of any elected official in the U.S. House. His continual efforts to set the record straight on the numbers have given Obama and his fellow partners in crime fits.

I actually got to meet Ryan this past fall at the GOP Bedlam Bash fund raiser down in Norman. He is very personable and I was most impressed with his talk that night. I checked out his score on the New American Magazine's Freedom Index and so far this session he has scored a 90 and a 100 for a 95 average which is excellent. Sullivan has an 81 average, Boren a 25, Lucas an 85, Fallin a 90 and bringing up the rear as normal for a Republican in Oklahoma, Tom Cole has a 75. In the Senate Inhofe has a 90 and Coburn a 100.

Congressman Ryan is an avid Hunter and as such spends a lot of time in Oklahoma hunting, especially since he married an Oklahoma girl from the Southern part of the state. He is being mentioned as a possible VP candidate or even a Presidential candidate by some. Regardless of whether or not he runs for one of those positions he is being seen as one of the new leaders in the Republican party. He is an excellent speaker.

I will not announce this meeting again, so if you want to attend, please contact Sandra Leaver at (405) 602-1667. The location will be the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, one week from this Wednesday. The cost to attend is $125. We are very fortunate to have a conservative think tank of the quality of OCPA and they deserve the support of conservatives through fund raisers such as this.


LAWTON AREA - This Saturday evening March 27th the Comanche County GOP will have their annual BarB-Q fundraiser starting at 6:00 p.m. The location will be Worley Center, Room 300 in the Great Plains Technology Center. The cost is $20 per person. For reservations call
(580) 357-1116.

OKC AREA - Tuesday April 6th, John McManus, President of the John Birch Society will be speaking at the Character First Center about illegal immigration, the next push by Obama and his fellow crooks in Washington.

OKC AREA - Wednesday evening, April 14th and Thursday April 15th, during the day there will be tea parties at the State Capitol.

OKC AREA - OCPAC will have its first ever awards banquet on Friday evening April 30th. This is intended to be a fun event and we hope as many members and friends from around the state as possible will attend. I will send out a special e-mail with the details in the next couple of days.


On Sunday, the Democrats in the House rammed one of the worst pieces of legislation in our nation's history through the House. BUT, it doesn't have to be the end of the world just yet. If the good people of this country will stay involved we can reverse this evil piece of legislation. If we don't give up there is an underlying current of Constitutionalists building that may cause a backlash against the Marxists and liberal progressives that will last for many years to come.

If we can get a new breed of Republicans elected to office in sufficient numbers, they can use the same tactics as the Democrats to reverse this legislation and thus not require a 60 vote super majority in the Senate to break a filibuster. They can then move to dismantle this socialist take over of health care.

If conservative Republicans are elected to power in the House, they will not have to fund this law. The Constitution calls for all spending and taxation bills to originate in the House.

A conservative Republican President could overturn any parts of the agenda that were implemented through a Presidential directive or executive order.

Perhaps the most important issue, is the Oklahoma Health Care Freedom of Choice Act. There are 2 versions of this legislation moving through the legislature to create a 10th Amendment push back against Obama and the Democrat's health care legislation. I prefer the legislation by Ritze and Reynolds in the House and Brogdon in the Senate. If it finishes the course, we will vote next November to amend our State Constitution to exempt any Oklahoma citizen or business from being forced to participate in the federal health care plan.

Today, Monday, I heard Speaker Chris Benge on radio challenge Attorney General Drew Edmondson to bring a lawsuit against the health care measure passed yesterday by the Democrats in Washington. Speaker Benge criticized the heavy handedness of the federal government on this issue. I agree with Benge whole heartedly, though pardon me if I suspect that Benge's motives may not be totally pure. There is little doubt that he is trying to put Edmondson on the spot by pressuring him to oppose the national agenda of the Democrats, Edmondson's own political party. The relatively small number of people in Oklahoma who support this boondoggle are Democrats, so Edmondson, running for Governor runs the risk of making some of his Democrat base mad if he files the suit.

The reason I am skeptical about Speaker Benge's motives is that he and Floor Leader Tad Jones (R-Claremore) refused to allow Sally Kern's legislation to be heard on the floor that would protect Oklahoma businesses and individuals from the possibility of 20 to 100 percent increases in their electric utility rates. On the other hand, in last Friday's edition of the Oklahoman, there was this following brief news


"Oklahoma is one of a dozen states seeking permission to challenge an Environmental Protection Agency finding that could potentially cripple economic development in the state. Attorney General Drew Edmondson said Thursday. The states are seeking to join a pending federal case that challenges an EPA finding which sets in motion the regulation of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, under the Clean Air Act.
Edmondson said he is concerned businesses will be financially unable to comply with the ruling,."

There you have it, Speaker Benge and Tad Jones aren't willing to protect the citizens of Oklahoma from the heavy handed actions of the federal government on this critical issue, but Drew Edmondson is. I point this out for folks to see, that in Oklahoma the Democrats aren't the problem, the problem happens to be with those moderate Republicans, often referred to as RINOs, (Republicans In Name Only).

Now please pay close attention to what I am about to say. The solution is not to turn control of state government over to the Democrats like the people of America did over the past two election cycles regarding the federal government. Not only was that not strategic thinking, it was stupid. It is also not the time to form a third party or run a whole slate of independent candidates. It IS time to become an informed electorate, discerning the difference between a true limited government conservative Republican verses a moderate, left leaning or liberal RINO Republican. That is what we need to be doing at this time and make sure we elect the RIGHT kind of Republicans to office. I would suggest other strategies are wasted efforts and helpful to the liberal Democrats.


In last week's e-mail I mentioned that Moshe Tal received a measure of justice as a Tulsa jury ruled in his favor regarding a legal battle between Mr. Tal and former OKC city attorney Bill Burkett. Mr. Tal issued a press release about the decision to the Oklahoman and other news sources in the state. Unless I missed it, the Oklahoman hasn't printed a word one about the outcome of the trial. On the other hand, if my memory serves me correctly, when Mr. Tal would lose a case in the courts here in OKC the Oklahoman would have those stories on the front page. Could it be the Oklahoman is practicing selective journalism? Where is the transparency and openness? Is this what is called censorship by omission?

I happen to believe the Oklahoman and many of the most powerful people in Oklahoma City really dislike Moshe Tal. I believe one of the reasons for such dislike is that Mr. Tal exposed the good old boy network and corruption that exists in OKC better than anyone thought possible. I believe Moshe Tal is one of the most honorable people I have ever met and I wish him well at all he does.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows