Friday, January 15, 2010



Tonight, Friday the 15th the Council on American Islamic Relations

(CAIR) will be hosting a town hall meeting to discuss and object to profiling in the name of preventing terrorism. The location will be the Melody Hall, 2280 North Broadway in Moore. The town hall meeting is scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m.

This is important on two parts. First, many believe CAIR is linked with the radical terrorist group Hamas

and their effort to improve relations with American is simply a front for another agenda. Second, we need to get serious and start profiling. Not only at airports but any fundamentalist Muslim that publicly expresses hatred for our state and subsequently nation should be deported. If they indicate their loyalty is to Allah and they want to destroy America, they should be deported and if they are a citizen that should be revoked.

Our mystery speaker at several venues on Wednesday was a former devout Muslim that found true peace and love in a relationship with the Lord Jesus. Because he is “apostate” according to Islam, his life and family are at risk. He shared a lot in the 3 meetings I attended, perhaps most important was the 4 point strategy by Muslims to take over America for Islam. Our speaker made it clear that many Muslims live in the U.S. to escape the oppressive hand of the radical members of the Islamic religion. He indicated we have little threat from them.

However, there are large numbers of radicals (which should be seen as fundamentalists or “true believers”) and these are a great risk toward all Americans.

As a result, former State Representative Kevin Calvey, also one of the six candidates for the 5th Congressional District, sent me an e-mail about a peaceful picket he has organized to expose what is believed to be the deceitfulness of groups like CAIR. If you have any time to stand for Truth, Justice and the American Way, your presence would be most appreciated at the above location, starting a little after 6:00 p.m., this evening.

Charlie Meadows

P.S. We had a little problem this past Wednesday. I guess the

“mystery speaker” title really stirred everyone’s interest as we had a record crowd at OCPAC. With extra tables brought in we had every chair filled (120) and several people standing around the walls. A capacity crowd is a good problem to have. It was a great meeting as our speaker was sobering and very committed to awakening America to deal with this rising problem of the Islamic agenda.

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