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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, December 30th will be held at Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our speaker this week will be Mr. Tim Gillespie, founder and director of a new 2nd Amendment organization in Oklahoma known as OK2A. For more information log on to their web site at While this is not an affiliate of the national organization known as Gun Owners of America (GOA), they maintain a relationship with the GOA and align themselves with that no compromising organization. I look forward to learning more about the reason for a new organization as well as some of the goals for OK2A. So don’t miss this week’s meeting, especially if you know the importance of the 2nd Amendment, especially with the gun grabbers now in control in Washington.


WEDNESDAY - OKC AREA - Over the past few weeks I have announced several activist training sessions with the agenda of becoming a more effective citizen lobbyist as well as learning how to be a conservative influence upon the Republican party. This coming Wednesday, December 31st, a similar all day session will be held from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. There is no charge for this all day event and they do intend to break for lunch with the suggestion that those attending come to the OCPAC meeting for Lunch. The location will be the Northwest Bible Church, 4301 NW 36th street. That is just a couple of blocks East of Meridian on the North side of 36th street. If you are going to be able to attend please RSVP to Richard Engle at

640-9219 or e-mail him at Subjects covered will be:

real nature of politics and politicians, strategy and tactics, types of battles, the 2 seasons of politics, choosing leaders, parliamentary procedure, committees and hearings, staff, phones, the press, recruitment, meetings, lists, the internet and websites, how to raise money, direct mail and telemarketing, events, face to face contact as well as e-mail and internet technology.

JANUARY 22ND & 23RD - The second annual CLOUDS OVER AMERICA conference will be held at the Character First Center, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. The conference will begin on Friday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. and go until 6:00 p.m. From 6:30 until 9:00 p.m. a banquet will be served with pastor Stephen Broden of Dallas speaking about Restoring America and the dangers of the progressive agenda. Following pastor Broden’s speech will be Dr. Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University in Bartlesville. Dr. Piper will challenge us to understand and take on the culture war. The Conference starts on Saturday morning at 8:45 a.m. and concludes at noon.

Other speakers will be pastor Paul Blair regarding hate crimes legislation, Oklahoma Representative Charles Key on State Sovereignty Efforts, from Boston, the President of the John Birch Society, John McManus will talk about the history of Oppression, Oklahoma State Representative Mike Ritze, MD will discuss Medical Care Solutions, from Appleton Wisconsin, the Birch Society CEO Art Thompson will talk about growing the Americanist movement, Art Crino will talk about efforts to stop state cap and trade legislation in Oregon, a state in which the Governor wants to lead the nation in the green movement, pastor Dan Fisher will talk about liberty and the emergence of a modern day “black robe regiment”, Dr. Sterling Lacy will talk about religious neutralism, Charlie Meadows will talk about the Constitutionalist movements need for education and solutions and Oklahoma State Representative Jason Murphey will talk about reducing the size of government.

As you can see, there will be a lot on the table during this two day event which will require us to keep on a tight schedule. The cost to attend for Friday or Saturday or both days is $25 per person or $40 for a couple. Students are $10 each. There is an additional cost to attend the dinner banquet on Friday evening and hear the two speakers.

The banquet cost is $25 per person. For tickets, mail a check made out

to: Oklahoma Projects, 415 West 15th St., Suite 2, Edmond, Ok 73013.

For more information call (405) 348-9991 weekdays from 9 to 5:00 p.m..

If you are a pastor you need to call (405) 348-1745. Your registration and costs are different as they are being handled through Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ.

In addition, I need a volunteer with computer skills as well as camera or internet skills sufficient to create a power point presentation for this conference. I would suggest the date of January 9th or 10th to get together to put the information together. In addition, you will need to be able to attend the conference on Friday afternoon the 22nd. If you can help, contact me at


The following article was in the December 10th edition of Oklahoma’s finest newspaper, The Tulsa Beacon:

“MANHATTAN DECLARATION POINTS TO THE IMMORALITY IN AMERICA” “What is going to happen to America? Based on the immorality of the Obama Administration, we are in for a rough patch.

Obama’s march toward liberal extremism has prompted a formal response from the Christian leaders of this nation. Several hundred have already signed the Manhattan Declaration, a bold document that outlines the folly of our federal government and advises Christians to refuse to follow laws that violate biblical principles.

In other words, God’s Law tops Obama’s law.

The answer, in the tradition of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is civil disobedience.

An impressive list of Evangelicals and Catholics, preachers and teachers, and authors and opinion makers have signed on.

They include Chuck Colson, Dr. James Dobson, Josh McDowell, Al Mohler, Dr. Everett Piper (Oklahoma Wesleyan University) and a list of other notables too long to repeat.

Some famous Evangelical leaders will not sign on for a variety of reasons, including a reluctance to join hands with Catholics in any cause. (I am not a Catholic, and have no interest in becoming one.

However, this is sad, much like being in a burning house with a hose but won’t use it because someone I disagree with on some issues is helping me hold the hose.)

This is a Christian protest against abortion, forced euthanasia, human cloning, homosexual marriage, out-of-wedlock births, human embryo- destructive research, federal funding for abortions, polygamy and the assault on freedom of speech and religion through hate speech laws.

The contract specifically mentions Obama and his advisors and their disdain for a host of traditional, biblical and spiritual values.

Other countries are already enforcing laws against preachers who speak out against homosexuality as an abomination. They are going to jail for teaching the Bible in public.

Obama recently signed a national hate crimes law, a precursor to hate speech legislation.

Obama’s health care reforms will force Christian hospitals to perform abortions or lose Medicare and Medicaid funds. Doctors that refuse to perform abortions will lose their licenses. Pharmacists who refuse to sell the abortion pill will lose their jobs.

This is serious business.

The liberals running this country need to wake up and stop this social engineering.

The good Christians of America will only take so much before they react.

This Manhattan Contract shows the level of seriousness shared by some very important Christian leaders in America.”

As I said in the e-mail last week I have been hearing expressions of disobedience from a wide spectrum of people. Also, the thought process for ways to push back against the government are varied and wide. Some are suggesting not paying taxes to the federal government, others are suggesting downsizing their businesses, eliminating employees to be free from many of the government regulations and costs associated with employees. Others are talking about bartering or developing a black market. Others are suggesting working for cash and not paying taxes on a significant part of their earnings.

I would suggest that the more the Marxists that now control our government, move to control the economy and oppress the people, the more we will see people who love liberty and the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labors rise up in various forms of resistance.

That is why it is such an interesting time in which we live. It is also a time we need people to summon their up-most courage.

Fortunately, the democratic processes are for the most part still functioning and fair. Should that process shut down or become so corrupt that fairness is out the window, that is when things could really get rough in this culture war in which we find ourselves.


The trial of Scott Roeder, the Kansas City man accused of killing Dr.

George Tiller, the late term abortion doctor based in Wichita, is due to begin on January 11th. Roeder, has admitted to killing Tiller, but based on the necessity defense, some would suggest it was a justified killing and not a murder.

I believe the thinking behind his actions was the realization that Dr.

Tiller was killing babies, some of whom were perhaps just a few days away from being born. To save the lives of these unborn babies, he took action to kill the doctor and thus prevent him from killing any more pre-born babies. Roeder is reportedly not sorry for his actions.

I believe he decided to take this extreme action to save the lives of these soon to be born babies.

Under the constitution, our government can execute capital punishment on citizens only after being found guilty of committing a capital crime and only after being convicted by a “fair and impartial jury” (“jury of our peers” is not the proper wording in the Constitution). According to the Declaration of Independence, one of the three reasons specifically mentioned for the need to form our government was to protect (innocent) life. If government refuses to protect innocent life or worse still if government condones the killing of innocent life or even funds such activity, are the actions of Mr. Roeder what we get?

Somebody help me to understand this quandary. If we don’t prosecute a police sniper for taking out an evil doer holding a hostage, then why would we prosecute Mr. Roeder for taking action to save the lives of “soon to be born” innocent children? If a good Samaritan killed someone in the process of murdering a helpless person and we wont prosecute that person, why do we prosecute Mr. Roeder? If the men and women in our military kill people who are intent on killing and destroying citizens in America before they have an opportunity to do so, then why do we prosecute Mr. Roeder for trying to prevent an evildoer like Tiller from successfully snuffing out the lives of the unborn?

I am sure some would say the difference is in the law. The law permit’s the police, the good Samaritan and the military to kill to save lives and property, but the law doesn’t permit a good Samaritan to kill an abortionist because we have made that legal. Is that sound thinking?

When Adolph Hitler came to power in Germany, many laws were in place to prevent Hitler from committing his many acts of genocide. However, he successfully changed those laws to allow him to move forward with his Godless and immoral deeds. So did changing the law make what was immoral become moral?

When a society rejects God and His principles, then governs in rebellion to His principles, that society sets itself up to rip and tear itself apart. What might happen if Mr. Roeder goes to trial, admits to killing Mr. Tiller but denies it was murder. Then the Judge issues strict rules for consideration to the jury, who then might ignore the judge and declare Mr. Roeder to be found not guilty of murder?

Should that occur, we may see a lot more actions like those of Mr.

Roeder. When the justice system of a society breaks down and begins to reward evil and punish good, then the well intentioned in a society begin to take justice into their own hands. When that occurs, sometimes those actions roam far and wide. There may come a day we see well intentioned people go after corrupt judges and crooked politicians. I sure hope and pray it doesn’t come to that in America, which is just one more reason to get organized and participate in the political processes to turn this nation back around to its founding principles without the use of violence.


As 2009 is coming to a close I just want to thank everyone who participates, attends and supports OCPAC though your finances and activism. We are ending the year with 217 dues paying members, raised over $20,000 this year (we spent $1,000 to help elect Todd Russ in a special election leaving us with a little over $19,000 going into 2010). We now have over 3,000 people on our e-mail list and see many of our members and friends participating in numerous projects. This year we have distributed more copies of THE LAW by Frederick Bastiat than in any other year. We have also distributed a similar number of the Davy Crockett stories “NOT YOURS TO GIVE” and have helped to get out hundreds of the DVD, Overview of America as well as other resources.

We normally have even greater participation in an election year. We are on schedule to raise over $40,000 for the 2010 election cycle which would greatly exceed the $33,000 we raised for the 2008 elections. Everyone’s membership will expire on December 31st except those who are having their checking accounts drafted on a monthly basis.

Already, people are beginning to pay their dues for 2010. I would urge folks to do so as quickly as possible. Somewhere in mid to late February we will begin to interview candidates for statewide office and Congressional seats. As an example, at this time there are only two known Republican candidates for the State Treasurer’s Office. We will schedule them both to appear on the same day. At the end of the meeting our dues paying members will vote for an endorsement. To be able to vote and make those determinations you must have your dues paid 2 weeks prior to the vote and you must be present at our meeting.

It will be a tight schedule in 2010 as we must have all our interviews for state wide and congressional races completed by filing date in June. Following the filing date, every Wednesday through the first week in October will be filled with our part in creating the Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper’s Conservative Index and interviewing candidates for legislative seats. So we have a busy year ahead of us.

Again, thanks for your support in the many ways it is exhibited. To join for 2010 please see the information below.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

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